How to Synchronize Gmail with Account Easily?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In today’s digital age you will find many applications for email communication like Gmail, Yahoo, Zimbra, Yandex Mail, etc. Whereas the Gmail and are the most popular web email services. But many users are wondering how to sync Gmail with As due to multiple reasons there comes a need for this synchronization.

Gmail is the most widely used web-based email client having millions of active users. No regrets that the smart and efficient features of had brought a major evolution in web-based email services. Hence, attracting a lot of users. Also, we will know about the absolutely free and easy method for synchronizing the Gmail account step by step.

Need to Sync Gmail with

There is a number of reasons behind the need for this synchronization. Let’s know about most of the common reasons behind it one by one:

  • Integration with MS Office – As we know most widely used Office suite is Microsoft Office. And this becomes the foremost reason when users want to know how to synchronize Gmail with You can find MS Word, MS PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and other applications in one place to work with.
  • Social Network Integration – How many people of this modern era are addicted to the social network, that can be well estimated. It has become one of the important things now. Microsoft comes with another outburst feature of social network integration. You can find popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, SkyDrive, LinkedIn, Flickr, Google, and Weibo integrated with it. Which eventually makes it more preferable over Gmail. Another reason to put light is when the most famous video chats telecommunication application i.e. Skype comes integrated with it. Then why not sync both applications for a better use?
  • No More Emails Clutter – Managing the clutter of the inbox also becomes a matter of concern in the case when there is a number of emails. With it becomes easy to manage emails in the desired way. It allows users to organize the mail according to their needs.
  • Easy, Smart, and Simple – If you are not a technical person and worried to use email applications then don’t worry. Microsoft has a solution for you. comes with a very easy-to-use graphical user interface that even a non-technical person can use easily without any kind of hassle.
  • Neat Canvas to Compose – Microsoft has made sure to keep all distractions away while composing the email. It provides a neat canvas for the users to compose mail removing the notification toggle. It also provides options like spell check, HTML option, interlinking, and multiple fonts to choose from. It’s a good idea to migrate your Gmail data to Zimbra or another desktop-based email client

How to Synchronize Gmail with

By following these simple manual steps you will be able for syncing the Gmail account in your with just a few clicks-

  1. First login to using account credentials following menu option then settings.
  2. Scroll down to the settings and check for “View Full Settings”.
    view all setting to sync Gmail with
  3. You will find “Sync Email” enlisted in the list. Choose sync email, then you will find options to add Gmail account, simply select it.
    choose Gmail to sync with
  4. Choosing it will ask you to select some options, choose the uppermost among them and press “Ok”.
    choose all options
  5. Now Google will ask you to provide Gmail account credentials.
    enter Gmail account credentials
  6. Soon after provide the correct Gmail or G Suite Account details. Microsoft will ask permission to access the Google account. Allow it to proceed further.
    given permission to syn Gmail with
  7. Within seconds your Gmail account will be added to and is displayed. Hence, the sync Gmail with process is done. Additionally, it provides an option to manage the synchronized account, i.e. you can edit and even remove it easily.
    complete process
Note: Repeat the above-listed steps more times to add more Gmail or other email application accounts to But If you want the quickest method for switching from Gmail into then use BitRecover Gmail Backup tool. With this solution, you can easily migrate the entire emails of Gmail account in your account. Or if necessary, you can simply backup Gmail emails to hard drive. This smart method will make this task easy and you will be able to access the data seamlessly. As it provides you the facility to select the required application for migration. However, you should enable the IMAP settings for both Gmail and accounts.

Wrapping up

However, the Hotmail rebranded as comes with a number of bursting features. Due to this, most of you want to sync Gmail with Well, you are going to find a number of methods but here we have shared the free and easiest method in this blog. Hence, it’s all about scrolling down the settings and reaching up to your required option of sync emails. As a result, you can easily access the emails of your Gmail account in your respective account.