Why is Google Less Secure Apps not Working?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Google is changing its practices for security reasons. Many users are upset with Google’s latest statement. After May 30, 2022, the less secure app access option will no longer be accessible. So many users are complaining about “Google less secure apps not working”.

Most of the users are using Google accounts to communicate with each other. Their daily work is based on Google. Sometimes users use Gmail IDs on other email platforms, but before configuring the Gmail ID, Google takes permission. Gmail considers regular email programs and backup programs “less secure,” so in order for them to access your account, your “Allow less secure apps” option must be turned on. But now, Google will block less secure apps from accessing your account.

Is Gmail Less Secure Apps Getting Locked?

Yes, Google has announced that Google’s less secure app is going away. We all know the benefits of less secure apps. You can access Google account emails on other third-party applications and desktop email clients by using less secure apps. But now they want to go to other platforms, so Google less secure apps is not working properly.

Let’s see the real-time user query about less secure apps not showing in Gmail.

Users Query “Hello, I’ve had a Gmail account for a long time, but after hearing Google’s statement, I’d want to move all of my Gmail data to the Thunderbird application. So, I need to allow less secure apps. But I noticed less secure apps in Gmail is not working properly. Please suggest to me an alternative solution to take backup of Gmail email using Thunderbird.”
Google less secure apps not working

Another Manual Way – Google Less Secure Apps not Working

Google has in-built other security options like “Google App Password.” This is the other option to export your Gmail data to other devices and applications. Automatically create a 16-digit password to overcome the less secure apps not working issue.

If you want to know how to use Google App Password, then you can see our live video to provide you with complete information and steps to create an App Password. After turning on 2-steps verification, you need to create a Google App Password.

Steps to Create Google App Password

  1. Firstly, go to the Google account and click on the security option.
  2. Secondly, hit on the App passwords option. Now you can see the app password is showing none.
    click on app password
  3. Next, enter your Gmail account credentials and press the Next button.
    enter Gmail credentionals
  4. Select App accordingly from the multiple options.
    Google less secure apps not working
  5. Now, click on the “Select Device” option and choose any device as per your needs.
    choose device
  6. Finally, hit the Generate option to continue the process.
    click to generate Google app password
  7. Now, 16 digit password has been successfully generated for your Google account. Click Done to confirm.
    Google less secure apps not working

As we all know, Google’s announcement is that Google has blocked a less secure app from accessing your account. So, it is better to save all your Gmail data in a flash drive for future use.

What Users do Google Less Secure Apps not Working?

In the above section, we suggest alternative solutions to Google App Password over Google less secure app. After creating the app password, you can configure your Gmail account to work with other email applications. It is advisable to download BitRecover Gmail Backup Wizard to save your data locally to prevent unwanted data loss.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

  1. First, download and run the software. Then, in the space provided, enter the details of your Gmail account.
    enter Gmail credential
  2. Choose the Gmail folder that is shown on the software panel.
    choose Gmail folder
  3. According to your requirements, choose the saving file option from the 30+ common file formats.
    select file format
  4. Now, click on the Filter option to backup specific Gmail emails.
  5. Finally, choose the desired location to save your resultant data.
    choose location to save Gmail data

Why do We Need Professional Tool?

Other third-party tools need to access Google less secure apps, but after the Google announcement, Google less secure apps not working. So, there is a risk of data loss. It is best to take a backup of your Google account before deleting it. This tool is given to the accurate results of Gmail data. For our users, BitRecover developed a future-ready product to prevent less secure app access not showing in Gmail.


We have discussed the most searched query on the internet, “Google less secure apps not working”. It is an official announcement that less secure app access is not visible in Gmail after May 30th, 2022. Therefore, we provide you with an alternative Google app password solution to give you permission. Also, we suggest you use professional tools to save your Gmail data without less secure app permission.