Where are CommuniGate Emails Located in Windows 10? Get Easy Ways

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 11th, 2022 • 4 Min Read

Summary: This blog list some DIY technique to locate CommuniGate file location in windows 10. We converted the manual solution and a software based-guide to find CommuniGate email directory on Windows OS. So, without any further delay, let’s begin with the blog.

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CommuniGate Pro is a highly saleable carrier-grade offering of end-to-end Unified Communication. Additionally, it enables large-scale communications with APIs for integration into business applications.

Over the last five years, CommuniGate Pro has proven itself a worthy enterprise-level mail server. It fulfills all business standards and comes out with multi-server configuration capabilities. With the support of a broad spectrum of platforms, all such features stand out from the crowd. In other regards, the server’s longevity seems to be at the core of its limitations.

There can be many scenarios why users want a solution to this query: where are CommuniGate emails located in Windows 10? Meanwhile, continue with posy to find CommuniGate Pro profile emails in the upcoming section.

Path to Locate CommuniGate File Location in Windows 10

To Find CommuniGate Email Directory on Windows 10, Follow this Path:

  • C:\CommuniGate Files\Directory

This folder includes the following data file:

  • Main.data
  • Main.updates
  • Storage.settings

Follow these Strings to Locate Account Folder in CommuniGate Pro

Users can follow the path mentioned below to locate CommuniGate File Location in Windows. You will find all the user’s profiles, settings, and PBX data folder in the account folder. So, let’s explore

  • C:\CommuniGate Files\Accounts\User-name.macnt: Under this folder, CGatePro stores the emails with separate files, Inbox, Draft, Custom folder, etc. All the email folders will have a separate data file.
  • C:\CommuniGate Files\Accounts\PBX.manct: This folder contains all the spam emails.
  • C:\CommuniGate Files\Accounts\Settings: Under this folder, users will get all the profile settings, including:
    • access.settings
    • aliases.data
    • domain.settings

I hope it’s clear now where are CommuniGate emails located in Windows 10? Also, each CommuniGate directory has its functionality, and you can’t open any file with the application. For this, you need to be a tech geek. We have an automated solution for you that allows you to import CommuniGate files to over 30 popular platforms directly.

Find CommuniGate Email Directory on Windows – Automated Solutions

BitRecover CommuniGate Migrator is the only solution available in the market that Auto-detects the configuration location of the CommuniGate profile with a single click. Also, the Software will list all the configured profiles with all sub folders to the software panel.

Users can select the required folder to perform the selective migration. The toolkit supports more than 30 platforms to store data. Here are some widespread migrations did by Software with no downtime.

Note: The automated solution is a perfect choice for users to get an answer to this query: Where are CommuniGate emails located in Windows OS? Additionally, a demo edition of the toolkit is available, so users can download it for free to evaluate its performance without investing any amount in it.

Guide to Use Automated Solution On Windows OS

Meanwhile, users can download software from here:

Download for Windows

  1. Once you Install and Run the Software, you will get an instruction window read them, and click on the Next button.
    CommuniGate Migrator First Screen
  2. In the next window, the Software will display the exact location of the CommuniGate mailbox profile. Although, users have option to select folder manually.
    default path for CommuniGate account
  3. Simultaneously, the Software will analyze your profile and list all the configured accounts in the left panel of Software. Afterward, users can select the required folder as per their requirements.
    select required foder
  4. Users can select the “Required Saving Format” from the list. Additionally, the Software offers multiple advanced data filters users can apply to sort the data file.
    select saving option
  5. Finally, click the “Next button,” and the Software will start the conversion process. Once the function ends, you will be re-directed to the designation path for good.
    live conversion process

That’s it for the automated solution to locate CommuniGate file location in Windows 10. In addition, the above mentioned procedure can easily easily be execute by all types of users.

So There You Have It:

In this guide, we have successfully resolved the user query, i.e., where are CommuniGate emails located in Windows 10. Additionally, users will get a step-by-step workaround to find CommuniGate email directory on Windows OS. We recommend that users use the automated solution as it automatically detects data from the source location. If you are concerned about the toolkit, then feel free to contact us.