G Suite Mail IMAP Settings

Rollins Duke   
Published: Nov 21, 2023 • Email Settings • 2 Minutes Reading


If you are looking for the IMAP settings of G Suite Email Client, this post will detail everything about G Suite Mail IMAP settings required to setup a G Suite Mail email account in any email application or email services.

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Email Settings Port Number
G Suite IMAP Incoming mail server:
imap.gmail.com (Copy)
993, requires SSL (Copy)
143, non-secure (Copy)
G SWuite POP3 Incoming mail server:
pop.gmail.com (Copy)
995, requires SSL (Copy)
110, non-secure (Copy)
G Suite SMTP Outgoing mail server:
smtp.gmail.com (Copy)
465, requires SSL (Copy)
587, non-secure (Copy)

How to Create G Suite Mail App Password

If you wish to download or backup your G Suite email using a third-party application, Then you will need to generate an app password.  It is necessary to Enable the Less Secure Apps and IMAP in your G Suite account.

  • You can enable “Less Secure Apps” here:  Go to your Google account>> Click on security>> Go to Less secure app access>> Turn on Less Secure app access.
  • To enable IMAP option:  log in to your G Suite/Gmail >> Go to settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP >> Go to IMAP access  >> Then Enable IMAP  >> Click on Save Changes.

You need to disable 2 Factor authentication in your G Suite account. If it is enable , you will get verification message in your phone every time you login. then you can either disable or create an app password and use the app password as the account password to Login into the Software.

  • Go to your Google account.
  • Click on security.
  • Then, click on  “Signing in to Google”.
  • Choose App Password.
  • Choose Select device and choose your device which you are using.
  • Click on Generate.  

Visit this Official G Suite Mail link to know-how :

Need to Backup Your G Suite Mail without Complex Settings

If you are in need to quickly backup your G Suite Mail in easy steps and want to convert all the mails into any other Email Application/ File Format, Then you can download our G Suite Mail Backup Software.

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