How to Convert TEX to PDF in Bulk? Top Ways

Mark Regan
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary: Easily convert TEX to PDF with simple steps without worrying about security. If you are tired of searching for a reliable method to change TEX file to PDF then start reading this article where we explained multiple techniques for converting TEX file to PDF in bulk without losing any data.

Before we start the method to convert TEX to PDF, let’s discuss a few things about TEX files. TEX is an important file format that is specially used for scientific and academic purposes which contains crucial information in plain TEX and complex documents. TEX files are not a widely compatible file format as it supports only a few platforms to open, read and view. However when a user needs to share their TEX file information with someone they need to change it’s extension into a compatible format. For those who want to show their TEX files for legal, professional for personal purposes can use the methods described in the article to download TEX file to PDF.

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Benefits to Convert TEX to PDF

  • Converting a TEX file into PDF allows sharing, opening and viewing TEX file data across various platforms.
  • PDF files can be easily opened and viewed using several applications and web browsers.
  • PDF formats are official formats that do not change the formation and layout of TEX files even after conversion. It maintains the mathematical equations, and special characters of TEX files.
  • If a user change TEX file to PDF they can easily print their TEX file data into a hard copy in high quality and also carry them for legal purposes.
  • PDF files support encryption and password protection, using these features users can secure their TEX files.
  • PDF files are usually smaller in size and do not occupy a lot of space when storing them on a computer.

How to Change TEX File to PDF?

We can convert TEX to PDF in multiple ways along with complete steps. To make the TEX to PDF conversion much easier and faster, we have also explained an advanced tool after the manual ways.

1st Method – Download TEX File to PDF Using Notepad

  1. Simply Navigate to your TEX file location.
  2. After finding the TEX file, right click on it.
  3. Choose the Open With option from the menu.
  4. Select the Text editor you have, such as Notepad.
  5. After opening the TEX file in notes, click on the File tab.
  6. Select the Print option and click the Print button.
  7. Choose a path and write a name for your file then Click Save.

2nd Method – Turn TEX File to PDF in MS Word

  1. Just like above steps, locate to your TEX file.
  2. Right-click then select Open With.
  3. Choose Microsoft Word to open TEX file.
  4. Click on File tab and select Print.
  5. Tap on print icon > choose path > then click Save.

Limitation of Manual Ways to change TEX file to PDF:

  • You will lose all the formatting and your TEX files will not be readable.
  • Repeat the same steps for each file to convert TEX to PDF.
  • Not suitable for batch TEX to PDF conversion.
  • Consumes a lot of time and may fail without converting TEX to PDF.

3rd Method – Quick Solution to Convert TEX to PDF in Bulk

If you instantly need to hange TEX file to PDF in batch while maintaining the security and keep your TEX file data safe, then try BitRecover TEX Converter Software. Rather than using manual methods and unsafe online tools to convert TEX to PDF online that can breach your data, you should use this safe and offline TEX to PDF Converter tool that works fast and easily converts multiple TEX files in PDF format at once to make them compatible, portable and printable. This advanced application is especially designed for professionals and TEX file users to download TEX file to PDF in bulk.

To try the TEX to PDF Converter before purchasing it, download its trial version and turn TEX file to PDF for free in Windows. Do not forget to read the features of the tool that makes it superior in comparison of online TEX to PDF converter tools.

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How to Convert TEX File into PDF with the Tool?

  1. Download and launch the TEX to PDF Converter Tool on you Windows. TEX to PDF Converter
  2. Click on Select file or Select Folder option to add TEX files in bulk. add tex files
  3. After adding the TEX files, check the required folders to convert TEX to PDF selectively as per your choice. select tex files
  4. Go to saving option of TEX to PDF converter tool and select PDF form the available list. select PDF
  5. Finally hit the Convert button to initiate the process to change TEX file to PDF in bulk. convert TEX to PDF

Key Features of TEX to PDF Converter

  • First of all, it is 100% safe and secure that eliminates data breach.
  • It can easily convert TEX to PDF in bulk without taking time.
  • It works fast and download TEX file to PDF in no time.
  • The TEX to PDF converter does not restrict the file size limit.
  • It supports all the versions of Windows OS.
  • TEX to PDF Converter does not mess up with the formatting and structure of TEX file.


This article defines the easy and simple methods to convert TEX to PDF. We explained manual ways and to make the process to change TEX file to PDF in a more advanced way, we introduced the TEX to PDF converter tool recommended by professionals. The tool offers several useful features and allows to convert TEX to PDF in bulk without taking time.