How to Import Contacts from Excel to Salesforce CRM?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are a business owner looking to import contacts from Excel to Salesforce CRM, this blog is for you. From door-to-door marketing to email & digital marketing, marketing methods have advanced technologically in a short time. This rapid advancement in marketing has also developed the ways companies and their customers communicate with each other. In the age of cloud computing, companies are accepting the digitalization of managing customer relationships, leading to the arrival of many software companies, one of them being Salesforce.

Keep reading this article to get detailed information, we will discuss the solutions to import contacts to Salesforce from Excel Workbook, so keep reading this blog to know everything! But first, let’s learn about Salesforce!

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About Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company providing businesses with tools that maximize their reach to potential and current customers. It provides CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, and sales, customer service, marketing automation, and e-commerce-centric apps.

5 Steps to Import Contacts to Salesforce from Excel Workbook

  1. Open your Excel Workbook contacts stored in XLSX.
  2. Select Save As to convert Excel contacts to CSV.
  3. Login to your Salesforce CRM and choose Setup.
  4. Run Data Import Wizard from Integrations.
  5. Select the CSV file and import contacts to Salesforce.

Follow the above instructions to import Excel into Salesforce contacts, if need more details then read this article continue and get exhaustive knowledge of it.

Solution To Import Excel Contacts into Salesforce CRM

Unfortunately, there isn’t any direct method to import your Excel contacts to Salesforce since it accepts only CSV files for importing contracts. But that doesn’t leave you helpless at all! All you need to do is convert the Excel sheet to CSV format and upload that new sheet to your Salesforce account.

Step 1- Convert Excel Workbook to CSV Contacts

  1. Open the Excel Sheet in your system.
    excel contacts
  2. Click File and then Save As.
    save as
  3. In the Save As Type menu, select CSV as the file format.
    select csv
  4. Select the destination folder for the resultant file and press Save.
    save contacts in csv file
  5. Click Save and save the Excel sheet (XLSX or XLS) in CSV format.
    csv contacts
  6. Your original file in XLSX or XLS format will stay safe from this conversion.

Now that the Excel sheet is converted to the CSV format, follow these steps to import Excel contacts into Salesforce using its Import Wizard:

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Step 2- Import CSV Contacts to Salesforce CRM

    1. First, you have to ensure that the CSV file is perfectly updated. If you wish to edit it, edit it as per your preference, and save it.
    2. Log in to your Salesforce account and select Setup in the gear icon.
      setup option
    3. Type Import in the Quick Find box and click on Data Import Wizard under Integrations.
      data import wizard
    4. Scroll down and click the Launch Wizard! box.
      launch wizard
  1. Select Accounts and Contacts under Standard Objects.accounts and contacts
  2. Now select Add New Records.
    add new records
  3. Select the field matching criteria as per your preference or leave them.
  4. Drag the CSV file or manually add it to the wizard.
    drag csv file here to upload
  5. You can also select Choose File option to browse and add CSV file from your pc.
    import contacts to salesforce from excel
  6. Click Next after the file is added and map the remaining contact fields.
  7. Click Next and review the import report showing the status of your file mapping. If you wish to make end-time changes to the file, click Previous to make the required changes.
    map contact fields
  8. Click Next after making the necessary changes and click Start Import to import contacts from Excel to Salesforce. Click OK.
    import contacts from excel to salesforce
  9. The file will be imported soon, and it happens in the background, so you don’t need to worry about the import. After the file is imported into your account, the Bulk Data Load Jobs page will open up, showing you the success and failed count of the records imported.
  10. You can check the imported data by going to the Accounts tab and selecting the New this week list view. You can now see the newly added contacts in your account.

Your Excel contacts are finally imported to your Salesforce CRM account.

Note: If you have Salesforce CRM exported contacts available in CSV format, then CSV Contacts Converter is recommended. This suggested software allows you to convert CSV contacts to vCard and PST formats.


The arrival of digital marketing has transformed the marketing strategies of companies, and leading to this transformation is cloud computing. Cloud computing has made companies further strengthen their relationships with their customers, and many software companies, one of them being Salesforce, are leading this digitalization of customer relationship management.

This blog discussed the solution to import contacts from Excel to Salesforce CRM. The only solution involves converting the Excel contacts file to CSV and then importing the converted file to Salesforce since it accepts only the CSV format. The steps mentioned above are perfect for the file-importing process.

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