How to Migrate Emails from Gmail to Zoho Mail Swiftly?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Often, few email services don’t live up to our expectations – that’s a fact! Most of our clients send us queries with the frustration that, “how do I do email migration from Gmail to Zoho”, and “Is it possible to import emails from Gmail to Zoho without any manual solution”. And we help introduce them to the solution they need – Best Gmail Backup Toolkit.

If you have made a decision that your current Gmail account is not fulfilling all your needs, you might wonder whether to migrate Gmail to Zoho mail is worth all the pain and effort. We’re here to tell you that Gmail to Zoho mail migration is easier than you thought!

In this blog, we will walk through the key steps to transfer Gmail to Zoho Mail, so that you’ll get over that hump and get all emails migrated from Gmail to Zoho quickly and efficiently.

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How to Import Emails from Gmail to Zoho Mail Account?

  1. Launch Gmail to Zoho mail migration tool.
  2. Enter Gmail credentials and login to begin.
  3. Specify the desired Gmail folders to move into Zoho mail.
  4. Choose the IMAP saving option and fill Zoho account details.
  5. Hit on backup to start email migration from Gmail to Zoho.

Gmail to Zoho Mail Migration Tool – Smart Solution

If you are looking for a utility that can give you an option to evaluate the tool’s features and functionalities before you actually purchase it. Then, rejoice now! The BitRecover Gmail to Zoho Mail Migration utility is the one that actually serves this purpose for you. It offers a free demo version using which one can test how the software works. With this, you can seek the benefits of utility very closely. Once you are completely OK with the working of the application, you can quickly upgrade the license keys.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

We have left both the download and purchase buttons down below. You can hit on them to start the process to import Gmail emails to Zoho mail.

Steps to Email Migration from Gmail to Zoho Account

Important Note: To avoid authentication errors, you have to enable IMAP access and generate the app password in both Gmail and Zoho Mail accounts. steps are mentioned below for the Gmail account:

app paasword

For Zoho Mail follow the mentioned link: Zoho Mail IMAP Settings

  1. Start the Software For transferring Gmail mailboxes to Zoho mail, the first and key step is to download and install the Gmail to Zoho migrator on any Windows machine.
  2. Provide Gmail login details: Now, that you have launched the application, quickly hover your mouse toward the email login details. Here, enter the email credentials of your Gmail account – particularly your email address and app password. Along with this, hit on the Login tab to start this Gmail to Zoho transfer software
  3. Choose Gmail folder for migrationThereafter, the utility will fetch all mailboxes from your Gmail account into the software panel. Here, your job is to enable only those specific email folders which you actually want to move from Gmail account to Zoho mail. Rest you can left as it is.choose Gmail folder to Zoho migration
  4. Select IMAP saving optionThen, to the right of the software panel, you will see the saving options list. From these list of saving options, scroll down and pick the IMAP option.choose IMAP option
  5. Enter Zoho mail detailsNow, in this step, enter the email address, password, IMAP Host, IMAP Port No. of Zoho account. Alongside, press on the Backup tab to start to import Gmail emails to Zoho account.enter Zoho mail account details
  6. Gmail to Zoho mail conversion beginsAt this step, you can see the Gmail emails are transferred into Zoho mail account. After the process finishes, the tool will give a completion message.Gmail to zoho mail migration

Thins to Consider Before You Start Email Migration

There are few things which you should consider before starting the process to import emails from Gmail to Zoho. These are –

  • Please ensure to enable IMAP access and generate Google app password.
  • Make sure to have 48.7 MB of free hard disk space before software’s installation.

Remarkable Features of Gmail to Zoho Converter

The software to forward Gmail to Zoho mail comes with many noteworthy features. Have a look at them one by one:

  1. Option to selectively import emails from Gmail to Zoho mail.
  2. Ability to export multiple Gmail account to Zoho mail.
  3. Maintain folder hierarchy and Metadata information throughout Gmail to Zoho migration.
  4. Option to filter emails based on Date, Subject, To, CC, etc.
  5. Generates log report after email migration from Gmail to Zoho mail.
  6. Export associated attachments with Gmail data to the Zoho mail account.
  7. Batch migration of emails from Gmail account to Zoho mail.
  8. Comfortable installation of software on any Windows machine.
  9. Free demo version for evaluation of all technical or novice users.
  10. With this tool you can save Gmail emails to flash drive directly.

Gmail vs Zoho Mail

Though Gmail is a free email service provided by Google and offers huge storage space to store emails. Still, there are lot more specialties that the Zoho mail carries which compel users to import emails from Gmail to Zoho mail.

Filters – It provides functionality to setup filter or rules for a better email management. Your incoming emails will be on the right path where you want them to be.

Advanced Search – With this feature, you can find anything even from little details you remember.

Signatures – You can add an email signature with your organization’s logo and link it to your website so that your mails can look more professional.

Robust control panel – It facilitates a powerful control panel that helps to organize emails in a more proficient manner. So, you can access on any device, desktop, web, etc.

Let’s Conclude

In the above blog, we have explained how can move Gmail emails to a Zoho account directly. The Gmail to Zoho mail migration tool is a professionally tested solution that is recommended by our experts. It has no errors and provides clean and secure results. There are no limitations to converting Gmail emails to Zoho mail. Plus, the wonderful, as well as intuitive interface, is a bonus for you! Now, you can download this software and start a hassle-free migration of Gmail data into your Zoho Mail account.