How to Combine Two Gmail Accounts into One Inbox? Troubleshoot It

Mark Regan | March 12th, 2020 | How to

Combine two Gmail accounts into one

Do you use G Suite or Gmail account regularly? I am sure that you are using it…

How many Gmail tenants are you using in your daily life? It seems as if you are at least using two accounts – One for personal needs and second one for your professional purpose.

But, but, but, it is becoming hard for you to manage and work with both accounts. Again and again, switching of web browsers creates a hassle for you doing work.

It becomes complicated for a person to handle multiple accounts simultaneously. This situation results in frustration and hence, it hampers business work too.

Since the last 9 years, I had created numbers of Gmail account. You can say that there are around 5 to 6 email ids with me. It seems that you are in shock. Well, the answer to this question is pretty silly but, that’s the real fact – Because when I was a teenager, I used to prefer different accounts for different purposes. For example – for gaming, I used, for college,, etc.

But with the passage of time, life burden has increased and now, it’s very much difficult for me to manage these accounts. Although some of the accounts are of no need for me but, there are some core mails in it that I want to move into one main account. Basically, now I have decided to merge multiple Gmail accounts into one and use only one Gmail id for my purpose. Can anyone of my social media friend assist me with a suitable solution to combine multiple Gmail tenants in one?

Well, we have a brilliant solution to your problem and for this, you can read out this post. Today’s blog is dedicated towards delivering of a solution that allows you to merge two Gmail accounts into one inbox. Now it will be possible for you to create a unified inbox that stores all of your messages at one place. Let’s walk through how to combine 2 Gmail accounts into 1 inbox in an uncomplicated manner.

A Flawless Way to Merge Two Gmail Accounts in One

We would suggest you to use ‘Email Backup Wizard’ to merge 2 Gmail accounts into one. This solution enables users to combine 2 Gmail accounts into 1 without performing complicated technical settings. These settings can easily be avoided if a person opts for this particular approach to combine two Gmail accounts into one. The program is a standalone program that permits customers to merge two Gmail accounts without compromising their data.

Users will not face any issues like cybercrimes, data breach, phishing attacks, etc. when they’ll be accomplishing their tasks. The entire procedure will be carried away in a secure and safe manner. Also, the software is designed with an easy-to-use interface that allows clients to understand things easily. They don’t have to read any technical guide to merge 2 Gmail accounts into one. Well, you can read out the following steps to combine two Gmail accounts into one via our recommended solution :

Steps to Merge 2 Gmail Accounts into One

1 – Download the setup file of the ‘mentioned software’ on your machine and then, install it.

Download New Purchase New

2 – Once you are done with the installation of a recently downloaded .exe file, launch the application.

merge two gmail accounts into one inbox

3 – Use the scroll down bar to search the Gmail option from the list of ‘Email Source’. Once you get this option, click on it.

can i merge two gmail accounts into one

4 – Since your task is to merge two Gmail accounts in one therefore, check the checkbox of ‘Use Batch Mode’.

Use Batch Mode

5 – A new tab gets opened in which you have to select CSV file that comprises of source Gmail accounts’ credentials. For this, you have to click on the Browse icon.

Browse icon

A Helping Tip – The program provides FREE assistance to create a CSV file, which holds multiple Gmail email ids and passwords. You can click on the ‘Check Sample CSV file’ link to get guidance for the same.

6 – Navigate towards the location where recently created CSV file is being saved. Select it and then, click on the Open button.

Open button

7 – Now the software automatically loads the email address and password of multiple Gmail accounts. These accounts are the one that you had mentioned in the source CSV file.

password of multiple Gmail accounts

8 – Continue with the procedure of combining 2 Gmail accounts into 1 by selecting two or more Gmail accounts. When you are done with the selection of source Gmail accounts, click on Next.

combining 2 Gmail accounts into 1

9 – The software begins the extraction of inbox data from Gmail accounts, which you had selected in Step (8). It will load emails of all accounts and then, offer you to choose the mail folders that you wish to combine.

choose the mail folders

10 – It’s now time to come to the main phase of the process to merge two Gmail accounts into one For this, you have to expand the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ and select Gmail from the list.

Select Saving Option

11 – Enter the email address and password of the target Gmail account. This account should be the one in which you want to merge email folders of all Gmail tenants.

password of the target Gmail account

12 – Begin the execution of the process to combine two Gmail accounts into one by clicking on Backup.

combine two Gmail accounts

The program quickly starts merging 2 Gmail accounts into one inbox. This procedure does not hamper the current status (Read / unread) of emails and accomplish the task without any risk.

Hasshhh! Finally, The Task is Done

We thoroughly understand the pain when a business user decides to combine two Gmail accounts into one. Therefore, we came with this simplified method that eliminates all the challenges. Yeah! It’s now your time to take a deep breadth and take relief. Our recommended solution merges two Gmail accounts into one inbox without creating hurdles. Especially for less technical keen persons, it becomes easier to attempt the task in a risk-free manner. Now don’t take tension and stop thinking too much. Simply perform the task as instructed and use emails of multiple Gmail accounts in one tenant without any headache.

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