How to Open PDF in Browser? Proficient Approach

Mark Regan
Published: July 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Are you stuck in the puzzle of how to open PDF in browser like Chrome, Edge, etc? If yes, then today in this digital column we will explain the best methodology to overcome your problem. In several situations, users often face errors to view PDF in browser. The errors may be related to settings, PDF file corruption, or Outdated web browsers.

There are several contexts for professional and non-professional users when they need to display a PDF file in the browser to accomplish various tasks. So, let us initially understand the aim behind learning how to view PDF in Browser.

Motive behind Open PDF in Browser

 Resource Management: – Browsers generally use fewer system resources than dedicated PDF viewers. Users with older systems benefit from this. Desktop computers with low RAM and storage space also gain advantages. A browser-based PDF viewer helps in better system resource management.

Security: – Nowadays security is a bigger challenge when handling PDF data files. Since there is a possibility of embedded malware programs inside the PDF document. However, the Web browser seems to best fit in this situation. As they work on the sandboxing technology and get regular security updates. So, viewing a PDF in a Browser is a better-suggested methodology.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: – Browsers are the crucial element that allows users to perform daily tasks on any computer system. Therefore, browsers are available on all desktop systems unless worrying about the operating system. That’s why opening the PDF in the browser is the best-supported method to resolve the cross-platform compatibility issue.

How to View PDF in Browser Chrome?

  1. Open the PDF folder location you need to view.
  2. Now, right-click on the PDF file and choose Open with.
  3. Next, choose Google Chrome and click on the option.
  4. Finally, the required PDF will be opened in Chrome.

How to Open PDF in Microsoft Edge Browser?

  1. Initially, locate the PDF file folder on your local desktop.
  2. Next, tap and right-click on the PDF document and tap Open With.
  3. Then, choose the options as Microsoft Edge from the list.
  4. Finally, you can smoothly open PDF in the browser Edge.

Why Users Cannot Open PDF File in Browser?

 Unsupported File Format: – If you are unable to display PDF in Browser using the above-mentioned methods. It may happen because some PDF files are based on advanced formatting or non-standard formatting. Which might not be compatible with the browser or PDF viewer Plugin.

Incorrect Browser Settings: – Check your browser settings to view PDF files in a browser that is properly configured. There are several situations when due to misconfiguration of browser settings. The browser may through several errors when the user tries to open PDF in the browser.

Browser Security Settings: – The security settings of the browser encompass various security settings to protect users from potential threats. So, users are advised to check their security settings such as content blocking, privacy settings, security certificates, download restrictions, etc.

Missing Plugins: – If you are unable to open PDF in the browser check for the PDF viewer plugins to be properly installed. Sometimes the PDF viewer plugins are not installed or misconfigured. So, it is advised to check your configuration or install missing plugins.

View PDF in Browser HTML Code?

Using the all-in-one PDF Converter Software users need to first change PDF to HTML format. One eminent feature of this utility is that it can work offline without an active internet connection. Furthermore, this method is compatible with any web browser. Now let us learn the detailed step-by-step guide for completing the process.

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How to Open PDF in Browser Using Expert Tool

  1. At the start, download and launch the expert utility on your the software to open PDF in browser
  2. Choose the PDF that needs to open in browser from Select Files or Select Folders.choose file that need to open in browser
  3. Then, press on Next button and choose the saving option as HTML from the menu.choose saving option as HTML
  4. Now, browse the folder location within the same source folder or in internal storage.browse folder location
  5. Next, click on the Convert button and wait for the process to convert button
  6. Finally, double click on the output HTML file to open PDF in the browser fluidly.tap on file to open PDF in browser

Advantages of Using the Expert Methodology 

  • HTML files can instantly load in the browser and can be easily editable from source code.
  • HTML files are a more secure way to view PDF in browser. Following this technique can help mitigate several risks.
  • There is no need to change your browser’s security settings or install third-party plug-ins in your browser.
  • This utility runs in a complete standalone environment. For PDF files with sensitive data, this methodology is best suited to view PDFs in a browser.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1) How to open PDF in Chrome automatically?

Initially, you need to change the browser settings. Go to Settings-> Privacy and Security-> Site Settings-> Additional Content Settings-> PDF Documents-> choose radio button open PDF in Chrome.

Q2) Why won’t PDFs open in Chrome?

Several settings and unsorted file formats may be the reason you cannot view PDF in browser Chrome. Please read the above-mentioned problems and try to solve them. Instead, you can try to change documents into HTML to easily view your PDF in browser Chrome.

Q3) How do I open PDF in the browser instead of Adobe?

You can try to make your browser the default PDF viewer or you transform your PDF to HTML file extension. It will automatically open your PDF in your browser.

Q4) How do I open PDF in the browser securely?

The securest approach to viewing PDF in the browser is to transform your PDF into an HTML file extension. Since the HTML file format is fast to load & there is less possibility of having malicious links.


To sum up the above digital column we have discussed how to open PDF in browser like Chrome, edge, etc. After that, we learned several requirements to view PDFs in Chrome. Furthermore, we have absorbed the information to display PDFs in Chrome and Edge browsers. After that, we gained knowledge about the problems why users cannot open PDFs in Browsers. Finally, we have discussed the expert utility and its detailed guide to overcome these problems along with its advantages.