How to Import Thunderbird Contacts to Android Device – Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


“I am using Mozilla Thunderbird email client to manage all my email, contacts as well as calendar details. However, now I am unable to sync Thunderbird Address book with Android phone. It is very important for me to transfer Thunderbird Address Book to Android. So, can anyone guide me the way how to export Thunderbird contacts to Android phone? Please suggest me a solution to backup all my Thunderbird contacts in my Smartphone.”


Are you also facing the same issue that how to transfer Thunderbird Contacts to Android Tablet Then, don’t worry as we have come up with a solution to move all the Thunderbird Address to your Smartphone easily.

Mozilla Thunderbird is the finest of email platforms you can get. The client is cross platform that makes it capable and believed by universal audience. Owing to its nature of flexibility, client is not limited to a particular platform. Another reason that makes Mozilla Thunderbird a highly used email platform is that its default storage file is generated in the format of ‘MBOX file. Collection of messages in simple text is what a mailbox file is composed of and this quality makes it more versatile than Thunderbird itself. More than 20+ email platforms are compatible with MBOX files. However, the trouble surfaces when an Android users need to import Thunderbird contacts to Android phone. Read on how to perform Mozilla Thunderbird address book to Smartphone.

Workarounds for Moving Contacts from Thunderbird to Android

Follow the mentioned steps to export Thunderbird contacts to Android phone. But before moving the contacts it is suggested to take Thunderbird backup to avoid any data loss situation.

  • Export Thunderbird Address Book to vCard

Firstly, we need to export Thunderbird contacts to vCard  (VCF) format. For this follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Firstly, open Mozilla Thunderbird email client in your machine >> click on the Address book button.


  1. After this, choose the desired option to view contacts from desired options in the panel.

  1. Click on desired contact to check details in the panel such as Image, Phone Number, Email Address, etc.

  1. Now, click on Tools menu and choose an option of Export from the drop-down menu.

  1. From the Export Window, choose Save as Type as vCard or VCF to simply import Thunderbird contacts to Android tablet/phone.


  1. It provides various file formats to store exported Mozilla Thunderbird contacts such as Comma Separated (System Charset) (*.csv), Comma Separated (UTF-8) (*.csv), Tab Delimited (System Charset) (*.tab, *.txt), Tab Delimited (UTF-8) (*.tab, *.txt), vCard (*.vcf) and LDIF (*.ldi, *.ldif) so you can select any format according to your superior.

  1. Select the desired location on your machine to save the VCF files by entering the desired name. The Thunderbird Address Books are stored in vCard format that is further utilized to import Thunderbird Address Book to Android phone.

  • Sync Thunderbird Address Book with Android Devices

Once you have exported all Thunderbird contacts to VCF format now, you need to import it into Android device by following the below steps:

  1. Firstly, open Android device then, just open phone Menu and choose an option of Contacts.
  2. Then, go to more option and select Import/Export option to simply import Thunderbird contacts to Android phone.
  3. An import window will open up in front of you where you have to just click on the option to Choose File and select vCard files, which were previously saved in the first phase.
  4. Now, in Create Contact under Account text box, select desired local contact icon and transfer it to the local device.
  5. You have to wait till vCard file is explored on internal storage.
  6. Finally, click on OK button to continue with synchronization.

Final Words

Usage of mobile phones has given a rise due to which now, many users are planning to export Thunderbird Contacts into Android device. Therefore, we have come up with a solution to transfer Thunderbird Address book to Android device.