Export Email from Mimecast Archive Solution – An A to Z Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 26th, 2022 • 4 Min Read

mimecast email archiving

Archiving email data is the most essential task if you want your data to be safe. Because in the era of cyber threats, securing your data is work like a utopian solution in the worst-case scenario.

For archiving emails, multiple services are available, but Mimecast is one of the most renowned ones. Basically, Mimecast is a cloud-based anti-spam filtering service for securing email accounts and communication for businesses.

Along with these services Mimecast also provides an email archiving solution for businesses. And there are many enterprises using this service to archive their email data. Besides archiving, exporting archive data is one of the main concerns among many consumers using the Mimecast Email Archiving Solution.

Now, if you are in search of how to export archived message data from Mimecast, then this blog will help you a lot. Through this blog, you will be able to know all the details and requirements that you need to export email from Mimecast archive.

So without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the guide!

Mimecast Archive Solution and Need

As we said, Mimecast is an anti-spam filtration application that also provides an archiving solution. And, when it comes to the user base, it is massive, and it is growing by the day.

Now, we know that users archive their data for the worst case and when it happens they can easily export the archived data and restore it back. But the thing is that many users do not have the right knowledge to export archive message data from Mimecast and this is where users are stuck.

Why Users Want to Export Email from Mimecast Archive

As we said archive file is used to handle the worst scenario but rather than that there are many reasons that also exist.

  • Exporting archive data makes them available to an extranet for other tasks like reviewing or auditing.
  • Downloading archive data can help to restore the original file to the system if any data loss scenario occurs.
  • If the storage is limited then many admin export archive data to free up the storage and move the exported data locally.
  • If the users need to migrate from one domain to another then they need to export archive data for the migration purpose.

Now, we know everything about Mimecast and its archiving, so let’s move toward the exporting process.

How to Export Email from Mimecast Archive

Well, here in this section we are going to explain to you the step-by-step procedure to achieve the task.

Point to Note:

  • To Export archive data you must have Super Administrator, Full Administrator or Discovery Officer permission.
  • Up to file concurrent export allowed only.

Step to Export Archived Messages Data from Mimecast

1. First Log into your Administrator Console.

2. After this click on the Administrator Toolbar menu item.

3. Once you have clicked on the Administrator toolbar select Archive | Saved Searches menu items.

4. After this choose Saved Search Folder from the navigation panel where all the saved searches located

5. Right-click on the Saved Search option and click on the Export Search

6. After this enter the Name of the Search file.

7. Now select teh EML or PST option as an export file format option.

Note: Mimecast exports the Archive SJF (Standard Journal Format) file in ZIP file format and once you unzip the folder you will get the EML file format if you select EML as export option. Also, if you are exporting files as EML or PST, then these options allow you need to include recipients in the message header.

8. After selecting the file format enter the name of the exported file

Note: If you skip the name of the export file, then the file is saved as it default name which is Mimecast Export

9. At last click on Save and Exit to complete the task archive message data from Mimecast.

Important Note: From Mimecast, messages are exported in batches of 10 GB and each batch consists of 2GB

Mimecast Export Options to Different Domains

Well, after exporting the Mimecaste archived data, if you are seeking a way to import Mimecast archived data to other email applications or Saas service, then explore the below how-to guide.

  1. Export Emails from Mimecast to Outlook Application
  2. Migrate Mimecast Archived Emails to Office 365
  3. All About Mimecast Backup Solution
  4. Best Mimecast Migration Tool

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Well, it is time to end up the guide, we tried our best way to explain to you the right approach to export email from Mimecast archive with all the essential notes that you have to keep in your mind while the exporting process.