How to Migrate Exchange Server to Office 365 Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: July 5th, 2023 • 7 Min Read

This blog post explains the 3 most popular methods to migrate Exchange Server to Office 365 [Exchange Online] in detail. Cloud computing has emerged as a powerful technique to save and process users’ data on remote servers. It gives on-demand access to users’ data.

Office 365 Suite is one of the cloud-based applications that provide various applications on the web such as Office Online which comprise MS Office applications like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook 365, OneNote, Skype, and OneDrive. Therefore, being at an admin level I decided to move all my organization users’ accounts to the cloud.

Several users want to know the steps to migrate on premise Exchange to Office 365. Due to cloud storage of data, users can use their data whenever they want with just the mere availability of the network connection.

If you have a huge amount of data to migrate from Exchange Server to Office 365 account. Then you can continue read this specified article to migrate Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 to Office 365 (Exchange Online).

Why Do Users Prefer Microsoft 365?

  • Low Maintenance: Exchange Server on premise require high maintenance compared to Office 365. As Exchange Server requires Server Hardware, Administrator, etc.
  • Easy Upgrade: Users can easily upgrade Office 365 if the business is in the growing phase. While this is difficult in Exchange Server.
  • Less Hardware: There is no need to set up a server to store Office 365 emails. It uses assigned quota space to store user mailboxes.
  • Update Not Required: Like Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007, there is no need to install the latest O365 as it is always up to date.
  • In-Place Archive: Customers can easily enable In-Place Archive in Office 365 and get 50 GB to 150 GB extra quota space to store old emails.
  • Shared Mailboxes: Microsoft 365 users can easily create shared mailboxes without any extra cost. A shared mailbox is best if multiple users want to access the same email address.

Techniques to Migrate on Premise Exchange to Office 365

There are various methods available for Exchange Server to Office 365 migration. Here we are explaining the all steps to migrate on premise Exchange to Office 365 using multiple ways.

1 Method: Using Desktop Outlook

Users can use desktop Outlook to migrate from Exchange to Office 365 using two simple phases.

Phase 1: Export Exchange Outlook PST File

  1. Run the Microsoft Outlook email client on your computer.
  2. Now select File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export.
  3. Choose the Export to a file option and press the Next button.
  4. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and hit on Next.
  5. Check the necessary folders and click on Next to continue.
  6. Set the destination path, enter a file name, and save it.
  7. Get exported PST file under the destination folder.

Phase 2: Network Upload Method to Import Your PST

Now you can use Network Upload or Drive Shipping method to import PST files to Office 365. Here we are using the Network upload method.

  1. Download PST Import Tools and key to private Azure storage location.
  2. Use the AzCopy tool to upload Exchange Outlook PST file.
  3. Thereafter, create a PST import mapping file.
  4. Now create a job to import the PST file.
  5. Filter the PST file data that you want to import.
  6. Lastly, start the PST import job.

2 Method: Export Exchange Mailboxes to Office 365

If you want to migrate Exchange to Office 365 account directly. Then you can go with these techniques. However, these methods require technical knowledge as well as pre-preparation, planning, and permissions.

A: Cutover Migration for Less Than 2000 Mailboxes

The cutover migration process allows to migrate maximum of 2000 user mailboxes from Exchange on premise to Office 365. However, Microsoft officially suggests this method to migrate only 150 mailboxes error free. Cutover migration allows to migrate Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 to Microsoft 365 accounts. Read Complete Details.

B: Staged Migration for More Than 2000 Mailboxes

Staged migration process is helpful to more than 2000 mailboxes from Exchange Server to Exchange Online (Office 365) account. This method permits to migrate Exchange 2003 and 2007 to Office 365 accounts. For using this technique, you must need to configure SSL for MS Outlook. Read Complete Details.

C: Hybrid Migration for 150 to 2000 Mailboxes

Hybrid Migration method gives permission to migrate 150 to 2000 user mailboxes from on premises Exchange Server to Office 365. This technique allows to migrate Exchange 2010, 2013, and 2016 mailboxes to Microsoft 365 online account. Users can use minimal hybrid and full hybrid configuration methods accordingly. Read Complete Details.

Limitations of Manual Techniques

  • These are time taking and lengthy methods to migrate Exchange Server to Office 365.
  • Manual methods don’t work for the latest Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 edition.
  • There is no guarantee that your crucial data lost during the migration process.
  • These techniques require administrator-level knowledge to perform Exchange to Office 365 migration.

3 Method: Use Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

Email Backup Software by BitRecover has the capability to migrate Exchange Server to Office 365 directly without using EDB (Exchange Database). The tool asks only Exchange Server credentials to proceed with the steps to migrate on premise Exchange to Office 365.

This software is available for Windows and Mac OS users and all the latest OS users can easily download and configure it on their machines. The tool comes with a free demo version that allows to migrate 25 items per folder. Hence, let’s check how it works!

Steps to Migrate from Migrate from Exchange to Office 365
  1. Start Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool and choose Exchange Server.
    exchange to office 365 migration tool
  2. Enter Exchange Server credentials and press the Login button.
    credentials of exchange server
  3. Thereafter, the software will start adding Exchange folders in software panel.
    analyzing folders
  4. Select necessary Exchange folders from the software window for migration.
    select required folders
  5. After that, pick Office 365 as a saving option.
    choose office 365
  6. Check the option “save messages in default folders” to store data in default folders.
    save messages in default folders
  7. Enter Microsoft 365 account credentials and specific fields.
    credentials of office 365
  8. Click on the Backup button to migrate Exchange Server to Office 365 account.
    migrate exchange server to office 365
  9. On premise Exchange to Office 365 migration process has been completed.
    steps to migrate on premise exchange to office 365

In this way, anyone can easily migrate exchange 2019 to office 365 step by step along with all associated items.

Some Features of Software
  • The tool has multiple advance filter options to migrate Exchange to Microsoft 365 between a date range, by choice email address, and by choice email subjects.
  • This application is capable to transfer all crucial data like emails, contacts, and calendars together with all associated components.
  • Users can select only required folders from all data for Exchange Server to Office 365 migration process.
  • A user-friendly interface instilled within the tool ensures to offer users a simplified migrate Exchange Server to Office 365 mailbox.
  • In case you are concerned about the technical inputs then you can be at ease as the software does not even compromise on the technical end and offers all the techniques required to transfer working Exchange Server to O365.
  • Support to all available MS Exchange Server served to help you smoothly conduct the process to migrate Exchange Server to Office 365 mailbox.
  • While you migrate Exchange Server to Microsoft 365, the software will ensure that data remains safe and intact throughout the processing with even the Metadata kept sustained as it is.
Final Words

Data migration from server to cloud is not child’s play to perform manually. I researched a lot and got this simplified solution that I have discussed with you in the above discussion to migrate Exchange Server to Office 365 account directly. I used this solution and successfully imported all my data from Working Exchange Server to O365 mailbox.