How to Print Google Chat Conversation?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Google Hangouts is now Google Chat and this transition left many users confused. Most are looking to print Google Hangout chat conversations in case they lose their data with this rebranding. If you are seeking the same, you have steered to the right post. In this article, we are going to suggest both manual and automated ways to print Google Chat conversation.

On May 15, 2013, Google released Google Hangouts as a standalone application for communication purposes (sending messages online, video calls, phone calls and texts to phones). This was a combination of other Google services; Google Talk & Google Voice.

Before being a standalone application, It was a feature/part of Google+.

Later on, Google integrated with Gmail and Google Workspace. Now, it consists of two parts; Google Chat and Google Meet. Google Chat/Google Hangout has some features that maintain its quality and performance; we have mentioned a few below.

  • It is Browser-based i.e. one can access it from various devices.
  • You can Video chat with other users with the Available Video Chat facility.
  • You can Share Images.
  • All the chats are saved online. This makes them accessible from anywhere.
  • Its Mobile Version is available on android and iOS platforms.
  • It comes integrated and available by default. Thus, users don’t need to install the plugin separately.

Furthermore, Google Hangout stores its data in JSON format. JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is an open-source standard file format. It is used to store human-readable text in transmit data objects. Henceforth, numerous chat applications prefer to use JSON format to store data on their server.

Why Print Google Chat Conversation?

We know that Google Hangout is a communication platform used by many users for chatting and exchanging messages. However, since the pandemic outbreak, most businesses and organizations moved to Google Workspace as their collaboration platform. With this, many important conversations were shared on Google chat as it is an integrated part of Google Workspace. Therefore, it is important to take backup of and print google chat conversation.

Manual Method to Print Google Hangout/Chat Conversation

Now, there’s no direct method from Google’s side. But, some possible manual ways include using the print command or taking backup from Google Takeout to print Google Hangout Chat. Let’s see how to execute this technique on how to print google chat conversation.

  1. Head to Google Takeout.
  2. Scroll down and select the checkbox for Google Chat.
  3. Choose the destination, file type, frequency, and file size of your export.
  4. Click on create export. It will export your data in time depending on the size of your data.
  5. After that, you will receive an email to download your export.

Professional Solution to Print Google Chat Conversation

For the professional solution, we have brought to you, BitRecover Chat Converter. An all-in-one solution to convert JSON chat format. A multipurpose tool that can be used for Legal Use, Printing Needs or For Readable Format. In addition to that, it has many other features that make it the best option out there.

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Highlighted Features of this Tool

  • Converts JSON in 28 formats.
  • Provides two options: Add Files and Add Filters to upload files in the software.
  • Not just Google Chat but this tool supports JSON of other chat apps as well.
  • Allows users to select their desired location path to save their exported files.
  • Offers to create separate files for the entire chat.

As seen, this astonishing tool is one of a kind solution for users looking to print google chat conversation. Correspondingly, you should export Google chat to PDF file as the Portable Document Format is a platform-independent format; It can be accessed on many different platforms. Now let’s move to the steps to execute the process with this tool.

Steps to Print Google Chat Conversation with the Tool

  1. Download and install the suggested software on your device.

    install the software to print google chat conversation

  2. Click on either Select Files or Select Folders to upload the required files in the software.

    Select Files or Select Folders

  3. Now, in the Saving option, select the PDF File format.

    Select the file format

  4. Then, you will see the desktop location for saving by default. But, you can change and select the location of your choice by clicking Browse.
  5. Lastly, click on the Convert button to initiate the process.

    Browse location and click convert

And there you have it, in just a few simple steps you can print Google chat conversation without a hitch. In addition, after you initiate the process, this tool shows you the live procedure. After the successful conversion, a popup notification appears.


Formerly known as Google Hangout, Google Chats is now an integrated part of Google Workspace. This made users frantically seek solutions to print google chat conversation. And for that, we have brought you different solutions: one manual and one professional. Various drawbacks come along with the manual method. Hence, experts recommend using the automated tool.

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