How to Convert TEX to XLS in Bulk? Quick and Safe Method

Mark Regan
Published: March 5th, 2024 • 4 Min Read
Are you looking for a solution to convert TEX to XLS? Well we understand it can be a frustrating task as there is no way of converting TEX files to XLS manually. To make it possible we are here today with the best solution using an amazing TEX to XLS converter which you can convert TEX to XLS in bulk without losing a single bit of information, the actual formatting or any complex symbol available in your TEX file. Let’s get started.

TEX files are plain text documents, formatted using TEX typesetting which are widely used for creating scientific and mathematical documents. These files markup commands to format text equations, and structure. On the other hand, XLS files are spreadsheets that are created and edited by using Microsoft Excel and other applications similar to it. It contains, enters and organizes data in rows and columns.

These files are widely used to store tabular data, perform calculations and create visual representation. However, for several reasons TEX file users need to change their TEX files into XLS format. In this article we have discussed the best solution to perform this task but first lets have a look at a few common reasons.

Why Convert TEX to XLS?

  • Converting TEX files to XLS allows the organization of the TEX file data within the spreadsheet in a tabular form.
  • XLS files are easy to view and open as it is compatible with a wide range of applications and software.
  • XLS files ease the collaboration among team members and facilitates smooth sharing.
  • Changing a TEX file to XLS can also be beneficial to perform complex data analysis and calculation.

Best Solution to Convert TEX to XLS Instantly

There are several tools available to change TEX files to XLS online. But often users face security issues with some of them. Unsafe online TEX to XLS converter tools can cause data breach issues. However it is safe to use offline tools like TEX Converter Tool provided by the trusted company BitRecover. This tool simplifies the conversion to TEX to XLS files and makes them more organized and readable. Using this TEX to XLS converter, anyone can instantly convert TEX to XLS in bulk in a few easy steps without spending much time.

Download TEX to XLS Converter and Try the Free Version.

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How to Convert TEX to XLS in Bulk with Tool?

  1. First you need to download the TEX to XLS Converter on your computer, then start it. TEX to XLS converter
  2. Now you will see Select file and Select folder options to add your TEX files and then easily change them into XLS format. add TEX files
  3. After adding the TEX file, you will get a complete preview of all your TEX folder data where you check the required folder to selectively change TEX to XLS. check required TEX files
  4. The TEX to XLS converter offers multiple saving options. To convert TEX to XLS in bulk, select XLS from the given list. select XLS
  5. Now choose a path where you want to save the file after the conversion of TEX to XLS. choose path to save xls file
  6. At last, click on Convert button and wait for a few seconds and let the TEX to XLS converter complete the process. convert TEX to XLS
  7. Once the conversion is successful, view the result from the path you chose. convert TEX to XLS

Features of TEX to XLS Converter

There are no limited benefits of using this tool to change TEX to XLS. Read about some of the feature of TEX to XLS Converter:

  • The tool allows you to convert TEX to XLS in bulk without making an effort and spending time.
  • It offers a preview option to select and convert only the required folders.
  • The TEX to XLS Converter offers a simple and easy interface which anyone can use.
  • It provides dual options to add files and folders.
  • Users can batch change TEX to XLS without any size restriction.
  • It also offers 9 different file formats to convert XLS to DOC, HTML, PDF, etc.


If you are tired of searching how to convert TEX to XLS, then try the ultimate approach introduced in the article. There is no manual way of converting TEX files into XLS. But if you use the give TEX to XLS Converter tool, you can instantly batch convert TEX to XLS files without spending time. This is the offline software that does not let users face any security issues. We have given all the details about the software in the article. Download the tool and try free version of it.