How to Recover Missing Catalog of BKF Files?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 2 Min Read

Looking for a smart solution to recover missing catalog of BKF files? There is no need to be concerned if your BKF Zip files have become corrupted and you are unable to restore critical data. This article will teach you how to restore missing BKF file catalog.

However, Microsoft Windows OS is integrated with NTBackup Utility which allows to restore users’ crucial data from BKF files. But if in case, users’ BKF files got damaged then NTBackup tool doesn’t work.

Here a question arises, what happened if BKF catalog is missing and users want to recover data. But before starting the resolution, first your need to understand, what are catalog files?

Windows BKF Catalog Files

In the online market, Windows NTBackup and Symantec VERITAS utilities are available to generate BKF files. However, if we try to run mentioned utilities then we need catalog files. These catalog files are most helpful in creating Windows BKF backup files. If you try to run NTBackup Tool on Windows 10 or 11 then you must have 4 catalog files i.e. 1 EXE file and 3 DLL files as mentioned below.

bkf catalog files

  1. ntbackup.exe
  2. ntmsapi.dll
  3. Query.dll
  4. vssapi.dll

These 4 files are mandatory to start NTBackup Tool, if any of mentioned file is missing then you will see an error message related to recover missing catalog of BKF files as given below.

recover missing catalog of bkf files

BKF Catalog Files Missing, What Problems You Will Face?

  • The program can’t be started because …. (specific) catalog file is missing
  • Your backup file doesn’t contain any information
  • Specific mentioned (exe or dll) are files not located in the dynamic library
  • Unable to copy and restore missing catalog BKF backup files
  • Your BKF catalog files are missing or corrupted

Repair Missing BKF File Catalog

If your Windows NTBackup catalog files are missing and you are unable to restore missing catalog of BKF files. Then you need to use NTBackup alternative as BitRecover BKF Repair Wizard. After installing the recommended software, users can easily recover missing catalog of BKF files.

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