How to Delete Duplicate Attachments in Outlook Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

As we all know, Microsoft Outlook is used in many organizations as a platform for professional email and is used by employees to exchange their emails. When emails are exchanged in an organization, many emails and attachments get duplicated as internal and external users of the organization sent emails and attachments to the company’s colleagues, boss, and respective departments of the office.

This causes duplicate attachments and other items in the Outlook profile to increase the size of Outlook’s database, which drastically reduces Outlook’s performance and makes Outlook very slow in sending and receiving emails. So today we have come up with this article, in this, you will learn how to delete duplicate attachments in Outlook account and that too without losing the original attachments.

Why Needs to Remove Duplicate Attachments from Outlook?

When an employee receives an email that should have been sent to another employee of the same company, he or she immediately forwards the email. The emails and any attachments (if any are available) will be created in the inbox at least twice.

Regardless of their size, file format, etc., the attached files will be dragged together with the emails. If incidents like this keep happening, the database will be filled with several similar documents or emails. We must delete duplicate attachments in Outlook in order to control the mailbox capacity and enhance Outlook performance.

Best Way to Eliminate Duplicate Attachments in Outlook Application

To delete duplicate attachments in Outlook account, in this article you will be provided with two solutions, with the help of which you will completely remove this duplication. The first method is manual in which you have to delete duplicate attachments one by one in each email. A second method is a professional software in which you can import Outlook mailbox and eliminate all duplicate attachments in Outlook account at once.

Method 1: Delete Duplicate Attachments in Outlook Using Manually

There are two scenarios in the manual method to remove duplicate attachments from Outlook. If your duplicate attachments are attached to the email, then you follow the first scenario steps and if the duplicate attachments are in your email body, then you follow the second scenario steps.

Scenario 1: Remove Duplicates from the Attachments Line

  1. Open Outlook and the message with duplicate attachments or the duplicate messages you have received.
  2. Search for the attachments using the message icon under the headers.
  3. Remove the attachment from the menu by selecting the attachment and right-clicking. By selecting “Delete Attachment” from the pop-up box, you may confirm the deletion.

Scenario 2: Delete Duplicate Attachments from Outlook Email Body

  1. You need to open the email with the duplicate attachments first.
  2. The attachment must then be highlighted by clicking on it. You will be able to see the dotted line once you have chosen the desired attachment.
  3. Go back to the Move menu and choose Actions and then, choose “Edit Email” in the drop-down menu.
  4. Use the Delete key on the keyboard to eliminate duplicate attachments in Outlook.

Users may fail to appropriately apply manual techniques and remove crucial attachments. Every user feels anguish when they accidentally delete important data. Thus, the user may utilize method 2, an automated method, to get rid of all the disastrous scenarios.

Method 2: Eliminate Duplicate Attachments in Outlook Using Automatic Solution

The best method to delete duplicate attachments in Outlook accounts is to use automatic software and the software we would recommend is BitRecover Outlook Duplicate Email Remover Software. This software removes duplicate attachments from your Outlook account in bulk at once without harming the original content. If the size of your Outlook mailbox has increased, then after deleting your duplicates, you can also reduce the size of your mailbox. And in this software, an advanced filter option is also provided to delete duplicate attachments, by enabling you can completely eliminate duplicate attachments from your Outlook account.

How to Use Outlook Duplicate Attachment Remover Tool?

  1. Firstly, download this Outlook Duplicate Attachment Remover Tool and then install or launch it
    download Outlook Duplicate Attachment Remover
  2. After launching, add the outlook mailbox file on the software and then click the next button
    add outlook mailbox
  3. Now, select the Outlook mailbox folder as per your need and then press the Next button at the bottom
    outlook mailbox folder
  4. Thereafter, select the destination path and then duplicate removal option as per your requirements
    duplicate removal method
  5. Now, click the Advance Filter option and then press the attachments option and finally, click the Extract button, now your duplicate removal process will be start
    advance filter
  6. Thereafter, you can see the resultant Outlook Mailbox PST file on their destination path
    output mailbox file


In this article, you learned how to delete duplicate attachments in Outlook account without disturbing the original attachments. To complete this process, we have told you two methods in this article, out of which the first method is manual and the second is automatic software. If you want to know the opinion of experts that which method they recommend, then their answer is automatic software. Because using automatic software, you can easily eliminate duplicate attachments from Outlook account without wasting time and energy.

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