How to Export Google Chat to PDF Files?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 5th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

This article explains the complete procedure to export Google chat to PDF documents in bulk. Thereafter, anyone can use exported PDF conversations for legal use for example court use. This is necessary for users because Google allows to export Google Chat (Hangouts Chat) in JSON files. But the court and other legal agencies permit to submission of chat conversations in human-readable PDF (Portable Document Format).

A lot of business professionals, students, and home-based users use Google Chat (formerly Google Hangouts) for communication purposes. Complete chat conversations are stored on Google’s Server that can be downloaded in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format which is a script-based format that is not considered a human-readable format.

Quick Steps to Export Google Chat to PDF

  1. Use Takeout to export Google Chat to JSON.
  2. Start Google Chat to PDF Converter.
  3. Add JSON conversations into software.
  4. Choose necessary JSON files and Next.
  5. Select PDF and browse destination path.
  6. Click Convert to export Google Chat to PDF.

What Is Need to Save Google Chat as PDF?

First, the reasons depend on users’ needs and choices which may be different in multiple cases. However, we are also mentioning some possible reasons behind the process to export Google Hangout Chat to PDF documents.

  • Sometimes users want to print Google chat conversations hardcopy.
  • Users prefer to submit chat conversations as evidence for legal use.
  • PDF is a human-readable format that be easily used and read by anyone.
  • Clients can easily access and open PDFs on smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

How to Export Google Hangout Chat to PDF?

If you want to export Google Chat to PDF format then you need to complete 2 different steps with multiple sub-steps as mentioned below.

  1. Export Google Chats in JSON Files Using Takeout
  2. Save Google Chat JSON as PDF Files

Now let’s know how users can save Google Chat as PDF using above mentioned 2 phases in brief.

google chat

Stage 1: Export Google Chats in JSON Files Using Takeout

  1. Firstly, sign in to your Google Workspace or Gmail account. Then visit the official Google Takeout link to create a new export for Google chats.
  2. Open Google Takeout and click on Deselect All to uncheck all of Google’s products and services.
    deselect all
  3. Thereafter, scroll down and check Google Chat from available products and press Next.
    select google chat
  4. Now set the destination that asks how you want to get exported chat conversations. Select Sent download link via email.
    send download link via email
  5. Choose ZIP compressed file as file type from ZIP or TGZ.
    select file type
  6. Afterward, select a maximum size for exported Google Chat conversations i.e., 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 10 GB, and 50 GB.
    select file size
  7. Now Click on Create Export to start the export process in the backend and wait for some time, until your export is ready.
    export process
  8. Login to your Gmail account and open takeout mail and click on the Download your files button.
    download google chats data
  9. Get takeout exported chats from the download folder and extract the ZIP file.
    takeout data
  10. Thereafter, you can see the Takeout folder which has complete Google chat conversations in JSON files.
    extract zip file

Stage 2: Save Google Chat JSON as PDF Files

Download and install BitRecover Chat Converter Wizard on your Windows computer. The tool has a separate option to export Google Hangout chat to PDF format.

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  1. Start Google Chat to PDF Converter and choose Select Files or Select Folders for adding Chat JSON files in the software GUI.
    google chat to pdf converter
  2. Thereafter, users can see all JSON chat conversations in the file explorer view. Select required conversations and press Next.
    select required chat conversations
  3. The tool has multiple saving options, select PDF as a saving option.
    select saving option
  4. Click on the Browse icon to select a destination path, however, it automatically selects the desktop as the default destination.
    export google chat to pdf
  5. After that, click on the Convert button to save Google Chat as PDF documents.
    export google hangout chat to pdf
  6. Google chat conversations to PDF conversion completed successfully.
    converted successfully
  7. Lastly, it opens the destination path, get converted conversations into PDF format.
    get chat conversations in pdf

Google Chat to PDF Converter Features

  • Save Google chats as PDF documents including the message creator’s name, email address, user type, created date, complete conversation, topic IDs, and all.
  • Batch export Google Hangout chat to PDF documents without having size as well as quantity limitations.
  • This software generates standard PDF files by following international standards for all types of legal uses.
  • The tool gives permission to convert Google chats to PST, PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, JPG, PNG, and other standard file extensions.
  • Google Chat to PDF Converter users can easily check or uncheck required Hangouts chat conversations for conversion instead of all.

Get Answers to Your Queries

Que 1: How to export Google Hangout chat to PDF format?

Ans: Follow 2 simple steps to export Google Hangout chat to PDF.

  1. First export Google chat conversations in JSON format.
  2. Then use our software to convert Google Chat JSON files to PDF.

Que 2: Does your tool allow to convert 1000+ conversations from JSON chat files to PDF at once?

Ans: Yes, there is no limitation to convert Google Chat to PDF. You can convert unlimited conversations at once.

Que 3: Can I configure and run Google Hangouts to PDF Converter on my Windows 11 laptop?

Ans: Yes, this software is compatible with all latest as well as old Windows Operating Systems i.e., Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, and all.


In this write-up, we have discussed and explained all the details in brief to export Google Chat to PDF format. Thereafter, you can use PDF conversations for legal and other uses accordingly. If you have the same type of query then immediately download Google Chat to PDF Converter which comes with a free trial version. Hence, users can easily check its working process before upgrading to the pro version.