How to Convert HEIC to JPG on PC Having Windows OS?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

According to demand of the time, nowadays several users want to convert HEIC to JPG pictures. Apple products being most popular especially iPhone is in trend. iPhone / iPad devices use HEIC file extension to store its photos. HEIC is also known as High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF) which is Apple’s proprietary version.

There is no doubt, HEIC is a better and most useful file extension in many ways. But still, sometimes, users are facing problems with the HEIC file extension. For your better understanding, team BitRecover is sharing a real-time scenario. Actually, recently a user connected with our technical support department regarding the issue.

Understand User Problem

User – Hi BitRecover, I am Michael working as a professional photographer in Florida. I am in a trouble regarding .heic file extension photographs. Can you help me?

Support Team – Of course, Michael! BitRecover has a dedicated solution for solving the problem related to Apple’s HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format) file extension. Even we can also develop a customized software as per your need. So don’t worry! Share your actual issue.

User – Actually, one of my respective clients give me some photographs in the HEIC file extension. He wants to create a professional album but I am unable to edit HEIC pictures using Adobe Photoshop program.

Support Team – Yes, if you are using a photoshop application on your Windows OS computer then you can’t edit HEIC pictures. This is because HEIC is Apple’s proprietary format. Therefore, if you will try to open HEIC in photoshop then it will show you the following error message.

First Error – Camera Raw does not support HEIC files on Windows.

Camera Raw does not support HEIC files on Windows Error

Second Error – Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.

Could not complete your request

User – Yes, exactly! I am facing the same problem as you have explained! I am using HP laptop having the latest Windows 11 Operating System. Now I can’t wait please suggest me a solution to my problem.

Support Team – You need to make HEIC to JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file extension. After that, you can easily complete your task or project accordingly.

How to Convert Multiple HEIC to JPG on Windows?

Download BitRecover HEIC Converter Wizard on your Windows OS computer. The tool has a separate option to convert HEIC image to JPG format. Because of its isolated saving option, it is also known as HEIC to JPG Converter. First of all, download the suggested utility and after that follow the steps by step process for completion of the task.

Download for Windows

  1. Firstly, launch HEIC to JPG Best Converter and choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders.
    HEIC to JPG Converter
  2. After that, browse a folder having multiple .heic images and hit on the Next.
    browse a folder
  3. Now you can see HEIC images in file explorer view, under the software window. Choose required files and press Next to continue.
    Choose required files
  4. Thereafter, HEIC to JPG bulk converter will automatically choose desktop as destination path to store output data. But users can also click on Browse icon for choosing a different destination path if required.
    HEIC to JPG bulk converter
  5. Click on Convert button to change from HEIF to JPG photos. You can see conversion process is ongoing.
    Convert HEIC to JPG Quickly
  6. High-Efficiency Image File Format (JFIF) to Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) conversion completed successfully.
    Convert Multiple HEIC to JPG
  7. Lastly, HEIF to JPG Converter will automatically open the destination folder. Get resultant pictures now in .jpg extension.
    Get resultant pictures

HEIC to JPG Converter Functionality

  • Convert multiple HEIC to JPG on Windows imposingly without having any size or quantity limitations.
  • Users can preview selected HEIF images in file explorer view and select specific images for conversion.
  • JEIF to JPG Converter allows storing of converted JPEG photos at any specific destination path.
  • The tool automatically maintains the quality of resultant JPEG files while .jeic to .jpg conversion.
  • Users can easily make HEIC to JPG and after that edit them in Adobe Photoshop program as their choice.

Why JPG Instead of HEIC?

Users can easily access JPEG file extensions on different operating systems i.e., Windows / Mac / Android /Linux / iOS, etc. While HEIC files are compatible with only iDevices (iPhone, iPad).

Normally JPEG images take a higher size while storing a particular image compared to HEIF. But this is beneficial while zooming in the images without reducing the visual quality.

Windows OS users cannot edit HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format) images in photoshop. While JPG is a universal file extension that is compatible with most devices.

Most Asked Questions

Q 1 – Can I install this HEIC to JPG photo converter on latest Windows 11 computer?

A – Yes, the tool is compatible with all latest as well as old versions of Windows OS i.e., Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, and all.

Q 2 – I have approx 10000 HEIC photos. Will your software permit to convert HEIC to JPG format at once?

A – Yes, you can proudly use this application to convert multiple JEIC to JPG without having limitations of the quantity.

Q 3 – There are multiple HEIC to JPG bulk converter online tools available. Then why should choose this offline software?

A – BitRecover experts never recommend online tools to convert your personal HEIC photographs into JPEG format. Because they can misuse your photos. As we hear a lot of causes related to data leaks.

It’s Time to Conclude

If you read this blog from starting part to the end. Then now you can easily convert HEIC to JPG quickly with higher resolution. Using this mentioned solution all home and professional users can securely change from HEIF to JPG photos. This HEIC to JPG Bulk Converter is obtainable with a free demo version that is beneficial to get complete satisfaction before upgrading to pro edition. Even our technical experts are available 24 hours to assist you with your problem.