How to Convert XML to EML Files with 100% Security?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Many working professionals and individuals have the desire to convert XML to EML format. This task becomes most crucial when a user wants to access Extensible Markup Language (XML) files with email applications.

But manually this is not possible because both are totally different file extensions for different types of uses. However, some online XML to EML Converter Tools are available but these tools are not safe for converting your confidential data.

BitRecover does not recommend to use online software due to security issues. All online tools may store your XML files information on their server and sometimes it may become the reason behind data breaches and leaks.

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User’s Concern to Convert Bloomberg XML to EML Format

Hi experts, I have some Bloomberg XML files and each file has thousands of emails. I want to convert XML file to EML because later I will use EML files with eM Client. Even I am unable to open and edit these XML files due to their large size. When I try to edit these XML files then my pc got henge and stopped working. Please suggest me a 100% secure and trustworthy solution to batch export XML to EML.

– Salvatore Davis, New Jersey USA

Why EML File Extension?

  • This is a standard file extension to store email messages.
  • EML files are compatible with several email clients and services.
  • These files have the capability to store all email components.
  • Usually, one EML file stores only a single email message.
  • Users can easily edit and open EML files.
  • Users can double-click on an EML file to open it with the associated program.
  • EML files don’t face corruption and damage issues due to individual files.

Download XML to EML Converter

BitRecover XML Converter Wizard is a trustworthy software to convert XML files to EML emails. It works offline and you can install it on your own computer so there is no chance of data breach and leak-related scenarios.

This XML to EML Converter is available with a free trial version that permits to the conversion of 25 emails from XML to EML format. Thus, you can easily know the software’s working steps in real-time.

The freeware edition is also helpful to provide complete user satisfaction before activating the licensed version. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to convert *.xml to *.eml format.

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How to Convert XML File to EML File?

  1. Start XML to EML Converter and carefully read the software working instructions.
    xml to eml converter
  2. Use Select Files or Select Folders button for adding Bloomberg XML files.
    add xml files
  3. Select XML files and folders from the software window and click the Next button.
    choose xml folders
  4. Thereafter, use Filter Options to convert specific XML files to EML emails.
    filter options
  5. Select EML from the list of saving options.
    select eml saving option
  6. Now set the preferred file naming style for renaming resultant EML files.
    file naming options
  7. Afterward, browse the destination path and click the Next button.
    browse destination path
  8. The tool is converting XML files to EML files so please wait.
    convert xml file to eml
  9. Bloomberg XML to EML conversion process has been completed successfully.
    xml to eml conversion completed
  10. The tool also creates and opens a log report file about converted data.
    log report
  11. Lastly, it will open the destination path so that you can easily get output EMLs.
    resultant eml files

Some Excellent Features of Software

  • It is capable to batch export XML to EML format and also supports large XML files.
  • The tool has two options for adding XML files i.e. Select Files or Select Folders.
  • Offer filter options to convert XML file to EML by date range, email address, subject, and exclude specific folders.
  • You can browse the destination path and set your choice location to store output emails.
  • XML to EML Converter provides various file naming options for renaming resultant emails.
  • It maintains the original folder structure and keeps all items while the conversion process.

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Have Questions? Get Answers!

Q 1: Does your software support Bloomberg XML files?

A: Yes, XML to EML Converter is compatible with Bloomberg XML files and other files.

Q 2: Can I convert 100+ XML documents to EML at once?

A: Yes, the software allows to conversion of XML files to EML files in batch.

Q 3: Which applications support EML files?

A: Thunderbird, eM Client, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, and many more email applications are suitable with XML files.


Converting XML to EML is a simple process that can be done quickly and efficiently. Thereafter, you can easily use resultant EML files with several email applications. This process allows users to easily export data from XML to EML format without having to go through the hassle of manually converting the file format. By using this conversion method, users are able to easily access XML files with EML-supported email clients.