How Do I Save Emails & Contacts from Outlook to Flash Drive?

Mark Regan ~ June 22nd, 2022 ~ Convert Your Data

Saving Outlook emails and contacts to USB drive is not a hard process. But sometimes users face many problems while exporting Outlook emails to a USB drive and flash drive.

In this write-up, we will show you how to export Outlook emails to a USB drive with contacts. Here we will show you a complete and step-by-step guide to saving Outlook emails to a USB stick with contacts and complete information.

As we all know Outlook email clients stores data like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc. And it’s mainly used to send and receive emails for professional and personal work.

When the Outlook email client is configured with POP, then the data is saved as a PST file. And if you configured Outlook with an IMAP server then, it creates OST File. Also, it provides options to extract single emails and contacts in MSG and CSV format.

Moving Outlook emails and contacts to a flash drive is not hard, but when you have different types of Outlook files, then it will become a problem.

We will show you some queries, that users are facing while doing the process. After that, we will solve the queries and the problems.

Users’ Queries to Save Outlook Emails and Contacts to USB Stick

“Hello there, my Outlook, which is set up to use an IMAP server, became damaged a few days ago for some reason. Therefore, all I did was copy and paste the OST file onto the USB drive so that I would have it for the future. However, to do various work-related tasks, I need to open an OST file without using Outlook. However, I am not aware of the reason why the file cannot be opened. Any advice, please?”

“Hey, move PST to another computer, I copy and paste the PST file onto a flash drive. But despite my best efforts, Outlook would not let me open the file in the application. I would appreciate it if you could propose the processes.”

Solutions of First User Query: When Microsoft Outlook is set up to communicate with an IMAP server, an OST file is generated in a local directory. And sometimes we run into issues when our Outlook becomes corrupted, at which point it is referred to as an orphan. Mainly because it is not associated with Outlook. And orphaned OST file will never open in any kind of email client, including Microsoft Outlook. Unless it is first converted to a different file format, it will not work.

So, users have to take the help of a third-party tool to convert OST files into PST file format. Then you can use the file in Outlook like BitRecover OST File Converter.

In the Second User Query – When users take a backup of a virus-infected PST file or make a mistake when copying and pasting, this issue might arise. So, firstly repair the Outlook PST file before it shows Outlook PST errors.

How to Export Outlook Emails & Contacts to USB Stick Manually?

We will show you two methods for both Outlook configuration POP and IMAP. But read all the precautions and limitations, before starting the process.

Take Precautions Before Starting the Process

  • Create a backup of the PST file, since it is conceivable that the USB drive you are using is infected with a virus, or it is also possible that the PST file you are using is corrupted, in which case the infection will spread to your USB stick.
  • There is a significant possibility of data loss if any step is skipped in the process.

Situation 1: Save Outlook File Data to USB Drive

If your Outlook creates PST file format with the POP server, then go to the location of the PST file and copy and paste the file into a USB drive. If you don’t know the location then locate the Outlook PST file in Windows using mentioned link.

Situation 2: Save Microsoft Outlook Emails to USB Flash Drive

If your Outlook is set up with an IMAP server, then you have to create a PST file using Outlook. Complete steps are mentioned below:

  1. Open Outlook email client.
  2. And then, click on the “File” >> “Open & Export” >> “Import / Export” option from the list.

    Open & Export

  3. Now hit on the “Export to a File” and “Outlook Data File (.PST)” from the drop-down.

    Outlook Data File

  4. Next, select the folder and data, that you have to export and copy.

    select the folder

  5. Lastly, apply the filter and browse the location to save data as per your need.


Now you will get the PST file on the selected location. Just simply connect your flash drive to your machine. And copy & paste the Outlook PST file into the USB stick.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

  • PST File will not open in any email client rather than an Outlook email client.
  • High risk of corruption in PST file.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to USB Stick Manually?

PST files are created by users of Outlook, and these files include emails, contacts, calendar events, and other data. However, if you want to use a different version of Outlook, there is no need that you to export your Outlook contacts in a separate file.

On the other hand, if you would want to export it into a standard file format, then you should follow the procedure that was given.

  1. Open the MS Outlook email program and choose the Import/Export option.


  2. Select Export to a file option and click on the Next button.

    file option

  3. Choose the comma-separated values option and press Next to continue.

    comma separated values

  4. Select the folder to export from and hit on the Next button.

    Select folder

  5. Browse a location to store resultant Outlook contacts and press the Next button.

    resultant Outlook

  6. Map custom fields… as default and click on the Finish option.

    Finish option

  7. Exporting contacts from MS Outlook to a USB drive in CSV format.

    Exporting contacts

  8. Now you can see exported CSV file, select it, and copy it also.

    exported CSV file

  9. At last paste the resultant CSV file to the USB drive as shown in the screenshot.

    resultant CSV file

In this way, users can export Outlook contacts to USB sticks in CSV format free of cost without facing difficulties. The resultant CSV file has complete address book information such as Name, Company, Department, Job Title, Business Information, Home Address, Phone Numbers, Fax Numbers, Email Addresses, Anniversaries, Web Addresses, etc.

For contacts manual methods are good, but if you want to save emails and contacts into other file formats for easily accessible. Then you should take the help of a third-party tool using PST and CSV File Converter tool.

Error-free Ways to Export Outlook Emails & Contacts to USB Drive

All in one and hassle-free BitRecover Outlook PST File Converter Tool to save Outlook emails to a USB stick with contacts and complete information. The software has multiple advanced and sophisticated features and capabilities like users can convert unlimited PST file format at one time. Not only this they support both PST and OST files and convert them into 30+ standard file formats. Also, the tool supports all types of corrupted, damaged, and orphan files.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Steps to Copy Outlook Emails and Contacts to USB Stick

  1. Download and run the software on your machine.

    tool to export Outlook emails to USB drive

  2. Now upload the Outlook data file using the given options.

    upload the Outlook data file

  3. After that, all the data of the Outlook data file will appear on the screen, and select the required data.

    Outlook data file

  4. Now hit on the “select saving option” and choose a required file format for PST file conversion.

    select saving option

  5. And then, browse the desired location to save the file.

    desired location

  6. Now apply the file naming filter to manage converted data.

    file naming filter

  7. Lastly, hit the “Next” icon to export Outlook emails to a USB drive with contacts.

    export Outlook emails to USB drive

Time to Say Goodbye

Using the above-mentioned technique anyone can easily export Outlook emails to USB Drive with contacts etc. Pro technique allows for moving emails and contacts from Outlook to USB flash in multiple file-formats while the manual method permits to transfer of Outlook emails to USB in PST and CSV format only. In the pro method, you will get multiple advanced features that will help you with Outlook file management, and the tool maintains all important items during backing up Outlook emails to USB.