How to Export Emails From Outlook Web App to Hard Drive?

Recover Your Data, June 23, 2021

Introduction: Eagerly in search of a solution to backup Outlook Web App emails on your local PC? But, unable to come across a workable approach for the same. Its now time to get to know about a perfect and effective solution to export emails from Outlook Web App to hard drive. Yes, you can now save Outlook Web App emails to computer without facing any problem.

There exists a program named Email Backup Wizard to resolve this issue. This application is a dedicated software that extracts data from OWA and saves it on PC in any of the desired file formats. It is a Windows-based application, which means that users can easily access it on Win 10, 8.1, 8 and below versions.

This solution ensures that the data integrity of the processed content will remain the same as it was before the processing. You can download this software from the link given below:

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

User’s Problems: “I’m in need of exporting my emails from Outlook Web App to my computer. The most unfortunate situation with me is that I can’t find an export/import option in my OWA tenant. My question is – Does there exist any solution for this or not? If yes, what is it and how can I use it?”

Now, come let us see how to deal with such problems and to find out how to export emails from Outlook Web App to hard drive.

How to Export Outlook Web App Emails to Hard Drive ?

Follow the steps to export emails from Outlook web app:

  1. Download software and choose
  2. Specify credentials of and press login.
  3. Enable emails which you like to download.
  4. Choose any saving format to export emails to hard drive.
  5. Click backup to export Outlook Web app email messages.

Save Outlook Web App Emails to Computer: Step-by-Step Procedure

Following steps will provide you proper guidance for backing up Outlook Web App emails :

1. Download and install the Outlook Web App Backup tool on your computer. Just after the software installation, run it on your PC to start the procedure of exporting emails from Outlook Web App to hard drive.

launch software

2. From the list of ‘Email Source’, click on the option.


3. Now enter the Email Address and Password of source Outlook Web App account.

enter credentials

4. Click on the Login button to begin the process of saving Outlook Web App emails on computer.

login button

5. Once the application successfully login to the source account, it fetches all tenant data. You can preview the email folders of on left-hand side of the screen.

check email preview

6. Enable the checkbox of those folders whose messages you wish to backup on your computer.

enable checkbox

7. Explore the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ and select any one of your desired file format. This file format will be the one that you want to export emails from Outlook Web App. To illustrate the solution’s working, we are selecting PDF from the list.

choose pdf

8. Define the location where you wish to save the exported OWA files after the process completion.

enter destination path

9. Finally, initiate to export emails from Outlook web app by clicking on the Backup button.

click backup

Prominent Features of Software

This approach to export emails from Outlook Web App to hard drive comprises of many attractive features within it. Instead of listing down all, we are highlighting some of those features that are highly appreciated by the global tech experts.

1. Export Data With Attachments – The recommended solution to save Outlook Web App emails to computer enables the processing of emails with attachments. This clearly means that OWA messages with attachment(s) get easily exported via this approach. No harm to the attachment takes place during the backup procedure.

2. Data Integrity Is Maintained – Let it be the attachment’s file format or email properties, all things are as it is as it was before the processing. When you will open resultant files after conversion, you’ll observe that the mail content, properties, and attachment(s) are the same.

3. Simple to Use And Understand – There are no technical configurations or account settings required to export emails from Outlook Web App to hard drive via this method. It makes it simple for customers to backup or download Outlook Web App emails without facing any hassle or complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. At a time, how many messages from the Outlook Web App account can be exported via your solution?

Ans: There is no limit in the number of messages to save Outlook Web App emails to computer via our recommended approach.

2. Does your application demands for any supportive program like MS Outlook, to execute on Windows 10?

Ans: No, our solution does not demand any supportive application/email client to export emails from Outlook Web App. The only thing required is an internet connection and that too for account logging purposes.

3. In which application can I open the resultant files, which are created by your tool after the backup procedure?

Ans: The files created by our method to backup Outlook Web App can easily be opened in their respective applications. For example – you can open PDF files in Adobe Acrobat Reader; open PST file in MS Outlook, etc.

Seems Impressed! You Can Test The Solution for Free

Users can analyze the software and test it for free on their own. This can be done by downloading the trial version of the Outlook Web App backup tool on Windows. Now you can yourself test this approach to export emails from Outlook Web App to hard drive.

But keep one thing in mind that this software’s version allows users to save only 25 emails for testing purposes. It is easy to remove this limitation by purchasing the product’s full version from its official website. This will allow customers to experience a trouble-free time while saving Outlook Web App emails to computer.

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