How to Convert EML files to OLM for Mac Outlook? – Solved

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

This blog will cover how  to convert EML files to OLM file

  1. What is an EML file?
  2. What is an OLM file?
  3. Solution to convert EML to OLM for Mac Archive file
  4. Required Steps to convert EML files to Archive OLM file
  5. How to import converted OLM file
  6. Features of EML to OLM converter
  7. FAQ’s related to EML to OLM conversion
  8. Final Words

What is an EML file?

EML file is an electronic mail file, which is consisted of the email message, attachment, text formatting, HTML links, email components, etc. EML file was developed by Microsoft but at present time a lot of email clients and services are using EML file format to save and export email messages, for example, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, DreamMail, Zoho Mail, Roundcube, eM Client, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey, Zarafa, etc. Users can use a free EML viewer to read the files without any email client.

Little Introduction of EML File

File Developer – Microsoft

File Type – Electronic Mail

MIME Type – Message/RFC 822

File Extension – .eml

File Format – Text and Binary

What is OLM File?

OLM file is known as Mac Outlook Archive file, which is developed by Microsoft. OLM file is supported and created via Mac Outlook 2016, 2011 editions. Mac Outlook users can export their data in OLM format by clicking on the Export option, available in Outlook for Mac application. Users can download free OLM viewer to read OLM archive data files.

Little Introduction of OLM File

File Developer – Microsoft

File Type – Database File

MIME Type – Application/octet-stream

File Extension – .olm

File Format – Binary

Solution to Convert EML to OLM Mac Outlook Archive Format

Download EML file converter software, which has a separate option to convert EML to OLM format. This application is well suitable for migrating complete data without any data loss. This EML to OLM Converter is an error-free solution for Outlook for Mac archived format in batch.

Checkout Video Guide to Learn How to Convert EML files to OLM file

Steps to Convert EML to OLM Mac Outlook Archives Format

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  1. Download & Install EML to OLM converter software and start it.

    EML to OLM converter
  2. Dual options to choose .eml files i.e. Select Files… or Select Folders…Choose files
  3. Select folder having multiple .eml files.Select folder
  4. Check selected file destination path and confirm it via clicking on Next button.Destination path
  5. Select files and click on Next button.
    Select files
  6. Choose OLM as saving format.Select OLM saving format
  7. By default, it will save converted OLM file on Desktop but it also provides facility to change destination path. After selecting the desired path press Convert button.Press convert
  8. Converting emails from EML to OLM format.Convert EML to OLM
  9. EML to OLM conversion completed successfully, now click on Ok.Completed successfully
  10. After complete the process, it will automatically open the resultant data folder.Resultant OLM

How to Import OLM File on Mac OS

After converting EML messages to an OLM file, you need to import the converted OLM file in your profile-created Mac Outlook, which can be easily done within a few simple steps.


Import OLM to Mac Outlook 2016

  1. Run Mac Outlook 2016 and select Tools > Import option.Tools, Import
  2. Now select Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) option and press Continue.Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm)

Import OLM to Mac Outlook 2011

  1. Start Mac Outlook 2011 and select File > Import option.File, Import
  2. From here select Outlook Data File (.pst or .olm) option and continue the process.Mac Outlook Data File

Convert EML to OLM for Mac Outlook – Online Video

Features of EML to OLM Converter

  • The tool gives you dual options i.e. Select Files or Select Folders to load emails.
  • It is authorized to convert EML to OLM for Mac Outlook all versions.
  • The tool gives permission to convert EML to OLM in batch.
  • It maintains folders structure while converting EML to OLM for Mac.
  • The tool offers the facility to choose a destination path.
  • All attachments will be maintained while converting.
  • It is compatible with all Windows Operating systems.
  • No size limitation to convert EML files to OLM format.
  • The free demo is also available to evaluate the tool before purchase.

FAQ’s Related to EML to OLM Converter

Q 1. – I am unable to read the complete blog post, please describe the procedure to convert EML to OLM for Mac Outlook within simple steps?

Ans – Just follow given steps:

  1. Download the tool and convert EML to OLM format.
  2. Transfer converted OLM file from Windows computer to Mac machine via using a pen drive or external hard disks.
  3. After that run Mac Outlook 2016 and import OLM file via selecting Tools > Import

Q 2. – I have visited the official page of the recommended product, which has 3 types of licenses. Can you please suggest me, which license is suitable?

Ans – You can purchase Pro license which can be installed on 10 Windows-based computers, if you want to install the software more than 10 computers then you can grab its Migration license.

Q 3. – Does it support Mac OS based computers?

Ans – No, EML to OLM Converter is specially designed for Windows OS-based machines.

Q 4. – How can I Import Converted OLM file on My Mac System Mac Outlook?

Ans – First convert EML files to OLM format, after that move OLM file from Windows computer to Mac computer using the pen drive or external hard disk. Now run Mac Outlook 2011 and import resultant OLM file by selecting File > Import option.

Final Words

This blog post has detailed information about the process to convert EML to OLM for Outlook 2016, 2011 editions. The process to transfer emails becomes very easy by using this EML to OLM converter, which comes with a free trial edition so users can get complete satisfaction before purchasing the license keys. The demo version of this product allows converting 25 .eml files to .olm format, which is also helpful to understand the working process.

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