5-Simple Steps to Transfer Emails from Roundcube to Hotmail Account ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Want to transfer emails from Roundcube to Hotmail account? Check out the following solution to convert Roundcube emails to Hotmail. At the end of this article, you will be able to migrate multiple Roundcube mailboxes into Hotmail account.


Roundcube is a well-known web-based multilingual IMAP email client. It’s most promising feature is the use of Ajax technology. But, as our business and personal lives focus on having instant access of communication, so we depend on email services that are highly compatible. Hotmail has been around us from nearly two decades (launched in 1996 by Microsoft Corporation). Till now, it has been offering unique and user-friendly interface for its users.

All versatile functions of Hotmail has gained confidence of users. That’s why, our clients from all over the globe asks how to transfer emails from Roundcube to Hotmail. Actually, there is no direct conversion of Roundcube webmail to Hotmail. Therefore, a third-party solution is a must here!

BitRecover Roundcube to Hotmail migrator is programmed to handle such issues :

Ques1: How do I convert Roundcube emails to Hotmail?

Ques 2: Do I need an advanced solution to migrate all Roundcube webmail data into Hotmail?

Ques 3: What are the pre-requisites for Roundcube to Hotmail conversion?

All these queries can be easily handled with BitRecover software Email Backup Wizard. Therefore, take the help of this magical wizard to export Roundcube emails to Hotmail account. It’s a simple and effective technique to transfer emails from Roundcube to Hotmail.

Sound’s great? Hence, let’s dive into the working of this software.

How to Transfer Emails from Roundcube to Hotmail ?

  1. Launch Roundcube to Hotmail migrator.
  2. Choose Roundcube webmail and fill its account details.
  3. Specify desired Roundcube email folders to migrate into Hotmail.
  4. Select Outlook.com saving option and enter login details.
  5. Press on backup tab to start to transfer Roundcube emails to Hotmail.

Read About A Direct Solution to Convert Roundcube Emails to Hotmail

Have A Look at how this Roundcube to Hotmail migrator works.

Take a test drive with free demo version- Before starting the process, download the demo version of software which is available free of cost. You can evaluate the tool’s features from there and can convert top 25 data items from Roundcube webmail to Hotmail account. After getting satisfied with it, switch to the license version of the software.

Purchase New

Now, after downloading the application, it’s time to launch it on any Windows-compatible machine.

Thereafter, you will see a list of email sources in the left panel of the software window. Choose Roundcube webmail from it.

After this, enter the account details of your Roundcube webmail account and hit on the login tab to move towards the next step.

Then, enable those email folders of Roundcube account which you wish to migrate into your Hotmail account.

After Now, just go to the saving options list and pick Outlook.com.

Thereafter, Fill the Outlook.com (Hotmail account) login details and tap on the backup button to start to transfer emails from Roundcube to Hotmail account.

After you have done the conversion, lastly,Helogin to your Hotmail account. So, now get all of your selected Roundcube webmail data into your Hotmail account with attachments.

Roundcube to Hotmail Migrator – Benefits of Software

Easy and 100% Reliable – The software comes with a simple and intuitive interface that never saves the email credentials of Roundcube account. Therefore, it never stores the personal database of user’s account during the entire migration procedure.

User-friendly interface: It can swiftly transfer emails from Roundcube to Hotmail account with attachments. The utility has been designed with such a mechanism that it can be used by any technical or novice user effectively.

Use Batch Mode option: This feature enables user to export multiple Roundcube webmail accounts to Hotmail. Hence, in this way, a user can batch migrate Roundcube accounts to Hotmail in a single processing.

Preserves internal folder hierarchy: The utility assures to maintain the folder hierarchy throughout the Roundcube to Hotmail migration.

Keeps intact meta-data properties: It guarantees to maintain the email components of Roundcube webmail data. All email headers such as email subject, sender and receiver details, email addresses, attachments, etc.

Advance selective backup option: Now it’s very easy to transfer emails from Roundcube to Hotmail in a selective manner. The Roundcube to Hotmail backup tool gives ability to move selective Roundcube mailboxes into Hotmail account.

User Queries

Ques 1: What are the specifications for downloading Roundcube to Hotmail transfer tool?

Ans: You need to have 48.7 MB of free hard disk space and minimum of 512 MB RAM.

Ques2: On which Windows platform can I launch this software?

Ans: This utility to transfer rouncube mailboxes to Hotmail runs on all Windows OS. Hence, you can download it on Microsoft Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc. It works on all Windows x64 bit versions.

Ques 3: Can I install Roundcube to Hotmail migrator on Mac machine?

Ans: No, it only works on Windows OS.

The Final Words

In the above write-up, we have explained how to transfer emails from Roundcube to Hotmail account. The software works on all Windows platform and offers a direct way to migrate Roundcube emails to Hotmail account. It is a fully automatic software that only asks the login details f your Roundcube Webmail. Hence, this tool offers a cache free and a secure cloud-based email migration. Now, download this software and use it with ease to do Roundcube email migration into Hotmail account.

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