Migrate from Roundcube to Zimbra Desktop, Collaboration Server and Web Client

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Are you searching for a method to know the procedure to migrate Roundcube to Zimbra? If your answer is yes then don’t worry, this blog post is especially dedicated to you. In this blog post we are introducing a fastest and safest solution for transferring emails messages from Roundcube Webmail to Zimbra Desktop, Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) and Zimbra Web Client (ZWC).

Selected Queries for better understanding

BitRecover support team daily receives several email management related queries, here we are mentioning few “Roundcube to Zimbra Migration” related queries.

I am using GoDaddy’s email hosting service for hosting my websites, I am using Roundcube webmail service for sending and receiving my email messages from past four years. Now I want to migrate from Roundcube to Zimbra Desktop email client inclusive of emails, attachments, sender and receiver information. Please suggest me an effective technique for solving my query in a professional way.

– Leonardo, Houston

Actually, Roundcube is a very nice webmail service, I am using it from past few years but now I want to save my emails in my computer while Roundcube email are saved on the cloud. Now I want to import Roundcube emails into Zimbra, if you have an exquisite method then please suggest it to me. I have appox 25 email IDs with Roundcube webmail service, so note that suggest me a limitless method according to my problem.

– Samuel, Cleveland

Migrate Roundcube to Zimbra Respectively

Firstly, download BitRecover Email Backup Software and install the product setup on your Windows Computer. After installing the product, follow step-by-step process. Roundcube to Zimbra Migration Tool has a separate option for transferring email messages into Zimbra Desktop, Server and Web Client editions.

Download New Purchase New
  • Start mentioned software and choose IMAP from Email Source as shown in the desired screenshot.

Start mentioned software

  • Enter your email credentials in the software panel i.e. Email Address, Password, IMAP Host Name and press Login button to continue.

Enter your email credentials

  • Choose Roundcube email folders from software panel and choose Zimbra as saving format.

Choose Roundcube email folders

  • By default, it chooses Desktop as destination path but users can also choose different destination location by clicking on the Change button.

destination path

  • Users can use advance settings for selective backup i.e. By Date Range, By From Email Address, By To Email Address, By Specific Email Subject, etc.

advance settings

  • Press Backup button to start Roundcube Webmail to Zimbra migration procedure.

start Roundcube Webmail to Zimbra migration

  • Task completed successfully with the message of completion, now press Ok button for confirming.

completed successfully

  • After completion, it will automatically open the destination path so that users can easily get their resultant TGZ file.

resultant TGZ file

  • Run Zimbra email client and choose Preferences << Import/Export << Choose File option for importing TGZ file in Zimbra Desktop and Server.

Run Zimbra email client

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – I know my email address and password but I am not aware about IMAP Hostname, please suggest me how can I get my IMAP Host Name?

Ans – You can easily search your IMAP Host Name using Google Search Engine i.e. GoDaddy IMAP Host Name, Bluehost IMAP Host Name, BigRock IMAP Host Name, etc. You can also ask to your webhosting provider for it and BitRecover Support team can be so help in searching your IMAP Host Name.

Que 2 – Can I save Roundcube emails in my local computer manually, if yes then please describe the steps?

Ans – Yes, follow these steps

  1. Login to your Roundcube webmail account.
  2. Click on email folder i.e. Inbox, Draft, Sent, Junk, Trash, etc.
  3. Choose any specific email message and choose More << Download (.eml).
  4. Select destination path to download Roundcube email locally.

Download Roundcube emails manually

Limitation – Manual technique allows to download single email message in one time means that if you want to save 1000 emails then you will need to repeat same mentioned procedure 1000 times.

Que 3 – How to migrate from Roundcube to Zimbra, please describe simple steps in short?

Ans – Follow these simple steps for completion of the task.

  1. Start Roundcube to Zimbra migration tool and select IMAP from email source.
  2. Enter IMAP Roundcube email credentials and press Login button.
  3. Select email folders from software interface and Zimbra as saving format.
  4. Press Backup button to start Roundcube to TGZ conversion procedure.
  5. At last run Zimbra email client / server and import resultant TGZ file.

Que 4 –Does above recommended software keep email attachments during completion of the procedure?

Ans – Yes, the tool secures email attachments and other email items during completion of the task.

Roundcube to Zimbra Migration Tool – Highlighted Features

  • The tool provides fastest conversion speed with 100% accurate result guaranteed.
  • It is a fully automatic software which asks only email credentials for completion of the task.
  • Users can import Roundcube emails in Zimbra Desktop, Server and Web Client professionally.
  • This application preserves folders structure, attachments and other components during the task.
  • It can be installed on all latest as well as previous Windows OS inclusive of Win Server editions.
  • This software offers 25+ saving formats for storing the Roundcube email messages.

The Final Words

This trustworthy software is specially designed to migrate Roundcube to Zimbra desktop and other editions. It is available with free demo edition so that users can evaluate it before investing money. After checking the software functionality, users can upgrade this application to the pro edition which is authorized to import unlimited emails.

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