Import PST to Paperless-ngx for Saving Attachments

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary:- If you’re a prominent user of Microsoft Outlook and seeking methods to manage PST files in a single platform. Then, import PST to Paperless-ngx, one of the go-to solutions to archive the .pst file with attachments. Now, read the article to understand the two different approaches for the same.

Microsoft Outlook merely offers two file formats i.e. PST and OST for saving mailbox items such as contacts, calendars, attachments, and more. However, the in-house import option is available in the PST file extension.

Often exceeding the limit of the PST file makes the data inaccessible. For the same, importing the .pst file format to Paperless-ngx allows users to easily edit, search, and access the information. Now, let’s delve into it.

Discover the Need to Import PST File to Paperless-ngx

Paperless-ngx is a proficient solution for painless document management. It is an open-source community for making the document easily searchable and shareable. Since managing and viewing the PST file, users need an Outlook environment. Therefore, read the reason to import PST to Paperless-ngx:-

  • Advanced Document Management
    Accessing the PST file format into Paperless-ngx allows one to manage, access, and audit the documents in one place. In addition, it is an advanced solution for effective document management where users can scan the data through tags, types, and more. Further, users can easily filter and edit the information.
  • Seamless Searchability
    Paperless-ngx retains intuitive functionalities such as finding the document using keyphrases and meta-information. In addition, the need to import PST file to Paperless-ngx enables users to easily drag and drop the document for full-text scanning. For searching the query, it provides a customized dashboard for making the results more convenient to understand.
  • Security Factor
    Security is considered the prime reason for businesses to look for advanced solutions and services. Speaking about Paperless-ngx offers an integrated yet intuitive solution for regulating security and compliance. Hence, accessing the .pst file format into Paperless-ngx is the best go-to solution for data security.

In brief, these are the major advantages of importing the PST file into open-source Paperless-ngx. Thus, it is a proficient solution for managing the document and making the data more searchable. Now, let’s head to read its methods.

Manual Approach to Import PST to Paperless-ngx

In this section, we will highlight the free solution to import PST file to Paperless-ngx that enables users to easily audit and manage the data. Before heading to know the manual method, there is an exception that users need to configure Microsoft Outlook. Now, let’s forward to know the steps quickly:-

  1. First, open Microsoft Outlook then, select the email folders.
    scroll the attachments
  2. Now, scroll down and open those emails containing attachment icons.
    choose emails
  3. With this, open the emails.
    save the attachments
  4. To extract attachments from Outlook, click on attached file > Save As.
    browse the location
  5. Check out the Destination Path and export the attachments.
  6. Lastly, repeat these steps to extract your mailbox data.
  7. After saving the attachments, add the files into Paperless-ngx.

Using these manual steps, users can import PST to Paperless-ngx efficiently. Hence, it leverages users to keep the data online and easy to access. However, there are a few challenges that users might face while implementing this solution. So, let’s find them out.

Top 3 Limitations of Manual Solution

  • One of the major drawbacks of using the manual solution is the configuration of the Microsoft Outlook environment. It significantly grows a dependency on Outlook for data extraction. Thus, in the absence of Outlook, users can’t extract the mailbox data.
  • Secondly, the reason behind not opting for the free solution includes time-taking and repetitive tasks. And, it is even difficult to perform when you have an abundance of data. Further, implementing the same process increases the chances of errors.
  • Lastly, performing the steps of the manual method is quite chaotic for those who aren’t familiar with the features of Outlook. For a professional, exercising the same steps one after another increases the chances of data loss and deletion.

After discovering the flaws in the manual solution, it is recommended to opt for a professional method to import PST file to Paperless-ngx. As it is incorporated with data security and eliminates these challenges.

Batch Import PST to Paperless-ngx Using Expert Solution

Here, we will highlight the one-stop solution for importing the PST file into Paperless-ngx. Use BitRecover PST Converter; one of the proficient yet seamless solutions to easily export the PST file into different file formats supported by Paperless-ngx. In addition, the major file formats of this application are TXT, PDF, JPG, etc.

In addition, these popular file types are supported by this robust utility for converting the PST file. Interestingly, this software is designed for Mac and Windows machines. Hence, users can easily batch import PST file to Paperless-ngx. Now, let’s learn the steps of an automated solution to painlessly access the PST file data in other applications.

Learn the Steps of Professional Suggested Utility

Now, follow the below-mentioned steps to quickly import PST to Paperless-ngx:

  1. Open the aforementioned tool on your system.
    select PST file
  2. Insert PST file via Select Files > Next.
    select necessary boxes
  3. Choose the required data for conversion and press Next.
    select PDF
  4. Click on PDF through the Select Saving Option.
    browse the saving path and click convert
  5. Now, check the Destination Path > hit Convert.

(Pro Tip:- Users can use this utility to import OST to Paperless-ngx to access, view, audit, and manage the document. Thus, it is an all-in-one software to add PST and OST files to Paperless-ngx.)

Also, read about ways to import MBOX file to Paperless-ngx.

Concluding Word

In summary, we have explained the two approaches to import PST to Paperless-ngx i.e. free and automated solution. Since the manual method retains possibilities for errors. Therefore, it is recommended for the users to opt for the advanced utility for proficiently and quickly importing the data of PST file format to open source Paperless-ngx.