How to Convert XML to PDF Format without Adobe?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Nowadays several users want to convert XML to PDF format because of various reasons. Are you one of those, who are looking for a solution to transform XML to PDF documents? If yes, then don’t worry and continue read this write-up.

This blog post explains 3 different techniques to convert XML to PDF format without Adobe Acrobat. But before explaining them first know some reasons behind the conversion process.

Reasons to Transform XML into PDF Document

  • Some CRM or Email programs export emails in XML files, and users wish to convert XML email to PDF for offline use.
  • When users want to print XML documents then they prefer to generate XML to PDF documents because of compatibility.
  • Forensic investigators want to batch convert XML to PDF for legal use because the court only permits to submit evidence in PDF format.
  • PDF is known for security so users want to want to protect their XML information in PDF with a password.
  • PDF is a universal file extension that is compatible with most devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

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#1 Online Software to Export XML to PDF

Nowadays, several online XML to PDF Converter Tools are available that allow to convert *.xml to *.pdf format. But these tools are not safe for converting your crucial XML files. Online Tools use below mentioned steps while performing.

  1. Upload XML Files: First, you will need to visit a website that is integrated with an online tool. Thereafter, it says to add XML files using Add File or Drag & Drop method.
  2. Perform Conversion: Thereafter, online XML to PDF Software performs the process to export XML to PDF documents. While completing 2nd step, your source and processed data will be available online on a third-party server.
  3. Download PDFs: Lastly, the software will allow downloading processed Adobe PDF documents for offline use. After downloading the resultant PDFs, you will exit the online website. But your crucial data will be available on the server.

Drawbacks of Online XML to PDF Tool

  • Your crucial data may be leaked, copied, and used unauthentically.
  • Online tools do not allow to convert large XML files to PDF documents.
  • All online software requires an active internet connection while performing.
  • Online XML to PDF tools may not be reliable, as they are subject to connectivity and server issues.
  • These tools take much time to convert .xml to .pdf documents.

#2 Manual Way to Transform XML to PDF Format

  1. Right-click on your XML file and choose Open with Notepad.
    open with notepad
  2. Now you can view XML file scripted data in Notepad.
    view xml script
  3. Thereafter, choose File >> Print option to continue.
    print option
  4. Choose Microsoft Print to PDF option as a Printer.
    microsoft print to pdf
  5. Now press the Print button as shown in the figure.
    print option
  6. Enter name of PDF file and click the Save button.
    enter pdf name
  7. Converting XML to PDF documents having all pages.
    generate xml to pdf
  8. Lastly, go to the destination path and get the processed PDF.
    resultant pdf file

Limitation of Manual Method

Manual way can convert only one XML document to PDF at a time so if you need to convert 10 XML files then you will need to repeat the same process 10 times. However, if someone wants to transform a few XML files to PDF then it may be used.

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#3 Best Way to Convert XML to PDF Documents

BitRecover XML Converter Wizard is the best way to convert XML to PDF format. You can install and configure this software on your own computer. Even it works without internet connectivity so this is considered as 100% safe solution.

This software is also compatible with all types of XML files/ emails/ documents exported from all programs. The tool comes with a free demo version that permits to convert few files free of cost. Let’s check now!

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How to Change XML to PDF Documents?

  1. Start XML to PDF Converter and read the proper guidelines to transform XML to PDF.
    xml to pdf converter
  2. Choose Select Files or Select Folders button for adding XML files.
    add xml files
  3. Now select the required XML files/ folders and press the Next button.
    choose xml folders
  4. Thereafter, use advance filter options for the selective conversion.
    filter options
  5. Choose PDF as a saving option from the listed saving options.
    select pdf as saving option
  6. Select the file naming option to rename resultant PDF documents.
    file naming options
  7. Use Advance Mode, if you are getting some data missing.
    advance mode
  8. After that, browse the destination folder to store output data and press Next.
    browse destination path
  9. Now the process to batch export XML to PDF is initiated, please wait.
    batch convert xml to pdf
  10. XML to PDF conversion completed successfully, see the popup message.
    best way to convert xml to pdf
  11. The tool also creates a log report file that stores information about converted data.
    log report
  12. Lastly, it will open the destination path, now get converted data now.
    resultant data

XML to PDF Converter Features

  • Batch convert XML to PDF documents together with complete available information.
  • There are multiple options to rename and manage resultant Adobe PDF documents.
  • Advance mode is also available for deep scanning of XML files and emails.
  • The tool provides the facility to browse a preferable destination path.
  • It generates a log report file that has details about converted data.
Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1: Which is the best way to convert XML to PDF format?

A: BitRecover XML to PDF Converter is a great and 100% secure tool for conversion.

Q 2: Can I batch convert XML to PDF using a manual technique?

A: No, the manual method permits to transform single XML file to PDF at once.

Q 3: Does your software allow to convert Bloomberg XML emails to PDF documents?

A: Yes, this is the perfect software to convert Bloomberg XML to PDF format.

Final Words

We have explained the 3 best ways to convert XML to PDF documents including complete information. You can go with any technique according to your need and choice. But, BitRecover never recommends to use online XML to PDF Converter because we know the value of data. So always use a trustworthy solution to generate XML to PDF files and stay safe from unwanted activities.