How to Export Email Addresses from Zoho Mail Folders?

Numerous Zoho Mail users want to export email addresses from Zoho Mail folders. This is a benign habit of sending mass emails about your products and services. The world is fast forwarding for digitalization because of ease of doing.

The process of extracting email addresses from Zoho Mail folders is now relatively easy and automatic. Users can easily collect email addresses from Zoho contacts with the export option. But, Zoho Mail multiple email address extractions from the message body and email fields is not an easy task.

Hence, users are searching for a trustworthy solution to export email ids from Zoho Mail email body and email fields (To, Cc, Bcc, From). After, getting a solution for Zoho Mail email address extraction. Users can instantly generate an email database with thousands of email addresses.

Reasons for Zoho Mail Multiple Email Addresses Extraction

  • Mainly users prefer to create an address database and want to add thousands of email ids for email marketing.
  • Users want to export email addresses from Zoho Mail folders for mass emailing and email blasting.
  • Extract Zoho mail email ids for executing lead generation, brand promotion, and audience targeting.
  • Enterprises and organizations can hastily export Zoho Mail email addresses and collect contact details of respective clients.

Free Zoho Mail Email Address Extractor for Windows & Mac

Free Download Email Address Extractor Tool to extract Zoho Mail email addresses from all email fields like To, Cc, Bcc, From, and Email Body. The tool is compatible to work on all the latest Windows & Mac OS Computers.

Free Zoho Mail Email Address Exporter is capable to collect a maximum of 25 email ids from each Zoho folder. The trial version works same as license editions but has email address extraction limitations.

After using freeware software, users can take easily know whether it is beneficial or not for them. Hence, after getting complete satisfaction users can grab its license keys to avoid all the limitations.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

How to Extract Email Addresses from Zoho Mail?

  1. Run Zoho Mail Email Address Extractor on your Windows and Mac computers.
    zoho mail email address extractor
  2. Choose Zoho Mail as a source of email id extraction and enter credentials for login.
    zoho mail login details
  3. Thereafter, use the checkbox option and choose Zoho Mail folders for extraction.
    select zoho mail folders
  4. The tool has multiple filtration options to export Zoho Mail email ids between a specific date range. Even users can check required email fields i.e. To, Cc, Bcc, From, Email Body, etc. for extraction.
    advance filters
  5. After that, confirm the desktop default destination path to store email addresses. However, users can click on the Change button to browse different destination folder.
    export email addresses from zoho mail
  6. Press the Backup button to start the task to export email addresses from Zoho Mail.
    extract zoho mail multiple email addresses
  7. Zoho mail multiple email addresses exported successfully, press Ok to finish.
    completed successfully
  8. Thereafter, Zoho Email ID Exporter shows a log report file that has information about collected email ids.
    log report
  9. The tool automatically opens the destination folder so easily get resultant email addresses in a CSV file.
    extracted email ids
  10. Double click on CSV file and preview email addresses into Excel Sheet.
    see email addresses

Zoho Email ID Exporter Best Features

  • Export email addresses from Zoho Mail Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash, Outbox, Deleted Items, and User created folders.
  • Freedom to set a specific date range and email fields for Zoho mail multiple email addresses extraction.
  • Extract Zoho Mail email addresses from message body text, sender, and receiver details.
  • Allows to browse required destination folder to store Zoho Mail exported email ids.
  • Most beneficial for lead generation, email marketing, bulk email sending, and online marketing purposes.
  • Facility to check required folders for extraction. Uncheck unnecessary folders to avoid the extraction process.
  • Users can collect all professional as well as personal email addresses from Zoho Mail account.

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Q 1 – Is it possible to export email addresses from Zoho Mail manually?

A – Yes, this is possible with limitations

  1. Login to your Zoho Mail email account
  2. Open a Zoho email and see email fields
  3. Copy email ids from email body, to, cc, bcc, from, etc.
  4. Paste email addresses into Excel Spreadsheet


A time-consuming task that permits collecting email addresses from Zoho emails one by one. Even, your much time will be wasted by copying and pasting email addresses into Excel. Thus, this is not recommended for professional use. But if someone wants to export only a few email ids from Zoho Mail then he can use it.

Q 2 – Does your software permit to collect email ids from Zoho email body?

A – Yes, the software is authorized to export email addresses from Zoho Mail email body and other fields.

Q 3 – Can I install this Zoho Email Address Exporter on MacBook Computer?

A – Yes, we have launched a separate setup to configure it on your MacBook and iMac devices.

Final Thoughts

I have explained the complete steps to export email addresses from Zoho Mail. This is 100% verified and expert advice for working professionals who are planning to collect Zoho Mail email addresses for trending digital marketing technologies. If you have any other questions or queries about extraction then feel to contact us.