Migrate Live Exchange Server to Office 365 Mailbox – Know How?

Data Backup, October 15, 2018

Cloud computing has emerged as a powerful technique to save and process user’s data on the remote server. It gives on-demand access to user’s data.

Office 365 Suite is one of the cloud-based application that provides various applications on the web such as Office Online that comprise of MS Office applications like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Exchange Online, OneNote, Skype, Onedrive. Therefore, being at an admin level I decided to move all my organization users’ account to the cloud. As Live Exchange is hosted on Windows Server by Microsoft namely; Exchange Server. By migration, I can move data from on-premise mailboxes to Exchange Online. Due to cloud storage of data, users can use their data whenever they want with just mere availability of the network connection.

But the issue was, I had a huge amount of data to migrate from Exchange Server to Office 365 account. Then, I started exploring and read the various article to find the solution to import Exchange Server to Office 365 account. While searching I got various user’s queries like:

  • How to migrate my Exchange Server to Office 365 account?
  • How to import Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 data to OWA?
  • How to upload Exchange Server to Office 365 mailbox?
  • How to backup Exchange Server to cloud-based application?
  • How to transfer Online Exchange Server to Exchange Online?

Finally, in one article I got the solution to perform on-premises Exchange Server to Office 365 migration. Therefore, in the following write-up, I had shared the same solution after implementing it by my own.

Steps to Perform Live Exchange Server to Office 365 Migration

Follow the given steps to export working exchange server to Office 365 account directly.


  • Download BitRecover Email Backup Software Software on your windows machine.
  • From the list of Email Source, choose Exchange Server to import Exchange Server to OWA mailbox.

Choose Exchange Server

  • Enter the credentials of your Exchange Server accordingly to perform data server to cloud migration.

Credentials of your Exchange Server

  • If you want to backup all user accounts then, you must be the admin. Just check on the option “I am Admin” and click on Login button.

I am Admin

  • Exchange Server to Office 365 Converter will start analyzing folders, once you log in the credentials.

Analyzing folders

  • On the left panel of Exchange to Office 365 Backup Software, the tool will preview all the folders of Exchange Server. Simply check the desired folder that you want to move from Working Exchange Server to O365 mailbox.

Exchange Server to O365 mailbox

  • From the list of saving options, choose Office 365 to simply import Exchange Server mailbox to Exchange Online account.

Choose Office 365

  • Check an option “save messages in default folders” to store data in default folder after migration.

Save messages in default folders

  • Enter the credentials of your Office 365 account to backup Exchange Server mailbox.

Credentials of your Office 365

  • Check on option of “Use advance Settings for Selective Backup” and click on Backup button to start the process.

Use advance Settings for Selective Backup

  • Exchange Server to Office 365 Backup Software will start initializing and once the process is completed, you will get the completion message on the screen.

Completion message

With this way, I migrated on-premises Exchange Server to OWA account. Let us have a look over the tool to migrate Live Exchange Server to Exchange Online account directly. Also, know the need to move Exchange Server mailboxes to O365 account.

Easily Understand the Complete Software Working

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Benefits of Migrating MS Exchange Server to Office 365

  • One can easily add user’s mailbox to their Exchange Online account as per the subscription plan.
  • Microsoft handles regular O365 account updating that takes place automatically.
  • One can utilize their data anywhere and anytime if they have the network access.
  • No any extra hardware or software required for data management.

Quick Glance on Exchange Server to Office 365 Converter

BitRecover Exchange to Office 365 Converter is a precise solution to export Live Exchange Server data to Office 365 mailbox. The tool provides various advance options like advance filter options to perform selective data migration. No external application is required to execute the data migration from a working Exchange server to OWA account directly. The application is completely Windows based and supports all Exchange Server versions. The software is the simple, easy, and trouble-free way to directly export MS Exchange Server mailbox to Office 365 account. Exchange Server to Office 365 Backup Software does not import any limitations to perform data conversion process. It is a time-saving wizard as it directly migrates bulk of Exchange Server data to OWA account. The application only needs the credentials of your mailbox to execute the data conversion process from the server to the cloud. The integrity of data is kept intact same after conversion from live Exchange Server to O365 mailbox.

What Makes the Demand for Exchange to Office 365 Backup Software?

  • A user-friendly interface instilled within the tool ensures to offer users with a simplified transfer procedure of data from Live Exchange Server to Office 365 mailbox.
  • In case you are concerned about the technical inputs then you can be at ease as the software does not even compromise on the technical end and offers all the techniques required to transfer working Exchange Server to O365.
  • Support to all available MS Exchange Server served to help you smoothly conduct the process to convert Exchange Server to Office 365 mailbox.
  • Runs smoothly on all editions of Windows Operating systems without any limitations or hang-ups experienced.
  • While you convert Exchange Server to OWA, the software will ensure that data remains safe and intact throughout the processing with even the Metadata kept sustained as it is.

Final Words

Data migration from server to cloud is not a child’s play to perform manually. I researched a lot and got this simplified solution that I have discussed with you in above-discussion to migrate Exchange Server to Office 365 account directly. I had used this solution and successfully imported all my data from Working Exchange Server to O365 mailbox.

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