How to Remove Duplicate Emails in cPanel Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Is your cPanel filled with duplicate emails? If you are searching to remove duplicate emails in cPanel webmail, then this article will definitely meet your needs. You will find here multiple solutions to get rid of duplicate emails from cPanel account. But before starting the article, it is crucial to discuss how duplicate emails can be traumatic.

Why Is It Important to Get Rid of cPanel Duplicate Emails ASAP?

You should remove cPanel duplicate emails as soon as possible because they can trouble you in so many ways. Such as:

  • Your account can slow down which can lead to unnecessary errors.
  • You can get confused in finding urgently required emails due to multiple duplicates.
  • The message will take so much time to load and you can find issues in sending or receiving emails.
  • Your cPanel account will run out of storage space.

Now you know the importance of removing duplicates from cPanel immediately. Next, we will learn the ways to solve this issue in two methods: Manual and Automated. You are required to read the full article to find the most effective solution.

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Manual Method to Delete Duplicate Emails from cPanel

The manual method can work but to make them work, you will have to face headaches. Because removing multiple cPanel duplicate emails manually is not a reliable solution at all. You can try this method if you have 2-3 duplicates. But in the case of multiple duplicates, you need to search and look for each duplicate and delete them one by one. Here are the steps:

  1. Open cPanel webmail and login into your account (Make sure you have a good internet connection).
  2. The cPanel screen will appear, go to the Inbox from the left-hand box.
  3. All your inbox emails will appear in the box where you have to look for duplicate emails.
  4. Once you find the duplicate email, open it, and click on the Delete button and it will be moved to the Trash folder.
  5. Go to the Trash folder and delete it permanently.

We understand that the manual method is too frustrating, confusing, time-consuming, and stressful. However, you can also delete some important emails in confusion. That is why we will also introduce you to the automated solution which you can find below. But if you have multiple duplicate emails in cPanel and you want to remove them through the manual process then repeat the steps mentioned above for each duplicate.

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Automated Solution to Fix Duplicate Emails in cPanel

BitRecover Email Duplicate Remover Wizard is the best solution to delete duplicate emails in cPanel. This is a professional recommendation, especially for those who do not want to waste time in manual ways. This is not the hidden truth that the manual method is not a good choice because no one wants to waste time finding many emails.

This software is a top-notch solution that is specially built to remove duplicate emails from cPanel webmail. The software is the home of several features to make your cPanel duplicate removal process much easier and faster. Once you remove all your duplicates, your cPanel account can be free of quota storage. You do not even get confused or go through a hard-working process.

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As we said, the software provides several useful features to ease your task. Let’s discuss some of the features that are going to surprise you.

cPanel Duplicate Remover Surprising Features

  • Give just a few clicks into the software to fix all duplicate emails in cPanel webmail at once.
  • The software supports 90+ email services such as cPanel, Gmail, Google Workplace, Yahoo, Microsoft 365, etc. So, no matter from which email platform you want to remove duplicates. A single tool will do it all.
  • Unbelievable filter options like using selective fields (based on From, To, CC, BC, subject, etc.), selecting folders, setting a date range, enter a preferable email address.
  • The software will automatically create a separate folder with the name “Duplicates found”.
  • cPanel Duplicate Remover is 100% safe & secure to use, you do not need to worry about any of your data.

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How to Remove Duplicate Emails in cPanel Webmail?

Removing cPanel duplicates using the software is quite easy. Just follow the given quick steps:

  1. Start cPanel Duplicate Remover on your computer and select the Horde Webmail option from the left side, below the email source section.
  2. Enter your cPanel email and password then hit on the Login button.
    start software
  3. After you log in to your account, you will see a preview of all your folders and sub-folders. Select the required folders.
    select folders
  4. Go to the Filter option then select and apply the filter you want.
    filter options
  5. Hit on the Remove button from the bottom corner and choose Yes to confirm.
    remove duplicate emails in cpanel
  6. The software is removing duplicate emails from cPanel account.
    fix duplicate emails from cpanel
  7. cPanel duplicate emails are removed successfully, see the completion message.
    completed successfully
  8. Login to your cPanel account and see all duplicates under the Duplicates Found folder.
  9. Click the Three Dot icon and delete the Duplicates Found folder permanently.

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In the above article, we provided you with multiple solutions to remove duplicate emails in cPanel. We saw that deleting cPanel duplicates manual cannot be effective, however, the professional solution will save time and effort. So, download the software to fix duplicate emails from cPanel with just a few clicks.

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