How to Convert TEX to DOCX? Effective and Reliable Approaches

Mark Regan
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Quickly convert TEX to DOCX without losing its formatting and structure. If you are tired of searching how to change TEX files to DOCX format and unable to find a reliable approach then start reading this article and get the easiest methods including manual and advanced solution TEX to DOCX Converter. Here we have explained complete steps which are secured and tested by professionals.

Nowadays, users have been frequently searching for the query “how to convert TEX to docx”. On the other hand when they find a reliable approach, they worry about their data security. Moreover, it is a genuine concern as TEX is a special and professional file format which are generally used for technical, scientific and academic work. It is a typesetting system that handles complex documents.

However, DOCX files are used by Microsoft Word applications for documents which are based on XML and store text, images, formats and other elements. It can also store complex layouts, styles and metadata. DOCX files are popular for its compatibility across multiple different platforms. There are several advantages of DOCX file format that is why users choose to convert LaTex source document file to DOCX format.

Why to Convert TEX to DOCX?

  • DOCX files are widely supported by several work processing platforms which are easy to share with friends and colleagues, hence TEX files often face complexity issues.
  • It  is easy to view, edit and format DOCX files, on the other hand for TEX files you need a specific platform.
  • Converting TEX files into DOCX, make it more understandable and readable.

Method 1: Change TEX File to DOCX using MS Word

  1. Find your TEX file in its location.
  2. Right-click on the TEX file.
  3. From the menu that appears, choose “Open With.”
  4. Select Microsoft Word from the options.
  5. Your TEX file will open in MS Word.
  6. Click on the “File” tab in MS Word.
  7. Choose “Save As” from the options.
  8. In the “Save as type” dropdown, select “.docx.
  9. Pick a location to save the file.
  10. Click “Save” to convert TEX to docx.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Not a reliable approach for the users who need to convert TEX to DOCX in bulk.
  • Need to perform several steps to convert each TEX file which can be time consuming.
  • Formatting and styling will get lost after the conversion, information would not be readable and identifiable.

Method 2: Quick Solution to Convert TEX to DOCX in Bulk

BitRecover TEX Converter is the best solution to convert multiple TEX files into DOCX formats within a few seconds. No matter what size of TEX file you have, this TEX to DOCX Converter smoothly runs and batch converts TEX files into DOCX format. The tool works fast and preserves the formatting, elements, and layout of the TEX file as it was without messing up with the information.

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How to Save TEX File as DOCX with the Tool?

  1. First, start by downloading and installing the TEX to DOCX converter then launch it. Launch TEX to DOCX Converter
  2. On the next screen, you will see two options to add TEX files, Select File or Select Folder, choose any of them to convert TEX to DOCX in bulk. add text files
  3. Get a complete preview of all your TEX files and specify the folders which you want to convert by checking the boxes. check folders
  4. Now go to the Select Saving Option tab and select DOCX from the list of formats. Select DOCX format
  5. Click the Browse button to choose a destination path as per your choice. browse path
  6. To initiate the process to download TEX file as DOCX formats, hit the Convert button. Convert TEX to DOCX

Key Features of TEX to DOCX Converter

  • Convert TEX to DOCX in bulk quickly.
  • Save TEX file as DOCX without losing formatting.
  • It works fast and provides quick results.
  • Unlike online TEX to DOCX Converter, it works offline which makes it highly advanced in security.
  • Convert TEX to DOC, DOCX, HTML, and multiple other formats.
  • Download TEX files in DOCX along with all the text, symbols, graphics, statics.
  • Allows selective conversion of TEX to DOCX files as per users need.
  • The TEX to DOCX converter offers a simple interface which anyone can use.


The article described two powerful methods to convert TEX to DOCX through a manual method using MS Word and the advanced solution using TEX to DOCX Converter. We also gave a brief of TEX and DOCX files and why a user may need to turn TEX into DOCX. If you use the tool you can save you time in converting TEX files into DOCX and format and can also perverse the actual formatting of your TEX file.

FAQs for TEX to DOCX Converter?

1. Is it safe to use TEX to DOCX Converter?
Yes! The tool works offline and that’s what makes it completely 100% safe and secure to use.

2. Can I convert TEX to DOCX in Bulk with the tool?
Yes. using the mentioned TEX to DOCX converter, you can easily convert multiple TEX files to DOCX instantly.

3. Can I use this tool to convert TEX to another file format?
Absolutely. The tool allows you to convert text files into 9 different common file formats.