How to Generate BKF Files Using NTBackup Utility?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Do you want to learn how to create a BKF file? Don’t be concerned if you answered yes! Team BitRecover is explaining the entire step-by-step technique for producing BKF files in this article. Actually, a Windows 11 PC user recently posed a question about the aforementioned issue. Because technological transformation is occurring on a daily basis, nothing is currently impossible.

Query from a User: – I am the owner of a medium-sized IT firm with approximately 90+ people who use Windows 11 or Windows 10. I’m looking for a freeware method to generate BKF files so that I may archive all important data in different years. This fiscal year is coming to a finish, so I need to find a solution as soon as feasible. One of my acquaintances recommended the Symantec Veritas backup application, but I prefer not to use it because it is a commercial product.

What Are Advantages of Creating BKF Files?

  • Users can compress and archive critical data as a backup for future usage on an external disc. As we all know, storing data on a computer increases the likelihood of data corruption.
  • When you produce BKF files to store Windows Backup data, you can save around 20 – 50 percent of hard disc space. Users can then use the extra space to store more data.
  • It is advisable to keep secure BKF files on an external hard drive for security reasons. As an external hard drive does not connect to a computer and internet so your data will be safe forever.
  • After generate BKF files for Windows backup, users can easily get internal data available anytime in exact formatting using Windows NTBackup freeware utility.

How to Make NTBackup BKF File – Steps

  1. Download Windows NTBackup Tool which is available free of cost on your computer. Double click on the setup EXE file.
    windows ntbackup tool
  2. Removable storage not running message will be shown if there are no tape drives and other backup devices connected to your pc.
    removable storage not running
  3. Welcome to the Backup or Restore Wizard, and then click Next to proceed.
    backup or restore wizard
  4. After that, this utility will ask – What do you want to do? Choose Back up files and settings option.
    what do you want to do
  5. What do you want to back up? Check the “let me choose what to back up” option and press Next.
    let me choose what to back up
  6. Double click an item on the left to see its contents on the right. Then select the check box next to any drive, folder, or file that you want to generate BKF file.
    select check box
  7. Thereafter, hit on the Browse button to select a specific destination path.
    specific destination path
  8. Select destination folder and click on Save button to continue.
    destination folder
  9. Rename file name and press Next.
    rename file name
  10. See the created backup settings and hit on the Finish.
    created backup settings
  11. Generating BKF file in the process, please wait for a while.
    generating bkf file
  12. BKF file created successfully, see the message of completion. Choose Close option.
    Create BKF Files
  13. At last, get resultant BKF file from selected destination path. How to generate BKF file query resolved.
    make bkf file

Professional Recommendation – If your BKF files have become corrupted as a result of a malware attack or other factors. In this case, NTBackup will be unable to extract data from Windows Backup BKF files. However, you can restore all critical data by using Windows BKF Repair Software.

Download for Windows

Final Words

Now how to generate BKF files related queries have been resolved successfully. You can follow the above-mentioned steps for making BKF files using NTBackup utility. This is a simple and freeware method for creating Windows backup BKF Zip files.