Guide to Extract Data from BKF file in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

File backup is very important these days, and, surprisingly, a minor corruption in it can destroy all your efforts. As we probably are aware, the file related to the Windows NTBackup utility is known as BKF. These BKF files stores the backup of information with the .bkf extension. The primary reason behind making this file is to store the system data backup in any device. It will assist users to restore files from Windows image backup in the wake of having abrupt information loss, unwanted system shutdown, virus attacks, etc. In this article, we will outline the easiest solution to extract data from BKF file.

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Manually Extract Data from BKF File in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 

Users can download the “Backup or Restore Wizard” utility from the web on Windows systems like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 in order to make a system image. Basically, it comprises ntbackup.exe and two .dll files. Now, all you require is to download the backup utility .exe file and .dll documents (Ntbackup.exe, Ntmsapi.dll, Vssapi.dll) on the respective Windows system.

Thereafter, go through these guidelines to extract data from BKF file:

  1. Tap and Open ntbackup.exe. Hit on the ok button when you get the “Removable Storage Not Running” message.
    open ntbackup.exe
  2. You will see that the window of “Welcome to the Backup or Restore Wizard” is open. Hit on the Next tab.
    backup and restore wizard
  3. In order to extract data from Windows backup file, select the Restore files and settings option. Click on the Next button.
    restore files and settings
  4. Now, enable the Browse icon and choose the BKF files to extract files from Windows backup image.
    open backup file
  5. Choose the required data items and tap on the Next tab.
    items to restore
  6. For viewing additional settings, hit on the Advance tab.
    click on advanced button
  7. Search for the destination location and tap on the Next tab.
    saving location
  8. Hit on the Finish button when the extract data from BKF file process ends.
    click on finish button

Drawbacks of above solution to Extract Data from Windows Backup file

Previously mentioned standard method to get files from Windows image backup most likely aides in extracting data from BKF files in Windows however the process has some disadvantages as well:

  • The standard solution to extract data from Windows backup file is very long and tiring. It needs an enormous number of steps to finish the process.
  • NTBackup utility just works for Windows Operating System editions that are higher than Windows XP.
  • It is a complicated process as it requires a long series of steps to extract data from BKF files. Even a slighter mistake can cause data loss or corrupted output.

Relax, you can in any case extract files from Windows 10 image backup or any Windows version. In order to accomplish this task easily, you need a professional application known as BKF File Repair Software.

How can you Extract Data from BKF file in any Windows Edition?

As we told above the constraints of the manual method to get files from Windows image backup. Under such circumstances, you can rely on an automated solution of BitRecover Software. With this utility, one can efficiently extract data from Windows backup file in a few moments and without experiencing any data harm issues.

This tool is rich-featured and is professionally built for all corporate and enterprise-level users. Hence, you don’t need to worry about any security hassles.

Quickly follow these steps to extract data from BKF file:

  1. Download and install the software on the Windows system.
  2. Tap on the Open File… icon in the menu bar.
    Open File
  3. Click on the Open button to load the desired BKF files.
    Select BKF file
  4. Now, the software begins to read the backup files.
    read the backup files
  5. Click on the desired Volume, file, or folder to save.
    desired Volume
  6. Tap on the Recover tab to begin the extraction of data from BKF file.
    Extract Data from BKF file
  7. You also need to specify a destination-saving location for the output.
    saving location
  8. View the live processing in the interface of the tool.
    Live processing
  9. After the completion of the task, you can see a ‘recovery completed’ message.
    recovery completed
  10. Finally, go to the output folder location.
    output folder location

Salient Benefits and Features of Software which you can’t afford to lose-

Our product is most certainly an across-the-board solution since it gives numerous functionalities in a single user interface. Read the significant features of this utility-

Various ways to scan documents: The multiple scanning modes like Normal Scanning, Advance Scanning, and Selective Scanning empower a user to easily extract data from BKF file.

Opportunity to look through information: You can find any file name as well as file extension within the loaded Windows data.

Saving at user-defined location: With this tool, you can choose any output location to save the extracted data from Windows backup file.

Retrieve any kind of image backup data: This utility is sufficiently capable to extract files from Windows image backup in the most advantageous way since it can fix all futile, corrupted, virus infected, missing things, and unrecognizable documents.

Compatible with the latest Windows OS: Users can launch this application to extract data from BKF file on any latest Windows machines such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, etc.


Whether you are using a PC at home for saving images, Excel sheets, Word documents of yours and safeguarding them from unwanted corruption reasons, you have made copies or duplicates of those documents. So, if your BKF files get corrupted, and presently you are figuring out how to extract data from BKF file easily then we have provided a proficient method for the same.

In this blog, we have explained both the manual as well as automated solutions to extract data from Windows backup files. It’s up to you which solution you are using. However, we always suggest trying the professional one due to its trustworthiness and seamless results. Now, you can also visit our page to get the free demo edition of this tool. It will help you to check out the features of this application.

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