Migrate Evolution to Office 365 Account Directly – Know How?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Want to import your Evolution emails to Office 365 account? Mr. Steffan has put some limelight on the solution to perform Evolution to Microsoft Office 365 migration. He had shared his story and experience of using the software while exporting Evolution to O365 account.

Mr. Steffan, Senior Manager at some good organization said that now moving the data from desktop application to cloud is easy. When I planned to export Evolution to O365 mailbox, I didn’t imagine that it would be so easy with MBOX Converter Wizard.

Having a trouble-free solution, helps me to move unlimited Evolution profiles to O365 mailbox directly. Mr. Steffan was ready to share his experience and that phase to transfer Evolution to Office 365 mailbox. She deliberated the whole story to enjoy the authentic taste of migration.

What involuntary you to export emails from Evolution to Office 365 account?

Mr. Steffan said that there are numerous factors on which I establish that Microsoft Office 365 more suitable than Evolution.

Upkeep & Safety: When Cloud-based services are organized, no any software or any hardware based changes such as installation of any kind of tool or driver has to be implemented unlike on premise products. Cloud services do not need upgradation unless you want it.

Cost of Installation: Reduced installation or configuration of hardware and software need in turn benefit you and the enterprise; save huge of IT based expenditures from being made.

Convenient Mobility: As far as on-premise applications such as Evolution is concerned it is only limited to desktop usage because of heavy hardware need they have. However, Office 365 is browser friendly. Hence, makes it suitable for users to benefit its services via mobile devices.

You say it is a direct solution to migrate data but How?

Better management of data moves you must have better association in your own organization.

After having a solution, I read about the utility and utilized its demo edition of tool. After making the usage of free version of utility, I found the application as I was looking for. It’s a well-designed utility according to me.

After practising this demo, I appreciate its features. Then, I spent on the utility to start the migration procedure in planned way as stated:

  • Download, and install Evolution to Office 365 Converter on your Windows machine.


  • For multiple Evolution files migration just select an option – Select Folder. If you want to transfer selected Evolution file then, select an option of Select Files.


  • After data browsing from stored place, utility will display you its path. Now, click on Next to move further.


  • Check the preferred Evolution files that you wanted to be saved in your Office 365 mailbox >> click on Next.


  • Select Office 365 from the given list of saving options.


  • Check “I am Admin” option if you are an Admin and wanted to map multiple user accounts.

For using the user accounts, first be sure that Application Impersonation along with mailbox delegation is permissible.


  • To check for an option, just open Office 365 mailbox and enter credentials.


  • Choose permissions then, choose Hygiene Management. By moving on, click on “+” icon for adding Application Impersonation role.


  • Now, click on ApplicationImpersonation after that click on Add and click on OK.


  • Select “+” icon for adding admin account list of members.


  • Select member and click on Add button. Click Ok.


  • Click on the Save button and after ending of update, you will get message of accomplishment then, click on Ok.


  • Add mailbox delegation usage for the administrator and click on the Recipients.

  • Choose Mailbox Delegation and click on “+”icon for adding Full Access to the Admin. After addition, click on Save button.


Once it is done, go back on the utility’s panel.

  • Enter your MS Office 365 credentials in software panel >> click on the Connect button.


  • Once data migration is done, you get completion message on screen.

In this way, I moved all my data from Evolution to O365 account directly. The best thing I found after using this tool is that it takes only a few moments and migrated all my Evolution profiles to MS Office 365 account.

What is a specialization of utility?

Set of features marks utility an exceptional tool to implement data migration procedure.

  • Users can perform data migration from Evolution to Microsoft Office 365 in high-tech process as Evolution Mail to Office 365 Converter is implanted with the high-end technologies.
  • Management of all data is permitted out in an instantaneous way as tool is technically sound.
  • An interface of application let’s all types of users execute software with its sheer ease.
  • This utility gives users to transfer unlimited number of Evolution files in one go. This utility moves even desired folders from Evolution to Office 365 mailbox without any hang-ups faced.

At last I will only say that the decision is yours, but not solution as Microsoft may give you with abundant details on MS Office 365 services but fails to reduce you with solution to have through to it. On decision to migrate Evolution to O365 you can benefit qualitative third-party solutions, which come with wide set of services to benefit you make huge leap.