How to Remove Access VBA Password from MDB Database Files?

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 26th, 2023 • 3 Min Read

According to the demand of users, team BitRecover is going to explain the process to remove VBA password from Access MDB database files. Therefore, if you have forgotten the password of Microsoft Access database management system (DBMS) VBA projects, then you need to read this complete write-up here!

MS Access database management users always want to keep their projects secure from unwanted users. Therefore, they always prefer to protect VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) projects with a strong password. However, sometimes, Microsoft Access users forget the Visual Basic for Application projects password and then they want to remove Access VBA project password. After that, users can use VBA projects programming macros and modules as per their needs and requirements. Let’s know why do users want to use VBA code to remove access database passwords.

User Query About Remove VBA Password from MDB Files

Approximately, four years ago, I created multiple Access VBA projects and protected them with passwords. Now I need to create some new projects and want to copy some programming language coding from old macros and modules. But when I am trying to reuse old macros, it is asking for the password. Please suggest how can I remove VBA password from Access database MDB files?

asking for password

Techniques to Remove VBA Password from Access Projects

There are multiple methods available to remove MS Access VBA password from projects. Here, team BitRecover is also mentioning the multiple approaches for removing the Access VBA password forever. Let’s know the techniques!

#1 Method – Use VBA Code to Remove Access Database Password

  1. Start Microsoft Access DBMS application and create new Access database and open it.
  2. Click on Visual Basic Editor or press Alt + F11.
  3. Click the Insert option and choose Module option from dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the given programming code in editor window.
    Function OpenPwdProtectedDB(DBPath
    As String, _ Pwd As String)Dim CN As ADODB.Connection
    Set CN = New ADODB.Connection
    ‘ Remove MS Access VBA Password
    ‘ Open database for shared (by default), read/write access, and
    ‘ specify database password.
    With CN
    .Provider = “Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0”
    .Properties(“Jet OLEDB:Database Password”) = Pwd
    .Mode = adModeReadWrite
    .Open DBPath
    End With
    ‘ Here goes the Code to work with database.
    Set CN = Nothing
    End Function
  5. Select Run >> Continue option. You can also press F5 to start the same operation.
  6. Browse the password-protected Microsoft Access VBA project from your computer and press Open.
  7. The tool will show you the password of MS Access VBA file. Now, you can easily access VBA projects of MS Access program.
  8. Select File >> Info >> Encrypt with Password option. Remove MDB VBA password and click the OK button.
  9. Finally, you can open protected access VBA database files without password.

#2 Method – Remove Password Using Microsoft  Access

  1. Open the Access database file with the right database password.
  2. Select File << Open << Decrypt Database option.
  3. Click the OK button when asked for exclusive use.
  4. Select the Access Database file (.accdb) that needs to be decrypted.
  5. Select Open Exclusive from dropdown options.
  6. The Microsoft Access database VBA password will be removed.
  7. Tap on File and choose the Decrypt database option.
  8. Lastly, to unset password, enter password in the dialogue box and press OK.

Limitations of Manual Techniques

  • Time-consuming method
  • Need to follow lengthy steps
  • Required technical knowledge
  • Remove VBA password from MDB files one by one
  • No guarantee of data security

#3 Professional Method to Remove VBA Password in Access

VBA Macro Password Remover by BitRecover is an effective all-in-one application. The tool permits to remove password from Word VBA protects Excel VBA projects / MS Access VBA projects and all. If you forgot the password for Microsoft Access projects then you can easily remove access VBA project password as it does not ask for any password.

Just follow the given instructions to remove VBA password from MDB files without loss of macros and modules programming.

  1. Launch the software on your machine and choose any one option from Select Files or Select Folders. Browse Microsoft Access database projects and upload them in software GUI.
    remove vba password from access
  2. You can see all uploaded projects in the file explorer view. Check or uncheck the required projects from the software window and tap the Next button.
    select required vba projects
  3. The software will automatically choose the desktop default destination path, but you can change it accordingly as per your choice. Now hit the Remove button to start removing VBA password from MDB database files.
    remove access vba project password

Why Software Instead of Manual Ways?

  • The software allows you to remove VBA password from Access MDB database files in batch. It even supports all MDB files of Microsoft Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.
  • The software comes with a simple graphical user interface that can be easily operable by both technical and non-technical users.
  • This application is developed with complete R&D and is successfully tested in the BitRecover Lab. That’s why it offers 100% results guaranteed without loss of data.
  • Users can save much crucial time as it takes very less time to remove VBA password from unlimited MDB files.
  • The tool offers the facility to remove VBA password in Access without asking passwords. However, users can store output database files at a specific destination path.
  • Best software to break VBA project password in Excel / Word / PowerPoint / Access, and other programs.


In this blog, we have discussed the top three ways to remove VBA password from Access. You can use any of mentioned techniques but if you are using manual methods, then first make a copy of your MS Access VBA projects. After that, you can use manual ways. If you are a business professional, then no need to take any risk and use expert recommended software to remove VBA passwords from MDB files.