How to Open PDF File in Gmail? Complete Solution

Mark Regan
Published: July 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

If you are facing a conundrum when your Gmail PDF preview not working on your browser. Today in this digital column we will explain the best tactics to overcome the challenge of how to open PDF file in Gmail.

There are several situations when users cannot open PDF attachments in Gmail. If you are also facing such a problem with your PDF attachments. Then please read the complete blog post till the end to get the resolution of your obstacle.

Why Users Face Gmail PDF Preview Not Working?

Browser Compatibility: – If you are using some unfamiliar browser that is not compatible with Gmail PDF viewer. In such cases, you can’t open PDF attachments in Gmail. So, it is suggested to use some well-known browser. Please try to open PDF attachment Gmail with some other web browser.

PDF File Issue: – Check that your PDF documents are in proper standard formatting, or the PDF file is not corrupted. Secondly, if you try to open PDF in Gmail with a file size of more than 25 MB. In such use cases, you cannot preview PDFs in Gmail.

Outdated Browser: – It is also seen that if you are trying to view PDF in Gmail with an outdated web browser. Then in such a context, you may face the issue when you cannot open PDF attachments in Gmail. So, please update your browser and try to do it again.

Browser Extensions: – Sometimes browser extensions or addons may prevent the functionality to open PDF in Gmail. Simply you need to disable your browser extensions or add-ons and retry to open the PDF documents in Gmail. Alternatively, you can use incognito mode on your web browser to complete your task.

Cache and Cookies: – In some cases aggregated cache and corrupted cookies prevent Gmail from providing proper functionality including its in-built PDF viewer. Please clear your browser cache and cookies and make another attempt to open PDF attachments in Gmail.

How to Open PDF File in Gmail? Manually

Gmail offers an in-built PDF viewer to open PDF in Gmail without using any external PDF viewer. Users can add and preview PDF in Gmail or directly open attachments. You can use this manual method in your private tab if your Gmail PDF preview not working. After confirming that the above-mentioned problem will not hinder your task.

How to View PDF in Gmail Using a DIY Approach

  1. At the start, open the private window on your web browser.
  2. Next, Authenticate your Gmail account with appropriate credentials.
  3. After that, choose the folder from where you need to open PDFs.
  4. Then, open the email from the folder of your Gmail account.
  5. Now, single left-click on the attachment to preview PDF in Gmail.
Note: – If your problem of how to open PDF file in Gmail is not resolved using the above-discussed tactics. Then, please stay tuned and read the below-mentioned automated approach. To preview PDF in Gmail with complete guarantee irrespective of the file size.

Limitations of using the Manual Methodology

  • After performing all the previously mentioned methods and ways. There is no guarantee to open PDF in Gmail successfully.
  • A PDF attachment exceeding the file size of 25 MB. You cannot open PDF attachment in Gmail.
  • This approach is full of technicalities. So, it is not handy to use for non-technical users.
  • If, you need to open PDF in Gmail in bulk. This technique is not compatible.
  • You need to repeat the above-mentioned steps. So, it is not recommended for enterprise users.

How to Open PDF File in Gmail Automatically?   

You can use the best PDF Converter Tool to overcome the problem if your Gmail PDF previewer not working. In this methodology first, we will convert PDF to PST file extension using the expert utility.

After that, you can import PST to Gmail account using the free GWSMO tool. This utility is suitable to open PDF file in Gmail in bulk. Furthermore, this utility has a self-explanatory UI/UX that can be used by any group of users without any dedicated IT training.

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Top Distinguish Functionalities of the Expert Utility

One distinguishing functionality of this utility is that it can work in offline mode without connecting to the internet. Users can bulk add the PDF files to the software console using the Select File or Select Folder option.
open PDF file in Google with Select File or Select Folder option

Thereafter, this utility can transform the PDF file to 18+ file extensions including HTML, TXT, RTF, PDF, EML, MSG, PST, EMF, EPUB, OXPS, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, DOC, etc. Using this utility to transform the PDF documents. It is guaranteed that the formatting and layout of the original document will remain intact.
 provide 19 file formats

One eminent feature of this tool is that users have the independence to store the resultant data in the same source folder. Moreover, users can store the output data inside the local desktop storage device. Additionally, users can store the data within the externally connected storage device from the utility console.
store the output file in multiple ways

Users have the independence to manually check the PDF documents needed for transformation from the tool console. This software has a dedicated window to check the PDF files before proceeding to the transformation process.
users can selectively batch open PDF File in Google

Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1) How to open PDF file in Gmail in Bulk Without Error?

  1. At first launch the recommended tool on your desktop.
  2. Next, add PDF files to the tool with the Select Folder option.
  3. Then, choose the saving option as PST from the tool console.
  4. Now, save the output file on your local desktop storage.
  5. After that, use the free Google GWSMO tool to add the File to Gmail
  6. Finally, you can view PDF in Gmail in bulk without any error.

Q 2) Is it safe to open PDF in Gmail?

Yes, it is safe to open PDFs in Gmail. Since Gmail has several features integrated into the system such as sandbox environments, virus scanning, phishing protection, etc.

Q 3) How do I attach and View PDF file in Gmail?

To do so tap on the Compose button > click on the Attach icon > add a PDF document > save the email as a draft > open the draft folder > left click on it to open PDF document in Gmail.

To Sum Up

In conclusion to the above blog, we have described how to open PDF file in Gmail by bypassing the problem of Gmail PDF preview not working. Firstly, we have disclosed various tactics about the general problem faced by users in opening PDF Files in Gmail. Furthermore, we have disclosed a detailed guide to complete the task. Finally in the end we have described the automated way of all the methodology does not work along with its functionalities.