How to Perform HostGator to Office 365 Migration in a Few Clicks?- Get a Reliable Solution

Convert Your Data, May 22, 2020


Quick Learning – You may have some important reason to switch from HostGator to Office 365 account. So, if you want to know an ideal solution to migrate email from HostGator to Office 365 mailbox, stay on the page. Here, we give information about the easiest trick for HostGator to Office 365 migration with all information. Therefore, keep reading.

I had no idea how to process HostGator to Microsoft Office 365 migration. Please help! 

Many users are looking for a powerful and reliable solution to bulk migrate HostGator emails to Office 365 account. Let’s read a user query to get a clear picture of the scenarios.

The situation

Hi there, I have my account on the HostGator and Office 365 email apps. Keeping emails and other data in the HostGator account is a little difficult for me due to the clunky interface. This is why I want to migrate from HostGator to Office 365 account. What can I do? Please guide.

–         Charles Kelvin

The Official Solution – The most reliable way to transfer HostGator email to Office 365 account is by using HostGator Backup Wizard. It is an authentic solution designed to successfully perform HostGator to Office migration in less time and effort. Read on about the software in the next section. Snap-on this green button to download the software.

HostGator to Office 365 Migration Tool – The Potential Solution

As the name suggests this efficient utility will let you transfer multiple emails from HostGator to O365 account with attachments. It is perfect software that permits bulk HostGator to Office 365 migration in a few clicks. The best thing about this stunning tool is that you can see the live conversion of the data. Also, the users do not have to compromise on the final results. It works amazingly and maintains the email properties and formatting throughout the process.

Now, let’s understand the software working by following the step-by-step process.

How to Migrate from HostGator to Office 365 with Complete Accuracy ?

  1. Step 1: Download and Run the HostGator migrator.
  2. Step 2: Select HostGator in the source list and enter account details to login.
  3. Step3: Enable desired folders of HostGator from the GUI.
  4. Step 4: Pick Office 365 as the saving option and give the account details.
  5. Step5: Click on the Backup button to start the task and watch it live.

Step-by-step process to Migrate Email from HostGator to Office 365 Account (Screenshots)

Firstly download the product and begin the process of migrating HostGator to Office 365 email.

Now, select HostGator from the source list placed on the left in the software interface.

Enter an email address, password, IMAP Port No., and IMAP Server as shown in the visual. Then, click on the Login button.

Here, choose the folder of your choice as shown in the screenshot to continue the process.

Next, choose Office 365 in the list of saving options. Then, fill the details such as username and password.

Enable the Use Advance setting option to migrate selective emails from HostGator to Office 365 account by filtering through Date Ranger, Time, and more.

Lastly, click on the Backup button to finalize the process.

Don’t go anywhere; you can see the live conversion from HostGator to O365 in the software panel. After that you will get a complete conversion message and a log report as the confirmation of the task.

Open your Office 365 account to view the migrated emails.


Free Move HostGator Emails to Office 365 Mailbox 

The user can take a test drive of this tool without any payment. It comes with a free trial that helps to migrate 25 emails from HostGator to O365 account with attachments. Many users want to try the solution for free. This is the best way to know the operation and features of the application. It also caters to needs before purchasing.

Read the Significant Benefit of the Utility 

100% Secure and Easy to Use Interface: – This tool has a completely secure interface. It never stores user data in the software database and interface caches. Also, it doesn’t require any technical skills to migrate HostGator to Office 365 account.

Transfer Complete HostGator Mailbox: – The utility not only transfer emails from HostGator to O365 mailbox But also move all mailbox data including all folders.

Maintain Original Folder Hierarchy: – During the HostGator to Office 365migration process, the software maintains the email folder hierarchy.

No Data Limitation: – There is no mailbox size limit on the tool to transfer HostGator email to Office 365 account.

Standalone Application: It is a completely standalone utility. Hence, there is no need to install any external installation of software to get the task done.

Support all Microsoft Windows: – The HostGator to Office 365 email migration tool supports all Microsoft Windows Operating System.

The Final Thoughts

The article above explains the best way to perform HostGator to Office 365 migration without any changes. The mentioned tool is useful to migrate email from HostGator to the O365 mailbox directly. It maintains the properties and format of the email throughout the task. First, review the demo edition of this utility to verify the full functionality and functionality of the software. If you have any problems with the product and its process, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.

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