How to Import Contacts from iCloud to Google Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

In this technical era, users wish to store and manage contacts digitally on different platforms. Sometimes users want to import contacts from iCloud to Google accounts for various reasons. If you are also looking for a reliable way to transfer iCloud contacts to Gmail account, then stay tuned to this specific blog post. This write-up disclosed 3 best tried and tested approaches to resolve this problem effortlessly.

Motive to Import iCloud Contacts to Gmail Account

Manage Contacts: Users sometimes want to keep all their contacts in one place, like Google Contacts, to meet their needs more effectively.

Import Export: iCloud lets you import and export contacts in vCard format, while Google Contacts allows importing and exporting contacts in vCard and CSV formats.

Move Contacts: When Apple users purchase different devices then they may prefer to transfer contacts from iCloud to Google account.

Cross-Platform Syncing: Google contacts sync effortlessly with Android and other platforms. So, you can easily access the contacts on various devices.

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Transfer iCloud Contacts to Google Using Computer

Part 1: Export Contacts:

  1. Open iCloud website on a web browser.
  2. Sign in to iCloud and select Contacts option.
    Sign into iCloud
  3. Select all contacts from iCloud account.
  4. Tap the Settings (Gear) icon and choose Export vCard.
    Export vCard
  5. iCloud contacts will download in a vCard file.

Part 2: Import Contacts:

  1. Login to your Gmail and choose Grid icon.
  2. Then, select Contacts from available applications.
    Google contacts
  3. Select Import option from Google Contacts.
    Import contacts from iCloud to Google
  4. Choose Select File button and choose exported vCard.
    Select file
  5. After selecting vCard from your machine, click Import.
    Import iCloud contacts to Gmail
  6. Importing iCloud contacts to Google account.
    Importing contacts
  7. iCloud contacts to Gmail contacts imported successfully.
    All done

Note That: All Windows and Mac computer users can follow the above-mentioned instructions. This is the easiest and most traditional way to import contacts from iCloud to Gmail accounts.

Sync iCloud Contacts to Gmail Account Using iPhone

Stage 1: Synchronize iPhone Contacts with iCloud

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone mobile.
  2. Next, tap on your name and choose iCloud.
  3. Choose the Show All option from APPS USING ICLOUD.
  4. Select Contacts and enable the Toggle icon to sync.
  5. Then, iPhone contacts will sync with iCloud.

Stage 2: Synchronize iCloud Contacts with Gmail

  1. Open Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and select Contacts app.
  3. Choose Accounts and see signed-in accounts.
  4. Select Add Account option to continue.
  5. After that, pick Google from the list.
  6. Type Google account credentials and login.
  7. After successfully adding a Gmail account, back to Settings.
  8. Next, select Contacts and then choose Gmail account.
  9. Enable Toggle next to sync iCloud contacts to Google.

Note That: After that your iPhone Contacts, iCloud Contacts, and Google Contacts will be synchronized with each other. In this way, you can also access iCloud contacts to Google contacts.

Transfer iCloud Contacts to Gmail Using Software

There are some special situations when users export contacts from iCloud into single VCF files. In this case, if users export 100 iCloud contacts, then 100 VCF files will be created.

If you have iCloud exported contacts stored in VCF format, then you will need to import vCard to Gmail contacts one by one. That is a time-consuming process so here you can use vCard Converter Software.

This utility has an isolated option to merge multiple VCF files into one. So, after creating a single vCard, you can easily import it to your Google contacts at once.

How to Import Contacts from iCloud to Google Account?

Phase 1: Create Single vCard

  1. Run software and add single VCF files in GUI using Select Files or Select Folders button.
    Add files
  2. After that, select the required single contacts and press Next.
    Choose required contacts
  3. Then, choose vCard as a saving option.
    Saving option
  4. Enable the Merge option and browse a specific destination path.
    Destination path
  5. Press the Convert button to convert VCF contacts to vCard.
    Transfer iCloud contacts to Gmail
  6. The tool is creating a single contacts file, please wait.
    Creating single file
  7. After completion, get a single vCard having all contacts.
    Get single vCard

Phase 2: Import vCard

  1. Open Google Contacts and choose Import button.
  2. Press Select File and browse vCard file.
    Select files
  3. After selecting vCard file, click Import button.
    Import iCloud contacts to Google contacts
  4. Importing iCloud contacts to Google contacts.
    Importing contacts


We have disclosed top 3 ways to import contacts from iCloud to Google account depending on different requirements. All are tried and tested practices, you can use first 2 methods to transfer iCloud contacts to Gmail account. You can also use recommended software if your iCloud stopped working but you have its single contacts and you want to import them into Google contacts.