How to Convert Google Chats to PST File for Outlook?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Google Workspace users use Google Chats  (formerly Google Hangouts) for their official and personal conversations. Sometimes they need to convert Google Chats to PST files because they want to read chat conversations on the Microsoft Outlook desktop client.

Google doesn’t provide any option to convert Google Hangout chats to PST files. Hence, various working professionals started asking questions on different forums and community platforms.

If you also wish to convert Google chats to PST file for Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and previous editions. Then no need to take any stress because BitRecover developers have developed a smart solution for resolving this query.

How to Convert Google Hangouts to PST Format?

You need to follow 3 steps to read Google Chats on Outlook desktop editions as mentioned below.

  1. Export Google Chats Data using Takeout
  2. Convert Google Chats to PST File
  3. Import PST File in Outlook

google chat

In upcoming sections, we will discuss the complete steps for completing the mentioned phases in detail. Let’s start now!

#1 Step: Export Google Chats Data Using Takeout

  1. First, sign in to your Google Workspace (G Suite or Gmail) account and then go to the official Google Takeout link –
  2. Now we need to create a new export for Google chats, click on Deselect All from Google products.
    deselect all
  3. Use the front checkbox for selecting Google Chat from listed products.
    select google chat
  4. Thereafter, click on the Next step to continue.
    next step
  5. Choose the destination as Send download link via email.
    send download link via email
  6. After that, select the file type as ZIP from the drop-down.
    select file type
  7. Set the maximum size for downloaded Google Chats and click on Create Export.
    select file size
  8. The export process is running in the backend, it will take some time.
    export process
  9. Afterward, login to your Google Mail account and press Download your files.
    download google chats data
  10. Go to the download folder and see the downloaded Zip file. Then, extract the Zip file data.
    takeout data
  11. Now seeing the Takeout folder which has your complete Google Chat conversations in JSON format.
    extract zip file

#2 Step: Convert Google Chats to PST File

Download BitRecover Chat Converter Wizard on your windows computer. The tool has a separate option to convert Google chats to PST files including complete conversation information.

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  1. Start the suggested software and read the instructions for conversion.
    run software
  2. The tool has Select Files and Select Folders options for adding Google chat data.
    dual options
  3. Thereafter, add Google Takeout exported folder in the software GUI and press Next.
    add google chat data
  4. Now select the required Google Chat conversations and click on the Next button.
    select required hangouts chat conversations
  5. Choose PST as a saving option from the listed saving options.
    select saving option
  6. The software chooses Desktop as the destination path, click on the Browse icon to change it.
    browse destination
  7. Set the destination location and hit on the Save button.
    set destination path
  8. Click on Convert to begin the process to convert Google Chat to PST file.
    convert google chats to pst file
  9. Google hangouts chat to PST conversion process is running.
    convert hangouts chats to pst
  10. Now see the message of conversion and press Ok to finish.
    completed successfully
  11. Afterward, get the resultant PST file from the destination path.
    resultant pst

#3 Step: Import PST File in Outlook Desktop

This is the last and final step to read Google hangouts chats on Outlook.

  1. Start MS Outlook on your computer.
  2. Select File > Open & Export option.
  3. Choose the Open Outlook Data File option.
    open outlook data file
  4. Browse the converted PST file and open it.
  5. Now you can read Google chats on Outlook.

Have Questions? Get Answers!

Que 1: Does your software allow to convert Hangouts chats to PST in bulk?

Ans: Yes, this utility permits to convert Handouts chat to PST in batch for Outlook.

Que 2: Is Outlook installation mandatory to use your software?

Ans: No, MS Outlook installation is not needed while using this independent software.

Que 3: Does your software come with a free trial version and what are the limitations?

Ans: Yes, this application is available with a demo version which allows to convert the first 25 chats from Google Chats to Outlook PST.

Que 4: Can I install your software on a newly launched Windows 11 laptop?

Ans: Yes, all latest and old Windows OS users can install and run it without reporting any errors.

Overview of Exported Google Chat Takeout Data

If you have downloaded Google Chats or Hangout Chats using takeout but have confusion about its internally available data. Then read it continue and know about Google Chats JSON files and conversation folders.

Archive Browser File

If you open exported “Takeout” folder then you will see the “archive_browser.html” file. Now double-click on this file for opening it on the default web browser program.

archive browser

The archive browser HTML file has complete information about the archive for your account. This file has information about Export Time & Date, Total Number of Google Chat Files, Size of Google Chats Database, Exported Files, File Formats, and Export Status.

archive information for your account

Google Chat Groups & Users

If users open the Takeout > Google Chat folder then they will see 2 subfolders respectively “Groups and Users”. These folders have crucial information about chat conversations and users.

google chat groups and users

Now open the Takeout > Google Chat > Users folder to see the “user_info.json” file that can be opened using any HTML editor program.

user info json file

In the editor, you can see the “user_info.json” file has information about the User, Name, Email, User Type, Membership Information, Group ID, and Membership State.

open user info json file

Thereafter, open the Takeout > Google Chat > Groups folder. This folder has several subfolders that have the entire conversation of each user.

open google chat groups

Now open any conversation folder and see two files respectively “group_info.json and messages.json”.

group info json and messages json

The group info JSON file has details about all users who have joined the entire conversation including Name, Email, and User Type.

open group info json

The messages JSON file has the entire conversation discussed between users. Even it has details about the Creator, Name, User Type, Created Date, Text, and Topic ID.

messages json


We have discussed and explained the steps to convert Google chats to PST files. If you are also facing trouble then go with the mentioned steps and read your Google Chats on your Outlook desktop. This is an expert-verified technique; however, you can also check it yourself using the free demo version of the tool. After getting complete satisfaction, this is advisable to upgrade to the pro version.