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BitRecover Support Team | June 1st, 2020 | Email Settings

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Are you looking to setup Net Mail account in any Email programs using IMAP Settings? if such is the case then read this blog and you will find all the Information about Net Mail IMAP Settings.  To configure your Net Mail account on Android, ipad, Outlook and other programs you will require Net Mail IMAP and SMTP Settings you can copy the below IMAP Account Settings for Net Mail details in the configuration of Net Mail account.  


How to Configure IMAP/POP Settings for Net Mail:

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Email Settings Port Number
Net Mail IMAP Incoming mail server:
993, requires SSL (Copy)
143, non-secure (Copy)
Net Mail POP3 Incoming mail server: (Copy)
995, requires SSL (Copy)
110, non-secure (Copy)
Net Mail SMTP Outgoing mail server:
587, requires SSL(Copy)
465, non-secure (Copy)


Best Solution to Backup Net Mail emails to Any other Email Application?

For non-technical users who want to know the best solution to backup Net Mail to other email applications or file formats without email configuration, we recommend Net Mail Backup Wizard, it is very easy to use and is the best email conversion software without having to configuration of any Advanced Email Settings.

With this software, you can easily convert Net email to different file formats like PST, EML, HTML etc. You can also save Net Mail to your desktop email application, PDF, DOC, etc. or in a matter of minutes. You can also try the free demo version to see the basic features and process of the software



User’s Query

Let’s take a glimpse of user’s need with respect of our solution

저는 기술 담당자가 아니며 인터넷에 연결하지 않고도 볼 수 있도록 Net Mail 전자 메일을 데스크탑에 백업하는 최상의 솔루션을 원합니다. 따라서 데이터 손실없이 Net Net 백업에 대한 직접적인 솔루션이 있습니까? 또한 전자 메일을 저장하고 싶습니다 첨부 파일 포함?   

John, South Korea


Watch this video illustrating complete Net Mail backup process:

Conclusion: This blog provides a solution for setup Net Mail account using IMAP to know read above blog, so you can easily set up your Net account in any desktop email clients or Mobile devices such as Andoid, iphad, Outlook and other email applications. The best solution is to copy the Net Mail IMAP account settings from above and use it in your desired email application.

Secondly, You can also save Net Mail emails in other file formats and save them for future reference, so you can try the best solution offered by professional Net Mail Backup Wizard. You’ll get output with 100% accuracy, so head over and try it once.


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