How to Take Backup Gmail Using Thunderbird Application?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Backup Gmail using Thunderbird: As everyone is aware, Google released a statement in which it mentioned that the Gmail less secure apps service will not be working after May 30. Therefore, you must be wondering to keep your data safe. So, if you wish to secure your data from Gmail, you must first produce the app password. And then you can simply set up your Gmail with another email client after that. Many Thunderbird users want to backup Gmail using Thunderbird application.

In this write-up, we will show you the complete and correct information through which you will be able to backup all the emails from Gmail using Thunderbird. Here, we will be sharing both manual and professional methods for a quick process. You can know why is Google Removing Less Secure Apps?

Reasons to Configure Gmail with Thunderbird

However, the Gmail data backup is no different. As we all are aware, Gmail is a cloud-based application; therefore, its data isn’t saved locally. In extreme instances or server malfunctions, users can’t send or receive messages. Keeping mail on Google might be problematic. Therefore, it is better to keep the emails secure on desktop. Backup is also beneficial if a user mistakenly deletes crucial data.

For doing this, you must set up Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbird to join both a business and personal Thunderbird account at once. Through that way, you can simply backup Gmail using Thunderbird to avoid data loss. Moreover, after configuration you can access emails in Mozilla mailbox along with attached files of all emails. It will also help you to access other data of Gmail account.

Manual Method to Backup Gmail using Thunderbird

First, you will need to generate the app password for configuration, after that, you can take a backup. Watch the complete video to generate the app password in Gmail account.

#Step 1: Generate App Password

#Step 2: Configure Gmail with Thunderbird

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird email client on your respective desktop first
  2. And hit the “ALT” icon and choose the “Tools” >> “Account Settings” option or hit the “Menu” button and choose the “Account Setting” option.

    Account settings option to backup Gmail using Thunderbird

  3. Now press the “Account Actions” >> “Add Mail Account” option.

    Add Mail Account option

  4. After that, enter your full name, email address, and password (a password that you generated before) and hit the “Continue” icon.

    enter your details

  5. Now, enter the server details and hit the “Finish” icon to setup.

    enter the server details to backup Gmail using Thunderbird

  6. Lastly, your Gmail account will configure into a Thunderbird application.

Step 3: Backup Gmail Data from Thunderbird

After enabling the app password, and configuring the accounts, now you can backup the data using Thunderbird. As we all know, Thunderbird supports MBOX and EML formats. So, you can export Thunderbird data to the hard drive or just export MBOX files from Thunderbird email client.

Now we all know, that manual methods are great and free, but as usual, they have limitations and restrictions which we can’t ignore. Like manual methods take a long time. Also, technical knowledge is required to process the procedure to backup Gmail using Thunderbird. Many professional users avoid manual methods and take help from professional solutions. because they know, that they can’t take the risk with their data.

Professional Solution to Backup Gmail Using Thunderbird

BitRecover Gmail Email Backup Software is superior and advanced one to take a complete backup of Gmail account. There is no need to install any third-party tool because the solution is independent. Moreover, the software has elegant and advanced capabilities and features like users, as it allows the backup in bulk.

Also, the tool allows you to backup the emails in multiple file formats and email clients in one go. So, you can simply select any option and takeout the data in any format as per their needs. Some of the amazing features are mentioned in the below section.

Also, this tool even offers you a free version, you can download it from below to know the working of the tool. So, know about how this tool works for backing up emails.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Elegant Features and Capabilities of the Software

  • The software has the power to take backup of complete data of Gmail account including emails, contacts, calendar, notes, journals, and other data.
  • This utility scan and upload the Gmail account data automatically after the enter login details, and preview the data on the screen, so users can select the required data.
  • Also, users can take backup of multiple Gmail accounts at one time using the “Use Batch Mode” option, just enter the Gmail address and the password of all email accounts.
  • Users can save the backup data at any destination, according to their needs.
  • Moreover, while using manual method to take backup Gmail using Thunderbird,  you would require Thunderbird installation. But this software does not need any other application installation, it can work alone for whole process.
  • Also, you can even go for specific data to backup with “Use Advance Settings for Selective, Backup” via Date, To, From, and Subject.

Steps to Backup Emails from Gmail Account Mailbox

  1. Download and run the tool on your machine of any version first.

    run the tool to backup Gmail using Thunderbird

  2. Now enter the login details of your Gmail account and hit the “Login” button.

    enter the login details of Gmail

  3. Next, the solution will scan and upload the complete data of the Gmail account and select the required data from the screen.

    solution will scan and upload the data

  4. After that, hit the “Select Saving Option” and choose the required file formats and email client as per your need.

     hit the select saving option to backup Gmail using Thunderbird

  5. And browse the saving location and choose the required language option.

    browse the saving location

  6. Hit the “Filter Option” tab to apply the filter and backup the specific data.

    filter option tab

  7. Lastly, hit the “Backup” icon to start the backing up all selected emails to computer.

    backup icon to backup Gmail using Thunderbird

Important Note: The software comes with the demo version for free to backup 25 emails from each folder of Gmail mailbox. If you want to take backup of unlimited Gmail emails and data then must purchase the pro version.

Time to Say Goodbye

The backing up of data on a local workstation is usually useful since the data that is saved in the cloud is not always safe and protected because various types of cybercrimes may attack. So, the question of how to take a backup Gmail using Thunderbird is now the one that receives the most searches on the internet. We have detailed a comprehensive step-by-step approach to for doing this task. For this, we have even shared the manual method to configure Gmail with Thunderbird, and backup emails. But, for bulk backup and without installation of any application, we have shared an automated solution as well. So, you can choose any after following the step by step guide for each method.