How to Migrate Email from Network Solutions to Office 365 Account ?

Mark Regan | October 29th, 2020 | Transfer data

Want to conduct Network Solutions to Office 365 migration at the organization level? If yes, start using a standard solution and migrate emails from Network Solution webmail to Office 365 profile.

In this guide, we will let you a perfect solution for Network solutions to Office 365. The software has a standard approach to migrate emails from Network solutions to Microsoft 365. It is remarkable on the parameters of speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Let’s Understand Purpose for Network Solutions To Office 365 Migration

Many of the Network solutions webmail users will agree that migration from Network Solutions to Office 365 is not that easy if picked up the manual procedure. It may leave you tired and confused. Many of the users, who make use of any such tricks to migrate email from Network Solutions to Office 365, have issues mentioned below:-

Query1.) I already have an Office 365 subscription plan other than Network Solutions. Now, I want to migrate emails from Network solutions to Microsoft 365 directly as the manual solution are quite tricky. Can somebody tell me a quick and simple solution? – Adam Christopher.

Query2.) We want to change our email service from Network solution to Office 365. But, before that, we want a solution that can take a complete backup of data in some of the existing Office 365 accounts. How can we do that? Experts’ suggestion required. – Robert Brown

Now, after knowing some of the users’ queries for the Network Solutions to to Office 365 migration, let’s straightly moved to the excellent solution.

About Specialized Network Solution To Office 365 Migration Software

BitRecover Email Backup Wizard is the most recommended solution for migration Network Solution mailboxes to Office 365 account. It is an immediate and fast solution. You can set up the program on both the Windows and Mac OS. It’s GUI is simple to use and bug-free. Individual and organizations can use the solution want to perform Network to O365 migration. It is complete, consistent, and précised. The application also gives the I am Admin option for advance functioning.

It’s time to get into the working of the software to migrate from Network Solution to Microsoft 365 with attachments. The process is going to be five steps. So, here we go.

Important Note: We recommend that you download and use the free demo version of the tool first. Free software makes it easy to understand the full operation and functionality of the software. Also, you can migrate 25 data items from each folder. If you think this is the best app for your needs, upgrade to the licensed version for unlimited migration.

Complete Stepwise Tutorial For Network Solutions to Office 365 Migration Directly

The automatic process to migrate Network Solutions mailboxes to Office 365 profiles look like these:-

Free download and install the Network Solutions to Office 365 migration tool on Windows & Mac machine.

Download for Windows OS
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Download for Mac OS
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Now, select Network solution from the software panel and mention the login credentials.

Select the required Network Solution folders and mailboxes for the migration process.

Choose Office 365 as your saving option. Then, enter its information like email address and password.

I am Admin feature is especially for the Office 365 admin users. If you are an administrator and want to perform an administrator account migration, check the option. It lets you migrate data from multiple Office 365 accounts at the same time. Also, browse the CSV file that contains all your email address and password information.

To sort emails from Network Solutions during the migration, click on Filters option and use the given filters like to, from, date range and more according to the requirements.

Now, click on the Backup button and enjoy complete and safe Network solutions to Office 365 migration.

Any Questions? Contact Us Anytime

Do you need any suggestions when using the network solution of Office 365 Migration Tool? Are you facing trouble? In that case, please feel free to contact us. We are always here for you.

How Mentioned Software Beneficial For Network Solution To O365 Migration?

Perform Selective Migration: The Network Solutions to Office 365 migration tool successfully supports the selective migration of mailboxes. With this tool, you can select only the folders to migrate your data. Also, there is no file size limit imposed on the tool.

The most secure and easy to operate: It is the best and most secure application for migrating Network Solutions emails to your Office 365 account.

Fast and simple operation: The software is really easy to operate. Both technical and non-technical users can easily use this application without any hassle.

Always keep the properties: The tool keeps all email properties during the process. No changes or additions will be made to the original format. With just a few clicks, you can easily get accurate and accurate results.

Completely standalone application: This software is completely independent for migrating Network Solutions emails to Office 365 account. You do not need to install a support app. Also, if you want to change the default language, you can do it with this software.

The Concluding Thoughts

All the users who are looking for a solution to migrate emails from Network Solutions to Office 365 account can read the above blog. It helps you do the quick and simple Network solution to Office 365 migration process in a few simple clicks. In case of any doubt or you need help, please connect to technical experts.