How to Import Mail from Gmail to Thunderbird with Attachments ?

Mark Regan | August 30th, 2021 | How to, Move Data


Summary – Several Mozilla Thunderbird users are looking for the easiest method for solving “how to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird” related queries. If you are also facing the same problem then continue read this online how-to tutorial. After reading this write-up, all professional and home users can easily download all mail from Gmail to Thunderbird.

Why do Users Download Gmail to Thunderbird ?

Many computer users want to download emails and contacts from Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird because of several reasons. Just read some possible reasons for transferring all Gmail data to Thunderbird profile.

1- According to the new Google policy, Google will inactive unused Gmail accounts. If someone has multiple Gmail accounts for digital marketing purposes and he is not using his Gmail account for the past two years then Gmail accounts will be inactive. Therefore, a lot of users want to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird. Because Mozilla Thunderbird is available 100% free of cost and stores emails and contacts locally.

2- Many users want to backup Gmail to Thunderbird as they know that Gmail is a cloud-based email service while they prefer to use a desktop-based Thunderbird email client. Several users have configured their corporate email ids with Thunderbird and now they want to import Gmail data to Thunderbird so that they can access multiple email account’s data at once place.

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How to Import Gmail Emails to Thunderbird – Stepwise Instructions

Firstly, download the Gmail Backup Tool and install it on your Windows & Mac Computer. The tool has a separate option to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird directly. It is a fully automatic method that consumes fewer time and effort for the completion of the task.
Download for Windows Download for Mac

1 – Launch the above-mentioned software, enter Google account credentials, and click on the Login button.

Note- Users can also check the Use Batch Mode option if they want to import emails from multiple Gmail account to Thunderbird at once. After that, it will ask for uploading a CSV file having the credentials of multiple Gmail accounts.

Enter Google account

2 – Now users can check all or specific Gmail folders from the software window. After that, choose Thunderbird from the list of saving options.

Choose Thunderbird

3 – After that, it will automatically choose the default storage location and hit on the Backup button.

Choose default storage location

4 – The process to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird is running, please wait for completion.

How to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird

5 – Thereafter, run Mozilla Thunderbird email client and view imported emails in the original folder structure.

Export Gmail emails to Thunderbird

What are the Benefits of Software ?

  • Users can easily solve out all queries i.e. How to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird. It is fully automatic software that asks only Gmail account credentials for transferring emails from Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • The tool is designed to migrate emails from several Gmail accounts to Thunderbird at once. Therefore, users can save valuable time and effort. After selecting the Use Batch Mode option, users can upload a CSV file with account credentials.
  • It preserves all email items and components during backup Gmail to Thunderbird i.e. To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, Headings, Text Formatting, Attachments, Inline Images, Date, Time, Year, HTML Links, etc.
  • This application provides multiple email filter options for selective backup. Users can import Gmail emails to Thunderbird by Date Range, From, To, Subject, etc.
  • After finishing the task, it automatically creates a SavingLog.txt file that is also known as a log report file. This simple text file has complete information about imported data like Saving Type, Selected Source, Folder Path, Items Converted, etc.

Steps to Import Contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird 

Here I am explaining the step-by-step process to import an address book from Gmail to Thunderbird. You can follow these simple steps to export contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird.

Export vCard from Gmail

1 – Login to your Google Gmail account and click on Google Apps (three-dot icon). After that, choose Contacts.

Choose Contacts

2 – Thereafter, press the Export button as shown in the screenshot.

Export button

3 – Select vCard and hit on the Export button to continue.

Import Contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird

4 – Lastly, get exported contacts in vCard (VCF) format from the download folder.

Exported contacts

Import vCard to Thunderbird

1 – Firstly, launch the Mozilla Thunderbird email client and choose the Address Book option.

Choose address book

2 – After that, choose the Tools >> Import option from the drop-down menu.

Import option

3 – Select the Address Books option and press the Next button.

Select Address Books

4 – Please select the type of file that you would like to import, choose vCard file (.vcf) and click on the Next button.

Choose vCard file

5 – Now choose the exported vCard file and press the Open button to continue.

Open button

6 – See the message like Addresses successfully imported from vCard file (.vcf). Click on the Finish button.

Addresses successfully imported

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – Is it mandatory to have an active internet connection to export Gmail emails to Thunderbird ?

Ans – Yes, internet connectivity is compulsory to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird profile.

Que 2 – What will happen if the internet connection is lost during download Gmail to Thunderbird ?

Ans – The tool successfully deals if it lost the internet connectivity as it asks to resume the backup. You can see the pop-up message.

Connection lost

Que 3 – How to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird ?

Ans – You can follow the above-mentioned steps to backup Gmail to Thunderbird. However, you can also configure your Gmail account with Thunderbird manually. After that, you can download Gmail emails to Thunderbird.


In this blog post, I have discussed the professional method to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird. I have also explained the manual technique to import contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird. Now all professional and home-based users can migrate Gmail data into Mozilla Thunderbird. It is a time-saving technique for the completion of a task that consumes less time and effort.

The suggested professional technique will help you to solve given types of queries.