How to Import PST to cPanel Mail Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 28th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

This informative article explores complete detailed instructions to import PST to cPanel Mail using free and pro techniques. So, if you are seeking a reliable method to import PST files from Outlook to cPanel then refer to this article to resolve your problem immediately without facing any types of difficulties.

PST is a file extension to store emails, contacts, calendars, and all data, exported from Outlook desktop client. On the other hand, using cPanel, you can access your website email accounts. Sometimes various website owners have a desire to access PST files using cPanel for various reasons, so they start searching for a trustworthy solution to import PST to cPanel accounts.

Why You Should Import PST Files from Outlook to cPanel

Cloud Benefits: Outlook allows exporting its emails in PST format on the local system. But after importing PST files in cPanel you will get cloud benefits. So that you can access PST files from anywhere, anytime, and using any device.

Enhanced Security: PST files stored locally may get corrupted and damaged due to various reasons. After importing PST to cPanel, your emails will be stored safely with enhanced security.

IMAP and POP: cPanel email accounts work with IMAP and POP3 protocols. So, you can easily configure cPanel email accounts with desktop email apps like Thunderbird and Apple Mail. Additionally, you can seamlessly access and manage your imported emails through these apps.

Remote Working: Outlook is a desktop-based email client so that you can access it using a specific machine. After importing PST to cPanel, you can access your email account from any worldwide location using any machine.

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How to Import PST to cPanel Manually?

  1. Start the MS Outlook desktop client on your computer.
    Start Outlook desktop
  2. Then, choose File >> Info >> Add Account option.
    Add account
  3. Finish the account configuration using IMAP settings.
    cPanel account successfully added
  4. Select File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export option.
    Open and export
  5. Choose Import from another program or file and tap Next.
    Import from another program or file
  6. Then, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.
    Outlook data file (.pst)
  7. Click the Browse button to choose a PST file from your PC.
    Select the PST file
  8. Select the recently configured cPanel account and press Finish.
    Open PST files in cPanel
  9. Outlook will start syncing PST file with cPanel account.
  10. Login to your cPanel account and see imported emails.

Important Note: Don’t forget to select IMAP while configuring the cPanel account with Outlook. If you choose POP3 then the imported PST file will not sync with cPanel.

What Are the Drawbacks of the Manual Method?

  • MS Outlook should be installed on your computer to import PST files from Outlook to cPanel account.
  • Technical knowledge is mandatory about account configuration, IMAP settings, and import and export tools to import PST to cPanel.
  • The sync process takes a much longer time depending on the size of the Outlook Data File (PST) and internet speed.
  • Additional filters and advanced settings are not available if import PST files in cPanel account.

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Pro Software to Open PST Files in cPanel

PST to IMAP Migration Tool is an excellent solution that automatically imports PST files into a cPanel account. The tool requires only your cPanel account IMAP credentials to complete this task effortlessly.

This utility comes with a free trial version which is authorized for opening 25 emails from each PST folder to cPanel account. Hence, a free trial edition is beneficial for evaluating software functionality before purchasing.

Download Now Purchase Now

Know Your cPanel Account IMAP Settings

  • Incoming Server:
  • IMAP Port: 993 (SSL) or 143 (non-SSL)
  • Username: Your full email address (e.g., [email protected])
  • Password: Your email account password

Important Note: In some cases, your cPanel IMAP settings may be different for various users, you can visit website. Then, type your email address and click the Find button to get cPanel IMAP details.

How to Import PST Files in cPanel?

  1. Run the suggested and add Outlook PST files automatically or manually.
    Start tool to import PST to cPanel
  2. Select required items and folders from software GUI and tap Next button.
    Select required files
  3. Type your cPanel account credentials with IMAP settings and port number.
    cPanel IMAP credentials
  4. Hit the Convert button to start importing PST files in cPanel account.
    Import PST to cpanel
  5. The PST to cPanel import process has been completed successfully.
    Import PST files from outlook to cpanel
  6. Login to your cPanel account and see imported PST files with associated data.

PST to cPanel Import Tool Features

  • Batch open PST files in cPanel webmail account without showing any warning.
  • Offers various advanced features to import PST to cPanel by date, and subject.
  • It supports Unicode and ANSI PST files of Microsoft Outlook 97 to 2021 editions.
  • Select or deselect required PST folders to open them into cPanel account.
  • Enable the Copy to default folders option to import emails by folder mapping.
  • PST to cPanel tool preserves actual folder structure and email items.


We have explained 2 tried and tested ways to import PST to cPanel account i.e. Manual and Automated. The manual method requires some effort and technical knowledge to open PST files in cPanel while the automated method is the easiest solution. So, if you are a corporate website owner then should go with an automated solution.

Questions People Often Ask

Q 1: How do I import PST file in cPanel easily?

Use the above recommended BitRecover Wizard to open PST files into cPanel. You can also use the manual technique mentioned above to resolve your query for free.

Q 2: Can I import emails from Outlook to cPanel using software?

Yes, software is highly recommended to import email from Outlook to cPanel account.

Q 3: Is Outlook installation mandatory?

If you use the manual method, then Outlook installation is mandatory while the software works without Outlook.