Best Solution to Restore Windows Backup Files to Another Computer Without Losing any Data

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 12th, 2022 • 4 Min Read

If you are looking for a method to restore Windows backup files to another computer, then you have come to the right blog post, here you will find a method that will help you restore data in bulk to any other computer.

As we all know, many users are still using the old version of Windows, but some of those users have shifted to the latest version of Windows on the new computer. But now he is facing a problem that he had created many Windows BKF backup files on the old Windows version, now he has to transfer the BKF backup file’s data to the new computer. But the biggest problem is that some of those backup files have become corrupt. If your problem is also like this, then let us now know how to get out of this problem.

Why Do Users Need to Transfer Windows BKF File Data to New Computer?

In general terms, one of the following three scenarios may occur, requiring you to restore Windows backup files to another computer system:

  • Even if the system failed, you had already made a backup of it. You need now transfer it to another computer and restore it in order to save it.
  • After the system backup, system hardware, such as the CPU, motherboard, chipset, etc., was replaced.
  • It can be a completely empty system, and you wish to transfer files from a Windows BKF backup to another or new computer so you can utilize them later.

Best Way to Restore Windows Backup Files to Another Computer

To transfer Windows BKF backup files to new computer, you have to go through two steps, which you will complete this task very easily. If you are thinking that it will take a lot of time, then do not take tension, it will not waste your time at all.

In the first phase, you have to copy your BKF files and paste them into the system in which you want to restore the data. And after that, you have to follow our given solution step by step.

The best solution to restore Windows backup files to another computer is BitRecover BKF Repair Tool. This software is completely standalone software due to which no external software is required to use this tool. This software can extract Windows backup BKF files in bulk to any other computer and this tool is also very easy to use and can be used by any non-technical user very easily.

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Guidance on How to Use This Professional Software With Screenshots

  1. Firstly, Download this software by clicking the download button and then install it on your system
    download software
  2. Hit the Open file button and then you can preview two options for scanning .bkf files, you can choose any one as per your choice and then click the Next button
  3. Thereafter, select the .bkf extension backup files and then click the open button
    browse bkf file
  4. Hit the Recover button in the menu bar and then select the destination path for the resultant data and finally, click the Ok button
    recover button


In this article, we described how you can restore Windows backup files to another computer. If you follow our given solution step by step then you will be able to complete this task very easily. Although now you will not have any problem in completing this task, if you still face any problems or you have any questions in your mind, for which you are not getting the answers, then you can take the help of our support team.

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