Gmail Storage Full How to Delete – Free Methods to Make Storage Space

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Are you facing Gmail storage space full issue? Yes, no need to worry now. You can free up space by following the steps mentioned in this blog post. Here, we have mentioned best solutions for both our technical and non – technical users.

Key Points

  • Gmail provides 15 GB of free storage, which has been actually shared by other services of Google like Google Drive and Google Photos.
  • If user wants to get some storage space back can be done by deleting unwanted emails, trash items, spam, old newsletter, etc.

As we all know that, Google provides 15 GB of storage space for free of cost to its user. According to Google, this offered storage space should be sufficient for the home users. Well, this storage space is actually not sufficient for any kind of user.

It is true that filling up 15 GB of storage space is not that easy, but this issue appears very frequently with the users. As the offered space has been shared by Google Drive, Google Photos, News, Contacts, Keeps, Podcasts, etc. Gmail storage full email has been the major issue of users.

Let’s understand Gmail Storage Issue from Users Point of View

User Query 1:
gmail email storage full issue
Hello! I am using Gmail from last 5 years and now I am facing Gmail storage full issue.  Now, I am not able to send and receive emails from my colleagues and clients as shown in the above screenshot. I don’t want to create new account either not want to purchase extra storage space. Kindly help me out from this situation and mention some solutions for performing this task in best way.

Thanks in advance!!
Maria, United States

Solution to the Above Issue of User

There are few methods which user can consider for solving this issue. Have a look on those methods:

Method 1: Empty Unnecessary Items in Google Drive & Google Photos

Now, if you are running out of storage space for mails, one of the best ways to free up some extra storage space is, by checking how much of it is being used by Google Drive and Photos. If you find large files in your Photos and Google Drive, delete them if you can. That will free up the Gmail storage space for emails.

Method 2: Delete Avoidable emails for fixing Gmail Storage Full Not Receiving Emails

There are some tips which user have to follow to free up storage capacity:

  1. Erase on spam or find for in: spam

User can easily delete the email messages from the spam folder. Maybe it will not create a major effect as spam automatically erase emails in 30 days. After considering all things, user may see many messages in there and will be able to lose some space by doing so. Also, user can check in: trash just to make sure that it is empty.

  1. Then, find for has: attachment

This will show all the email messages which contains more than one attachment file. By this user can delete the unnecessary email attachments.

  1. Also Use older than:1y 

This search will help users in finding emails messages which are older than one year. Also, user can erase those emails, that may not require in the future.

  1. Type larger:1MB in search box

This search will discover all the messages along with attachments that have a size of at least 1 MB.

Limitation: By using this application user can easily delete Gmail emails in bulk by date range. But if user have to filter emails before deleting it, these methods are not suitable. User will have to face a lot of trouble. So, to avoid these issues it is better to go with professional solution.

Technical Way of Solving Gmail Storage Full Issue – Direct Approach

User can Download Bitrecover EmailRaser Tool for performing this procedure. It is the best – suited application for solving this issue effectively and efficiently. If user wants to avoid the hassles and time taking procedures then this is the best application for both professional and non – professional users.
This software can be used with ease. It allows to erase Gmail emails of all default mailbox folders like Inbox, sent items, etc.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Working Procedure of Gmail Storage Full Error

There are few steps which user have to follow for performing this task:

    1. First, download and install above recommended Application on Windows OS.
    2. Now, user have to select the Gmail from the source list and enter account login credentials.
      select Gmail account and enter login credentials
    3. Then, user have to enable desired mailboxes of Gmail account from which user want to remove the email for solving gmail storage full issue
    4. Thereafter, select the “Filter Options” and enable the “Use Advance Settings for Selective Erasing”.advance filter options to solve gmail storage full issue
    5. Finally, click on the delete button to complete this task. A pop – up box will appear containing warning message. Click on OK to on delete button

Note: Before deleting any email, make sure that you take the backup of those emails for future purpose. By this user will not face any data loss scenario. So, it is good to take the backup before deleting emails to free up Gmail storage. For taking backup user can take the help of technical application.

How to Solve Gmail Storage Full Issue – Step – by – Step Procedure

Users have to follow some simple steps for having smooth working procedure:

  1. Firstly, user have to download and install the Gmail Backup Software in their Working Systems.
    Download for Windows Download for Mac
  2. After that, enter account login credentials of Gmail account in the software Gmail account and enter login credentials
  3. Now, user have to select those email folder which user wants to take the backup of to free up storage space.
  4. Thereafter, select desired saving option from the given list of saving options.
    saving option selection
  5. Then, browse destination for saving the final output data.
  6. Finally, press on the backup button to start the solution. User can see the live running process on their screen.Gmail Storage Full Issue - live running process

Let’s Wrap Up

Many people look for solution that can help them in solving Gmail storage full issue. This post explains about the same briefly. Here both manual and professional solution has been mentioned. User can use it accordingly. But as suggested it is better to go with professional application for healthy output.

User will not have to lose their important emails for clearing storage space from their Gmail account. Best part is user can go with trial version of this application as well. After having satisfaction user can purchase the licensed edition for solving Gmail storage full not receiving emails.