HEIC to GIF Converter – How to Change HEIC to Animated GIF Images

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you own iOS 11 iPhone, you probably saw HEIC as of now. With exceptional file storage size, it is advantageous for you to save more pictures. To fulfill you, all pictures that you have taken from your iPhone preserve lossless quality. But, you may feel inconvenienced in changing over HEIC images to GIF when your colleagues or friends who use an older variant of iPhones (non-iOS 11 OS) or use Android devices can’t see them. In this article, we have explained the detailed method of how to use an offline HEIC to GIF converter effortlessly.

HEIC to GIF Converter – Offline Software for all Professionals

If you think online tools to convert HEIC to animated GIF is dangerous and will spill privacy of data, then take a look at the most reliable offline tool – BitRecover HEIC Photo Converter.

Contrasted with other applications, this HEIC to GIF converter has been called the most trustworthy one. Once you have an experience of its trial edition, you will be attached to it without a doubt. It enables to directly turn HEIC live photo to GIF format. What makes it unique from other tools is that it additionally supports more file formats, for instance, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, and HTML. It can get you the best experience in changing over iPhone pictures. It assists you to convert over limitless HEIC pictures in mass to GIF. Before your start conversion, you can customize the file selection and the saving location. What is sure is that you will be stunned by it when you see the output GIF files with amazing picture quality. Most significantly, it is pointless for you to stress over security issues since it can complete a progression of steps offline and can save HEIC as GIF locally instead to transfer them to a mail server.

So, if you are interested in using such a professional and all-in-one HEIC to GIF converter and wish to know how to begin using it, you can follow the guide below.

Please ensure that you have transferred all HEIC pictures of your iDevice to your PC in order to start adding them to the toolkit.

Convert HEIC to GIF Images – How to do it?

  • Firstly, launch the HEIC to GIF converter application on Windows.
    Download for Windows
  • Add HEIC images using the dual file selection modes.
    Add HEIC files
  • Choose any of the HEIC folders for conversion.
    Choose HEIC files
  • Select the saving format as GIF.
    Select GIF
  • Browse or set up any destination location.
    destination location
  • Start to convert HEIC to GIF animated images.
    convert HEIC to GIF
Note- Your GIF file will be of the same image quality as that of the original one.

Convert HEIC to Animated GIF – Know the Top Benefits of Software

Easy to utilize

Convert HEIC to GIF images offline with only a couple of clicks. Our trial edition of HEIC photo to GIF converter is totally free, which implies you may utilize it as regularly as you need without spending anything. It is not difficult to utilize so you simply need to load the HEIC file in utility and you will get a change over GIF animated photo.

Saves your precious time

This HEIC to GIF conversion tool is extremely valuable. You can convert HEIC photo to animated GIF format effectively in a matter of moments. It’s quick, secure, and error-free. No sign-up or extra installations are required.

Top-notch quality

The nature of your HEIC images won’t impact by converting from HEIC to GIF. Our one-stop software has this as one of its key highlights. We ensure that your output images are of supreme quality.

Completely Secure

It is an easy-to-understand HEIC to GIF converter tool. There is no additional information needed for this utility, you can effortlessly utilize it anyplace and whenever. It’s so straightforward that even a novice can utilize it.

Windows Support

One can use the HEIC to GIF converter software on any version of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. So, you can quickly install it on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.


Will converting HEIC to animated GIF retain the picture quality?

Yes, by using the BitRecover HEIC to GIF converter, you can be completely free from any data loss issues. It does not affect the quality of the original even in any way. Your HEIC iPhone images will be convert into GIF in few moments.

Does the HEIC to GIF conversion tool support Windows 10?

Yes, install it on any Windows including Windows 10.

What are the advantages of your utility over other online tools?

Prime benefits of HEIC to GIF converter-

  1. Support single and batch conversion of HEIC images to GIF.
  2. Keeps intact all metadata information.
  3. Freedom to set up output format.
  4. No limitations to convert HEIC to GIF.
  5. Output all HEIC images to animated GIF with preserved quality.
  6. Full compatibility with all Windows OS.

Let’s conclude

In the above article, we have explained the overall method to convert HEIC to animated GIF. We hope that you will like our HEIC to GIF converter product and can use it without any hassle. If still, any problem arrives, do contact our technical support team.