HEIC to PNG Converter – How to Export HEIC Files to PNG Image on Windows 10

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 8th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

We assume that if you utilize any of Apple gadgets, you’ll have to know very clearly how to convert HEIC to PNG without losing quality. The core reason behind this change is the HEIC/HEIF file extension. It is a default picture format for storing images on iPhone and other Apple gadgets since iOS 11.

Despite the fact that Apple embraced this new format a couple of years, still, many photo editing applications, internet browsers, platforms don’t offer full support to deal with HEIC files. If we talk about PNG format then it does not need any introduction. Everyone is using it today to transfer and save images on World Wide Web, to easily edit, share or see images.

By looking at these format highlights, we can figure out which is ideal and for what reason. We will describe the best way to save HEIC as PNG high quality images using HEIC to PNG converter software. At the end, we have also added a FAQ section to provide additional information.

HEIC to PNG Download for Free Use- If you have taken any image from iPhone then you will find the HEIC to PNG converter free version pretty useful. There is a limitation on the number of files (that is 5 only) for the conversion, but you get a brief insight into the tool. But, the pro version allows to load the bulk of images at a time and batch convert HEIC to PNG Windows 10.
Download for Windows

Know the Basic Reasons to Export HEIC to PNG

Portable Graphics Format (PNG) is fully compatible with the internet and different OS. But, High-Efficiency (HEIC) is a new file format launched by Apple. To have an idea regarding why PNG is better than HEIC and why should one needs to convert HEIC to PNG windows, read this section-

Fixing Compatibility problems: HEIC file extension has no support for multiple web platforms, image processing apps. On the other hand, PNG files can be largely utilized on any platform: Windows, macOS, Android.

Picture quality: It depends on the purpose of your images, HEIC has a nice photo quality for lossy format. PNG has a lossless compression so it permits storage of all information from the actual image.

Best HEIC to PNG Converter Software for Windows PC

Luckily for you, if your organization has a need to save HEIC images as PNG, then BitRecover does just that! With our all-in-one HEIC to PNG windows conversion tool, you can do this task easily. And the best of all? You can do all of your HEIC files to PNG conversion in bulk.

If you want to manage, organize, convert, share your iPhone data – it’s time for a better solution that can help you to export HEIC to PNG. Many users have batches of pictures stored in their iPhone devices and when they wish to open these images on other platforms then there comes the risk. But thanks to BitRecover HEIC Converter– we can help pacify some of your irritation. Use this software for batch HEIC to PNG conversion at once!

Steps to Convert HEIC to PNG Windows 10 High Quality Images

  1. Download and install the HEIC to PNG converter software on Windows PC.
    Download for Windows
  2. Load HEIC files or folders to start the process.
    Add HEIC files
  3. Select desired HEIC data for conversion.
    Select desired HEIC data
  4. Choose a saving option as PNG from the toolkit.
    choose png saving type
  5. Browse any saving path to store the output.
    saving path
  6. Start to convert HEIC to PNG without losing quality.
    heic to png conversion

Can I Open HEIC Image File in Windows 10 ?

The bad news is that you can’t open HEIC image on PC running Windows OS. But, the good news is that you can use the BitRecover product to export HEIC to PNG, and many other formats on Windows OS. By converting, you can open iPhones images on Windows. In this article, we have explained the complete steps to convert HEIC to PNG high resolution images. Hope, it will help you!

This application will also help you to perform-