How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Google Workspace (G Suite)?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read
Nowadays, most startups and small businesses use Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to fulfill business email requirements. As we all know that nowadays emails are the most proficient way for completing business communications needs. But sometimes users face problems with replication emails and then wish to remove duplicate emails from Google Workspace accounts.

If you are looking for a technique to delete duplicate emails in G Suite account then don’t worry. Just read till the end as in this blog post we are discussing the top 2 ways to remove duplicate emails in Google Workspace account.

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Reasons to Remove Google Workspace Duplicate Emails

  • Free Up Storage Quota Space: Users want to delete duplicate emails from Google Workspace accounts to avoid quota-exceeded related problems.
  • Avoid Confusion: Suppose your Google Workspace account has duplicate emails and you perform a search then you will get multiple same results that create confusion.
  • Increase Performance: Removing duplicate G Suite emails will help speed up the search process since it will reduce the number of emails that need to be searched.
  • Stay Away from Quota Full: If your Google Workspace account quota space is near full then you can erase duplicate Google Workspace emails and stay away from upcoming problems.
  • Save Your Money: Once your G Suite quota will be full then you will need to purchase more quota space for your business email accounts. Hence, this is advisable to delete duplicate emails in G Suite.

Manual Way to Delete G Suite Duplicate Emails

  1. First, log in to your Google Workspace account and click the Gear icon.
    g suite gear icon
  2. Select See all Settings options to continue.
    see all settings
  3. Afterward, choose Filter and Blocked Addresses options.
    filters and block addresses
  4. Click the Create a new filter option as shown in the figure.
    create a new filter
  5. Fill details for creating a filter criteria and press Create Filter button.
    create filter
  6. Select the Delete It option, when a message is an exact match for your search criteria.
    enable delete it option
  7. Click the Create Filter button and see the filter is created successfully. Now your upcoming same-criteria emails will be deleted automatically.
    edit filter
  8. After that, select the Edit button from the recently created filter as seen in the screenshot above.
  9. Type an email subject that you think possibly duplicates under Has the Words and press the Search button.
    search g suite duplicates
  10. Now you can see all duplicate emails related to the same email subject or body text.
    see filtered duplicates
  11. Use the Checkbox icon to select replica emails and press the Delete button.
    remove g suite duplicate emails
  12. After that, you can see your duplicate G Suite conversations moved to the Trash folder.
    g suite conversations moved o trash
  13. Open the Trash folder, select all duplicate Google Workspace emails, and press Delete Forever button to finish.
    erase duplicate email in g suite forever

Limitations of Manual Method

  • You can create only a search filter at a time to stop receiving duplicate G Suite emails and remove them forever.
  • However, you can create multiple filters one by one but it seems time-consuming as a mailbox may store thousands of email messages.
  • It is impossible to delete all duplicate emails from Google Workspace using the manual option because one search filter works according to one search criteria.
  • This is a lengthy process to remove duplicate G Suite emails as only a single search term works at a time.
  • Your one wrong step may become the reason behind erasing Google Workspace emails that were not duplicates.

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Pro Way to Delete Duplicate Emails from G Suite

Download All-in-One Email Duplicate Remover Software and install it on your window machine. This tool has an isolated option to remove duplicate emails from Google Workspace account. This is a fully automated and professional solution to delete duplicate emails from G Suite that asks only for Google Workspace account credentials.

Even this software comes with a free trial version that processes the top 20 emails to check duplicity and remove replica G Suite messages. So, first, check its working process then after satisfaction gets its license keys at affordable pricing.

Download Now Purchase Now

Note: Google Workspace IMAP Settings should be enabled to use this Google Workspace Duplicate Remover Tool. Also, create an App Password for your G Suite accounts because the tool asks for an App Password instead of the basic password.

How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Google Workspace?

  1. Start Google Workspace Duplicate Email Remover Tool and choose G Suite as the email source.
    g suite duplicate remover
  2. Fill your Google Workspace account credentials and hit the Login button.
    select email source
  3. This software also offers an Advance Settings option to use batch mode and proxy settings.
    advance settings
  4. Now G Suite Duplicate Remover is adding Google Workspace email folders in the software GUI.
    analysing folders
  5. Select the required G Suite folders from which you want to remove duplicate messages.
    select folders
  6. Thereafter, use Filter Options to delete duplicate G Suite emails selectively.
    filter options
  7. Press the Remove button and choose the Yes button to provide your confirmation for erasing duplicate G Suite emails.
    delete duplicate emails in google workspace
  8. Now you can see the tool is deleting duplicate emails from Google Workspace account.
    remove duplicate emails from google workspace
  9. Google Workspace duplicate email removal process was completed successfully.
    completed successfully
  10. This software also creates a log report file that stores information about removed duplicates.
    log report
  11. Login to your Google Workspace account and see all erased G Suite duplicates under the Duplicates Found folder.
    login to email account
  12. If you want to free up quota space then click on the Three Dot icon and delete the Duplicates Found folder.
    delete duplicate emails from g suite

Google Workspace Duplicate Remover Features and Benefits

  • The tool has several filter options to remove duplicate emails from Google Workspace by date range, email address, email subject, exclude unnecessary folders, and has specific words.
  • You can delete Google Workspace duplicate emails by matching specific required fields according to your choice. Choose suitable email fields like From, To, CC, BCC, Time, Attachments, Body, and Subject.
  • Users can erase replica emails in multiple G Suite accounts at once. Just create a CSV file having your account credentials to delete duplicate emails in Google Workspace in batch.
  • Software previews all email folders in the software panel before removing replica Google Workspace emails in the actual file explorer view. You can easily use near checkboxes to erase duplicate G Suite emails from required folders.
  • G Suite Duplicate Email Remover generates a separate folder named Duplicates Found to move duplicate emails. So that, you can easily check and analyze deleted G Suite replica emails before permanent deletion.
  • It automatically generates a log report file that stores information about deleted Google Workspace emails including Start Date & Time, Saving Type, Selected Source, Folder Path, Duplicate Items Moved, Duplicate Emails Found, and Status.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Ques 1: How can I stop receiving duplicate emails in my Google Workspace account?

Ans: You can use inbuilt features to store upcoming G Suite duplicate emails.

  1. Login to your Google Workspace account.
  2. Click the Gear icon and choose the See all settings option.
  3. Choose the Filters and Blocked Addresses option.
  4. Select Create a new filter to continue.
  5. Set filter criteria with choice details and Create a Filter.
  6. When a message is an exact match for your search criteria then choose the Delete It option.
  7. Thereafter, you receive emails from specific criteria then these particular emails will be erased automatically.

Ques 2: Some of my G Suite emails have different body text but similar attachments. Is it possible to erase duplicate G Suite emails based on attachments?

Ans: Yes, first use Filter Options and uncheck all default fields. Thereafter, check only the Attachments option and then complete the process to remove duplicate G Suite emails having replication attachments.

Ques 3: Is it mandatory to create a G Suite App password to use this application?

Ans: Yes, because of security reasons and Google Workspace’s internal policy, this is mandatory to generate an App Password to use this utility.

Let’s Wrap Up

Above, we have discussed complete steps to remove duplicate emails from Google Workspace accounts. We have explained the top 2 ways to delete duplicate emails in G Suite cloud-based accounts like Manual and Professional. Home and personal users can also try the manual method at their own risk while this is advisable to use professional Google Workspace Duplicate Remover for business users.