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All-In-One TEX file converter works offline to provide the fastest speed to convert TEX file in several commonly used formats i.e. PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, HTML, JPG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF. Free download its demo version and test how it works for converting TEX files (LaTeX Source Document).

  • Batch convert TEX files at once and save your valuable time.
  • Convert from TEX (LaTeX source document) into 9 formats.
  • Offers 2 modes for adding TEX documents in the software window.
  • Supports selective TEX conversion process according to need.
  • Facility to browse and select a specific destination location.
  • Preserves folder and sub-folder structure during the conversion.
  • Change TEX files with text, symbols, graphics, statics, etc.
  • Shows live TEX file conversion progress report with details.

Who Can Use TEX Converter Software?

Understand Suitable Users to Convert TEX File

Academic Professionals

Academic Professionals

Researchers, scholars, professors, and academic writers often use TEX documents for typesetting documents, especially in disciplines such as mathematics, computer science, engineering, and physics. They can use BitRecover TEX Converter Wizard to change TEX files in various standard formats.

Publishers and Editors

Publishers and Editors

Digital publishers and editors continuously receive authors' scientific or technical content TEX manuscripts. TEX file converter is a well-suitable utility that permits them to convert from TEX file to several generic formats suitable for publications and editing.

Technical Writers

Technical Writers

Several working professionals involved in technical writing or documentation, specifically in the fields of software development, engineering, and scientific research prefer to create documents in TEX format. This *.tex converter may be helpful to convert TEX files in various formats.

Freelancers & Consultants

Freelancers & Consultants

Freelancers, consultants, and professionals working on projects that involve TEX documents prefer to convert TEX documents into shareable formats. This task is necessary for them to fulfill their deliverables and client requirements. TEX Converter handles these situations.

Convert TEX Files with Complete Information

BitRecover TEX Converter Wizard Preserves All Items as Mentioned







Convert TEX File

Convert TEX Files to Various Formats

TEX file converter is an all-in-one tool that comes with 9 saving options. You can choose any saving option to convert TEX file(s) effectively as mentioned below:

Why Convert TEX Files?

Know Some Top-Notch Reasons for TEX Conversion:


TEX files are accessible and compatible with some specific programs only. But users have different requirements, hence, sometimes users prefer to open and edit TEX format with desired applications. That can be possible after completing the TEX conversion process.

Publication Needs

Digital publication houses and organizations want a specific file extension to publish documents. So, they prefer to convert TEX files into required file extensions to fulfill their publication requirements. In this case, BitRecover Wizard seems most helpful.

Ease of Sharing

Usually, all devices don’t support TEX format while sometimes this task becomes unavoidable because clients timely want to track projects for completion. Hence, to avoid this situation, this is mandatory to convert TEX file into universally supported formats.

Printing Simplification

This is not advisable to print TEX files directly because you can’t see visual text in readable formatting. Hence, use this TEX file converter to get output data in Adobe Documents. After that, you can easily print TEX LaTeX source documents with complete visualization.

TEX File Converter Core Features

Know Essential Features and Benefits of Software

Two Modes

Two Modes to Add TEX Files

BitRecover TEX Converter Wizard offers two isolated options for adding TEX files in the software interface. Select Files: You can press CTRL and choose the required TEX documents from your computer. Select Folders: This option allows you to add a whole folder with multiple files and subfolders.


Selectively Convert TEX File(s)

First add TEX files in the software panel then software will preview them in the software panel in file explorer view. After that, use the front checkboxes to choose required TEX files for conversion. This feature is useful to skip some unnecessary files from conversion.

Specific Destination Path

Select Specific Destination Path

This utility automatically chooses Desktop as default destination path to store resultant data in desired format. If someone prefers to select a different destination location, then click Browse icon to set a preferred destination.

Live TEX Conversion

See Live TEX Conversion Process

TEX file converter software shows live TEX conversion process including real time details. This is helpful for users to get an estimated idea of consuming time, how many files are converted, and completion progress bar based on actual tracking.

Convert TEX File

Convert TEX File with All Items

This application preserves complete TEX file (LaTeX source document) items during completion of the task. It maintains text, symbols, graphics, statics, formulas, and other crucial information. Hence, this is a highly recommended solution.

Change TEX File

Batch Change TEX Files

BitRecover TEX Converter is specifically developed for business professionals who know that value of time. Hence, we have developed this offline software. This tool permits batch convert TEX files in standard formats with fastest speed.

How to Convert TEX Files in 9 Standard Formats?

Watch Live Video Tutorial to Learn Software Working

BitRecover TEX Converter Wizard System Requirements

Know Minimum System Specifications to Install and Launch This Tool

Software Download

File Size: 49.3 MB

Version: 4.0

Trial Limitations

FREE TEX file converter allows you to change 5 TEX documents into any standard file extension with company name watermark.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008.

Electronic Delivery

The delivery of this software is fully automated, after confirming your payment. You will receive an email with license keys and latest download link within 15 minutes.

TEX File Converter Free and Pro Version Comparison

Know Differences Between Trial and Full Edition


Trial Version

Full Version

Two modes to add TEX files

Selective conversion

9 unique saving options

Set destination folder

Shows live conversion

Convert without watermark

Batch convert TEX documents

5 TEX files





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TEX Converter Tool FAQs

Answers to Your Common Questions

  1. Download and launch TEX Converter.
  2. Add TEX format in software window.
  3. Select TEX files and click Next button.
  4. Choose a preferred saving option.
  5. Click Convert to convert from TEX files.

Yes, first connect the external drive with your computer, and then choose it as your preferred destination path. After that, complete the TEX conversion process.

Yes, this software comes with a free demo version that works the same as licensed version. However, it is authorized to change only 5 TEX files to any generic file extension.

Yes, of course, this software preserves original folder and subfolder structure during TEX conversion.

Yes, this utility is compatible with all Windows OS including Windows Server 2022 edition.

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