How to Convert HEIC to HTML in Bulk on Windows OS?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you looking for a solution on how to convert HEIC to HTML? If yes then don’t worry, here I will show you one of the best solutions to export HEIC to HTML file format.

If you’re running iOS 11 or later, you might have observed that images shot with your iPhone camera are stored as HEIC files rather than the previous type, JPG. This new file type was designed to allow improved reduction while yet keeping image quality.

The difficulty with HEIC is that it’s not widely interoperable with other applications or systems, and users cannot be able to view a HEIC photo after transferring it to your computer.

But before starting the HEIC to HTML conversion let’s collect some knowledge about both file formats.

What is HEIC Extension?

A HEIC file holds one or more photographs that have been stored in the High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), which is the file format that is most widely used to save photos on mobile devices such as the iPhone. An image or series of photographs, most likely captured by the Camera app on an iPhone or iPad, as well as metadata characterizing each image, are contained within the file. Most usually, HEIC files are stored with the .heic extension, although they can also be stored with the .heif extension if necessary.

What is HTML File Format?

When you download an HTML file, you will find the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which is utilized to format the layout of the webpage. He or she is saved in a standard text format, and the tags contained inside it defines the page setup and contents of a webpage. This includes all of the text, tables, images, and hyperlinks that appear on the webpage. HTML files are extensively used on the internet and are viewed in web browsers such as Internet Explorer.

Hope you understand the difference between HEIC and HTML file format. Let’s start the process to convert HEIC to HTML.

Quick Solution to Change HEIC to HTML File

BitRecover HEIC Photo Converter is a powerful multi-format conversion tool to convert HEIC to HTML. Its easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for exporting HEIC/HEIF files and digital photos for Android, Windows, and online use. The HEIC conversion tool’s tidy, ordered, and intent interface sets it apart from other similar apps that seem complicated for the sake of complexity. Some of the best features are mentioned below:

Download for Windows

Extraordinary Features of the HEIC to HTML Converter

  • Bulk Conversion This software can convert multiple HEIC files at one time, without any problem.
  • Supports all Windows OS: The BitRecover HEIC migrator is now one of the most popular online. It is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Linux.
  • Maintain EXIF Metadata: The easiest method to transfer HEIC files with complete elements is to use HEIC Converter Tool. Inherent properties and EXIF metadata of HEIF photos are retained after transfer.
  • Desired Saving Location: The HEIC to HTML Converter allows users to save the converted file at the desired saving location according to their needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The HEIC to HTML Converter comes with the simplest and user-friendly interface, which is easy to use for both technical and non-technical users.

How to Convert HEIC Files into HTML in Bulk?

  1. Download and run the software on your device to convert HEIC to HTML.

     run the HEIC to HTML Converter

  2. Now upload the HEIC files by “Select Files” or “Select Folders” options.

    upload the HEIC files to convert HEIC to HTML

  3. Now all the data will appear on the window and click on the Next icon.

    all the data will appear

  4. Next press on the “Select Saving Option” and choose “HTML”.
  5. And click on the “Next” icon to start the HEIC to HTML conversion.

How to Change HEIC Files to HTML with Online Converter and Manually?

The number of users looking for manual techniques to convert HEIC to HTML has increased recently. Additionally, some users choose to convert HEIC files into HTML online utilizing an online converter. I want to warn those who are considering using manual procedures that they should reconsider doing so. Not only are manual methods cumbersome, but there is also no guarantee that they will convert 100 percent.

On the other hand, those who use online converters should avoid doing so since you never know who will take your data and images, or how they will use the info in an inappropriate manner. In addition, who will have access to your information without your permission? As a result, avoid using internet converters.

Final Time to Say Goodbye

We went over every detail of how to convert HEIC to HTML format utilizing a flawless approach in the paragraphs above. Which come with a slew of incredible features. As a result, all of the pertinent information about the software has been provided above. The software also has a free demo version, which may be downloaded. Clicking on the download button will begin the download process without spending any additional time. I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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