How to Convert XML to Word DOCX?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Usually, XML files are not the most prevalent for accessing data in human-readable formats. Several users prefer to convert XML to DOC files due to various reasons. If you have XML email and document files and want to make them MS Word program compatible, then continue reading this blog post.

Here, you will learn about the 2 best techniques to bulk convert XML to DOCX format as mentioned below. Later, you can easily open resultant DOC files with Microsoft Word.

  1. Use Professional Tool
  2. Use Manual Method

Reasons to Convert XML File to Word Document

  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a simple text-based format used for representing data, transactions, invoices, documents, etc. Hence, this is best for managing data for automation but is not seem best for human reading. While DOC is a human-readable format for Word users so users prefer it.
  • You will need to use HTML editor programs to open XML files while DOC files can be easily opened with all word and text programs.
  • Microsoft Word documents are best to share between multiple devices while some devices may face problems during accessing XML files.
  • Sometimes users want to create a copy of XML files in DOC format for completing their personal and professional needs.
  • Users convert XML to DOC format to accurately display complex XML data in a more concise format.

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XML to DOC Converter Free Download

BitRecover XML Converter Wizard is the all-in-one tool that allows batch convert XML to DOCX format. This is an on-premise software that can be installed on your own computer so you can easily and safely convert XML into Word documents.

XML to DOCX Converter is a great software that comes with a free trial version that allows converting 25 emails from each XML file to word documents. Hence, the demo edition is most helpful to check the software’s working process before activating the license.

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How to Convert XML to DOC?

  1. Run XML to Word Converter and read guidelines to export XML to DOC format.
    xml to word converter
  2. Add XML files in the software panel using the inbuilt Select Files or Select Folders options.
    add xml files
  3. Select specific XML files/ folders from the software GUI and click Next.
    choose xml folders
  4. Now use advance filter options to export XML to Word documents.
    filter options
  5. Select DOC as a saving option from the list of saving options.
    choose doc as a saving option
  6. Thereafter, select a file naming option to rename resultant word documents.
    file naming options
  7. Browse a specific destination path and press the Next button to continue.
    browse destination path
  8. The process to convert XML to DOC is running, see the live conversion.
    convert xml to doc
  9. The process of converting XML to DOCX has been completed successfully.
    convert xml to word
  10. Afterward, you can see a log report file that stores information about converted data.
    log report
  11. Lastly, it will automatically open the destination path. Get converted word documents now.
    resultant data

XML to Word Converter Features & Benefits

  • Suitable to batch convert XML to DOCX without having size and quantity limitations.
  • It supports Bloomberg XML files which store multiple email messages and converts them.
  • You can select specific XML files/ folders in the software panel for completing the conversion.
  • Use filter options to convert XML to Word DOCX by date, email id, subject, exclude folders, and exclude empty folders.
  • XML to DOC Converter automatically chooses Desktop as the default destination even you can use the Browse button to set the different destination path.
  • This software offers various file naming options to rename resultant DOC files by subject, date, time, year, and auto-increment.
  • The tool shows a live conversion progress report when converting XML files to Word format.
  • XML to Word Converter automatically creates a log report file about converted data.

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Manual Way to Convert XML File to Word Format

  1. Start the Microsoft Word program and choose the Open option.
    start ms word
  2. Choose the Browse button for adding an XML file.
    browse xml file
  3. Select an XML document and click the Open button.
    select xml file
  4. Showing a warning message like “This file has custom XML elements that are no longer supported in Word. Saving the file will remove these elements permanently.” Press the Ok button.
    custom elements error
  5. Thereafter, you can see XML file text in a Word document.
    read xml file
  6. Now choose File >> Save As option to continue.
    select save as option
  7. Afterward, press the Browse button to set a destination path.
    browse destination path
  8. Choose to Save as type i.e., Word Document (*.docx) as shown in the figure.
    convert xml to docx
  9. Set the choice destination folder and hit the Save button to continue.
    convert xml to word doc
  10. Go to the destination path and get the converted DOCX file.
    resultant docx

Manual Method Drawbacks and Limitations

  • The manual method is able to convert XML to Word DOCX or DOC files one by one.
  • This is a time-consuming and long technique to convert XML to DOC format.
  • You may lose custom XML elements while exporting XML to DOCX file extensions.
  • MS Word program should be installed during the completion of the task effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Which is the best software to convert XML files to Word documents?

Ans: BitRecover XML to DOC Converter is an excellent solution because you can install it on your own machine for 100% accurate results. While online tools may become the reason for data breaches and leaks.

Ques 2: How to convert XML file into Word document?

Ans: Follow the above-mentioned steps to convert XML file to Word format. We have suggested the 2 best methods, you can proceed with any preferable technique.

Ques 3: Does the manual way suitable to bulk convert XML to DOCX?

Ans: No, the manual method is suitable to convert XML to Word DOC files one by one.

Winding Up

We have learned the 2 best methods to convert XML to DOC format, you can use both techniques according to different situations. XML to Word Converter is capable to batch convert XML to DOCX format at once but if you use manual way then can convert documents one by one.